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  1. Go on our forums: https://www.2fjgclan.com/forum/forum/38-ban-appeals We will handle your case.
  2. Who are we? The 2.FJg clan is a relaxed Tactical Realism clan, that values friendship and camaraderie, and having a good time first and foremost. We've been around and active in the RO2 community for 4 years and counting. During that time we've seen a lively community grow up around our servers and we're looking to expand that community into Squad. We have our own dedicated server box, TS3 server, and a top notch support staff to make sure everything is running as smoothly as possible. While we do expect teamwork from our members, we are much more laid back in regards to strict military discipline, and protocol. We'd rather you have fun, than grilling you on Yes sir, No sir, type play, after all, we're here to play a game right? Rules Our rules are pretty simple, but make sure to check them out anyways. https://www.2fjgclan.com/forum/topic/4332-2fjg-server-rules/ Forum If you want to know us you can say hi on our forums. https://www.2fjgclan.com/forum/ Discord Feeling chatty? https://discord.gg/64m3JnE Ban appeals If you want to appeal your case we are all ears. Head to our forums and make a post. https://www.2fjgclan.com/forum/forum/38-ban-appeals/ Servers Server 1 (North America) Name: [2.FJg] Squad Tactical Realism #2 [NA Mixed] IP: Slots: 80 Server 2 (Europe) Name: [2.FJg] Squad Tactical Realism #2 [EU Mixed] IP: Slots: 80
  3. Reserve Slot - Change Request

    I thought it was a feature and how it was meant to work. One of the main things I liked about Squad for admining is the actual possibility for admins to join full servers for emergencies while still being able to hold 72 players servers for players. Edit: IMO... Without RCON access this is how it should be.
  4. DDOS issues. Any fixes?

    They upgraded their network in the past 3 weeks? It still says 20gbps for the New York datacenter on their page.
  5. I have no mapcycle in DefaultGameUserSettings I manually removed it so I can have everything in the DedicatedServerGameUserSettings file working properly.
  6. DDOS issues. Any fixes?

    We were with NFO in New York. All our DDoS issues started in 2015. It started out with DDoS filtering, and then moved on to 4 hours null-route once a week, to finally being down almost every 2 days for 4 hours. We moved our servers about 3 weeks ago to move to OVH. So far it looks like it was a good decision. Our Squad servers are being targeted by DDoS almost every day and the servers are not crashing because of them. We've had no downtime issue caused by DDoS since the move to OVH, so we are happy.
  7. Ohhh that sneak edit of yours. :P
  8. DDOS issues. Any fixes?

    I wouldn't recommend NFO for DDoS protection. We were with them for 4 years and had to leave because the DDoS protection was simply to null route our IP address for 4 hours even though the DDoS only lasted 5 mins. Wasn't fun getting null-routed 4 hours multiple times a week at peak hours. Other than that they are a great company, but don't expect top notch DDoS. They do DDoS filtering, but if you get hit with a big DDoS, they just don't have the bandwidth most of the time and null-route you.
  9. Yes I agree, the issue comes when you update the server through steamcmd. Once you do it will revert the DefaultGameUserSettings.ini back to original values, which will cause issues to you also using your method. I think in the other thread you explained you emptied the DefaultGameUserSettings file. Basically meaning, everytime you update the server you will have to remember and delete content of the file. It would be preferable if overriding the map rotation values in DefaultGameUserSettings was possible, which at the moment is not possible from my tests.
  10. And you are not reading what I am writing correctly. If I follow your guide to the letter (putting the map rotation inside the DedicatedServerGameUserSettings) it just does not work because of the DefaultGameUserSettings file already defining the map rotation and not letting us overriding it in a different file). The reason why I am talking about the "Saved/Config/WindowsServer/GameUserSettings.ini" file is because the first version of the guide made by the devs said to put all configs there, which is still working fine as of now. I just wanted to try out your way see if it was working better, which apparently sort of does, but has issues with map rotation. My message was just to notify anyone who has issues with defining map rotation in the file you recommend. It will not work unless you nuke the map rotation in the DefaultGameUserSettings file. I spent hours testing it today. Our configs work and I don't need help, I was just pointing out issues.
  11. Which is exactly what I am saying with Method 1. There is no way to override the map rotation in a different file, need to either modify it inside DefaultGameUserSettings or get rid of it in there.
  12. Putting the map rotation data in: "Squad/Config/UserGameUserSettings.ini" like this post says: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/7413-setting-up-your-community-server/ does not work. The rotation does not get used any way I configure it. I made some tests and I found 2 possible ways to make it work. 1) Leave data in the UserGameUserSettings file. This method requires the removal of the "SquadGameInstance" entry inside "DefaultGameUserSettings.ini". After that everything works. 2) Use the previous file suggested by the first version of the guide ("Saved/Config/WindowsServer/GameUserSettings.ini"). This way you can either use both files to setup the server or keep everything under that same file. I personally prefer method 1 because when the server starts up, it doesn't write in that file. The downside tho, is that everytime there is a Squad update the DefaultGameUserSettings file will be reverted back to original.
  13. Putting the map rotation in that file does not work. It will not use it for some weird reason. Only works if you put it in the Saved/Config/WindowsServer/GameUserSettings.ini file.
  14. Talking from experience, the OS does a terrible job assigning jobs to cores. Without manually managing the cores the game main thread can spawn on the same virtual core as the one used for another gameserver. You really don't want 2 72 players servers main thread running on the same virtual core. It happened to us a lot of times and had to manually babysit the core assignments for the game (automated through scripts). Unfortunately, random crashes in current build are normal even if you have the best server in the world.
  15. Server Feature Requests

    I am going to add the features I would like to see (Sorry if it was already mentioned): - Automatically reload admin list (adding admins to a live server without waiting for a server restart or map change) - MOTD while loading into the server - Scrolling messages ingame every X seconds - Session bans (temp. bans either for the duration of the map, or a specified time) - RCON to have the possibility to manage server while not ingame - Admin groups (We have many members and I prefer managing group permissions than player permissions. Basically create groups with defined permissions, and simply assign players to groups) - Changing server settings through console (and RCON) such as... managing admins (add/remove/change permissions) - Support for redirects when the game will support mods/custom maps (or Steam workshop) - Chat logs - Admin logs (commands used, access, etc... who did what at what time (useful to see who kicked/ban who)) - Automated server-side demorec per map (Very helpful when a replay is needed for hacking verification and such) And the cherry on top would be a web admin panel to manage the server (like RO2 if you ever hosted a RO2 server). Avoids messing with INI configuration 99% of the time.