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  1. Project Reality vets sign in here

    [R2]Lokatana checking in. Played heavily on Tactical Gamer back in the PR Days. Some of you might remember [R2], as there was a lot of us who played. We've been around since 1996, and are one of the oldest gaming communities around, though we've kept ourselves small. Looking forward to playing with you all! Lok
  2. Can the squad leader issue orders like commander from BF4 ?

    Oh please please please have a commander. The 3-tiered organization from the PR days is one of those things that really made the gameplay excel. Granted, if you had a shit commander, your team would get killed, but this is why i loved how you could vote to eject a commander who had no clue. Just like i hope we'll be able to vote to eject a squad lead who doesn't talk, doesn't lead, etc. Just avoid giving the commander too much power or dependancy - they should be able to mark on maps, talk on the squad lead channel, etc, but don't give them superpowers like artillery, etc.