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  1. About the new sprint animation

    actually, if you sprint and get your view on the ground, you will se your weapon
  2. About the new sprint animation

    Precisely because of this I express my indignation, if the work was finalized there would be no reason in this post
  3. One of the things I most liked in the game was the realistic animation of the sprint, the sight of the soldier running without a rifle under his nose Just hate this new animation
  4. I have a dream

    The developers have already stated that they are trying to develop a coverage system similar to that of BF4, not equal, but sensitive as the BF4, I do not know if they still question this
  5. I have a dream

    and in that dream Squad charged cash so we could use ammunition, I think it was a nightmare
  6. Tanks and bomb cars

    We just need it now
  7. BTR

    And I think this is balanced cause the agility of the BTR is not good too, great corpse, great target to hit
  8. BTR

    Just 2 HEAT rockets. Remember: HE - Frag ammunition, good to take inf. HEAT - Penetrating ammunition, good to take armor. And you can destroy the BTR with .50 too
  9. FATAL error

    Oh, one car "press F" - FATAL ERROR YEAH, we win "loading map' - FATAL ERROR Shit a died 'give up' - FATAL ERROR Damn, my car turn down - FATAL ERROR 'kill someone' - FATAL ERROR 'jump' - FATAL ERRO 'take the spade" - FATAL ERROR 'walk' - FATAL ERROR Squad is an online FATAL ERROR shooter that aims to capture ERRORS realism through communication and teamplay.
  10. Goodbye Medic Spotters (No Bino's!?!)

    now we have 'scouts'
  11. Update: Alpha 7 Major Changes Preview

    already can see that with my AMD the fps will lower a level non-playable , but the work is great, looking forward to an optimization
  12. V7 Vehicle HYPE

    Logi truck serving as transport previsions
  13. V7 Vehicle HYPE

  14. More than the vehicles I want...

  15. I want for god the AMD optmization and the new movement animations leave here what you want more than the vehicles