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  1. After v10 - need to have Choppers fast!

    We need some thing small like a little bird first.
  2. Squad Heavy Mortar Fire ! as i am semi new to recording any tips on good settings for rendering on sony vegas?
  3. [ EXODUS ] UK / EU Squad Server

    Hay @chronic had a grate few games on youre server keep up the good work all ways a pleasure takes me back to pre steam times and first squad league .
  4. founder badge ??

    ive only just recently relied i dont have a founders badge any one know how i could get about sorting this out ?
  5. Monthly recap hype!!!!

    HYPEEE we need mortars
  6. Hexd0ms Combat Video's !

    SQUAD* Full Round **Squad Leader * SNIPER ON THE HILL !
  7. Hexd0ms Combat Video's !

    SQUAD MEDIC !!! Squad [Night Insurgency] [light machine gun]
  8. Hexd0ms Combat Video's !

    Squad * Russian Troops plus new map ! fools road ! * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJEv-C886LE SQUAD *full game * [support by fire ! ] *pre Early Access! *
  9. ha some idiot put it as a privet video .... don't know why he would do that XD
  10. Hay guys I got a clip of the first round if any of you would like to see guys I'm not the best at this "YouTube" stuff ha
  11. Hexd0ms Combat Video's !

    thanks man seems like only two videos work but will play with it when i have some extra time :D
  12. Hexd0ms Combat Video's !

    Hello All i just started to record some of the games i was playing , i am going to put up some of my favorite clips and some times full games ! I am new to all this youtube stuff but if there's any way i could do better let me know in the comments i am all ways happy to try out new things :) I have been running with EUK for a few days so expect some videos with them guys soon.! Squad Video's New Videos at the top SQUAD ! FLANK FLANK ! Russian Rebels Squad league more to come so keep posted !
  13. big thanks to DrBigMoney Z Trooper RedCoats and EUK for leting me tag along :D was amazing match never played such a close game all the way through ! i did get the first half on record so expect to see that up later today if any one is interested ! :D
  14. Fools Road.. Enough said.

    this is the worst wait ever i want my keeeyyyyyy XD