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  1. June 2016 Monthly Recap

    can you please reupload the vehicle videos to pornhub?
  2. Map Control and Squad Leader Map Control and Color

    Holy f#@k!!! Even more! To add feature, that if a squad leader get killed, the enemy can inspect his body and take the typographical map....booom! Amazing
  3. Map Control and Squad Leader Map Control and Color

    How about second breakfast? I mean, why not just simple use 2 maps? We can have one GPS map that will be clean and a typographical map, that will be used to draw the plan of action and movement of the squads... Like in real army. Simple and beautiful
  4. Map Control and Squad Leader Map Control and Color

    Something like this
  5. Hello Dear Squad Members So this is my concept of the "Squad Leader Map" : http://postimg.org/image/6yzpi5i8h/ As you can see the squad leaders can choose the color of their squad and can make "point of movement up to 3 or 2 times" and every squad leader can see the plan of direction of every other squad, so they could collaborate their movements according to the points. Or even to draw the direction as in Dota 2. What do you think about it?
  6. I actually asked one of the developers and he said it's all about the moders. I don't see anything wrong about some chill modes and Battle Royal in hardcore mod is amazingly fun!
  7. Played it for months. Best tank driver and supply driver sir!
  8. H1Z1 Have only ak, air15, shotgun, 3 guns and that it :D Ok guys no KoTH But please we need Battle Royal, it's worse than meth :D I need it!
  9. Hi Guys I am a new guy here, big fan of Squad and ex player of Project Reality. Right now I am siting hours and hours in Battle Royal in H1Z1 (arma version is much more unstable and has fewer players) and I can say for sure, "It is addictive as a casino!" and I thing Squad could be a much better platform for this mod: 1.Unreal Engine 4 - Very stable 2.Very good first person shooting 3.Visually much more better (again UE4 :P) Now for the "King Of The Hill" IT IS FUUUUN! but arma makes it a one big pile of s$#T! KOTH will be a good thing for Squad and for lovers of this type of gameplay in general. Have a good day! :)