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  1. Announcement: Alpha 9 Features & Changelog

    Great news. Looking forward to trying squad again
  2. Squad Alpha V9

    Great. I don't mind the wait. Just keep it up and make us proud!
  3. Backer Tag Redeem!

    Yayyy Worth waiting for
  4. Dev Live AMA on Twitch Today, 3/30 at 12pm EST

    Starts in 15 minutes. Hopefully you prepared some teasers for us ;)
  5. really bad desync bug

    Happened to me once , when i accidentally pressed my "take4Kscreenshot" mouse button while shooting and getting killed while rendering the shot. I still could crawl around but medic had revive me on the spot where the corps would be (and i guess he saw it too)
  6. Playing Squad for Free for a Day

    Also you cant just decide to do a free weekend on steam afaik. Since it is great promotion for game there is long list of devs waiting to do it. So you gotta wait in line till you get greenlighted by Valve...
  7. November 2015

    This makes me so exited! Great job Devs, cant wait to play with all this :)
  8. Future of Cheat Protection

    Are we sure about this? From what i could find they say this: From what i read in their FAQ FairFight can work whenever you use their servers or not. Case in point, FF is used in BF4 which offers many server providers. All in all i would recommend you to not make any decisions based on this thread (as it is) as there seems to be not enough info posted in the OP and lot of votes based on misunderstanding of these options...
  9. Jensens's Range (Map)

    Nice find! :) I took some detail shots for those interested. Coudn't find any other ways to interact with this map unfortunately. Rest in this album http://imgur.com/a/rF6bD
  10. Closed Alpha Announcement

    Great update and soooo many fixes. Cant wait to play with all the SL. Come here, you newbs
  11. New Features Next Weekend

    You just need to work on your marksmanship and hit his arm/leg first before going for a head
  12. Just upgraded to 6600k, 16Gb DDR4 and GTX970 and the FPS increased by hundreds of %!!!! (from C2D e8200 + 750ti) But seriously, its nice to be able to run Squad at 4k and still get around 40 FPS. Yay
  13. As many players have noticed, the Squad graphics feels blurred. Upon thorough investigation i found that it is mostly case of vegetation transforming into something mildly reminiscent of its former self just after a first few meters. And even up close it still looks ever so slightly blurred. Now, I realy hope this is some kind of LOD issue that DEVs can fix later. I realize it may not be the top priority, but please, PLEASE DO consider it In the mean time, there is a solution. It is very resource intensive, not so user friendly and it may couse your computer to explode in million little pieces, so be careful. But it does makes you game look FUCKING AWESOME. It has many names, but you can describe it best as Downsampling. Simply put, you are playing the game at resolution higher then your native, then scale it down to fit your screen. One of the downsides is that the UI will shrink, making the console for example barely readable. Some other elements scale well and things like in game chat are not effected at all. Testing I am not gonna go into detail on how to make downsampling work on your PC. There are many guides, just google it (for example:http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=509076) To make the game run at higher res you may need to run it at Borderless mode and use console command to change it. On my Rig (Dell 1920x1200, C2D E8200&3.2Ghz, 750Ti,4Gb DDR2) i was limited to res 2880x1800, as my monitor refused to work with anyting higher. That is 1,5x higher than my native resolution. I have tried lower (1.1-1,4) ones as well but this one was always noticebly better, though futher research may be requiered. You can test how much will this improve you your visuals with the "HighResShot" console command which will basically do all this automaticly to make screenshot and then return the game to your native resolution. Here are some comparison shots i made. http://imgur.com/a/PYTQY Keep in mind that the jpeg compresion makes the difference much less pronounced. You can download the archive file with less compresed shot here: http://mysharegadget.com/516727294
  14. Sights adjusting? And the backblast is so sexy. Damn, i cant wait for friday!
  15. zTrooper new squad video

    Looks like the sun is actualy setting. NICE!