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  1. ENABLE VAC error

    Temporary fix ( Problem may be related to the antivirus software Avast): restart windows disable Avast Lauch Squad Enjoy It works for me and my two teammates. (Don't forget to enable your antivirus software when you are surfing on the Internets )
  2. ENABLE VAC error

    Hey ! Two friends of mine and I have the same problem. This error occurs randomly weird
  3. Very long loading time

    I don't know what you call fairly quick but my game takes 2min28s to load. Win 8.1 on SSD and game on HDD (Western Digital blue 1To) Anyway 1-2 min of loading time with a HDD is pretty common for Squad. On a SSD you could expect 30s.
  4. SQUAD takes a long time to start

    @beginna Here are the results but I don't see any unusual value: SSD 840 samsung (window 10+some software) : 58.6Go free /111Go Report: HDD Western Digital blue (documents+games): 394Go free/929Go Report: @roy64 The problem may not related to your HDD but if you want to try: go to the system32 directory of your pc then follow Beginna's instructions : Open the Start menu and type cmd, right-click it and select Run as admin Run winsat from there with the appropriate drive letter i.e. : type winsat disk -drive "XXXX" where "XXX" is the name of the drive letter (C or D or E or G ....)
  5. SQUAD takes a long time to start

    Same issue: Win 8.1 on SSD and game on HDD (Western Digital blue 1To) 2min28s Nevertheless this not a major problem since this has no impact in game.
  6. French squad troll

    Just trolling his teammates. The French have already a bad reputation. Don't need to worsen it. No thanks.
  7. Game closes when joining a server

    I (and some friends) have the issue again :wacko:. This solution does not fix it. EDIT: The EAC update has fixed the issue but loadings are still very long.
  8. Will Squad run with SweetFX?

    Tommy's preset is very taxing on foal roads (at least 10fps loss) contrary to Kohat (less 4 fps loss). I will try to disable HDR in the SweetFX cfg file. I still use Tommy's preset with less saturation. Thanks for sharing !
  9. Game closes when joining a server

    I had the same issue. Verify your steam cache and reboot your pc. Enjoy Squad. :) I hope it will solve your problem. Anyway this bug is very weird because it occurs randomly. EDIT : I have this issue again :/
  10. Will Squad run with SweetFX?

    Taking a screenshots with the IG command (highresshot) does not work. I made a post about this issue here: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/10497-highresshot-fatal-error/?p=156116 . Taking a screenshot with SweetFX command ("print" key) does not work too. Taking a screenshot with Steam ("F12" key) should work.
  11. Will Squad run with SweetFX?

    I used SweetFx before the a-4.0 update but with more control on the post processing options, I think it doesn't worth the frame drop. What is missing in settings is tweaking a bit the saturation (and sometimes the sharpen filter).
  12. Alpha 4 Released

    Huge fps boost with this update. From 35-45 in low/medium settings to 55-65 in high settings. In addition with the eye adaptation quality enabled, I don't need sweetfx anymore. Please add a saturation value bar for tweaking. Great JOB ! EDIT : I have an i5 4570 (and a gtx 660 2GB). In the firing range I got 45 to 55 fps with SweetFX enabled with all settings were set on medium and shadows on low. Now I get 58 to 74 fps (without SweetFX thanks to eye adaptation quality which increase a bit the vibrancy of the image) with all settings on high. In a full server the gain is at least 15fps (around 45fps) compared to the previous patch.
  13. Dear Squad community, I recorded some intense firefights and great teamwork. I hope you will enjoy the video as I enjoy playing these games. "The situation in the Logar valley and in the Kohat province has deteriorated. Many skirmishes have taken place among Russia, the USA and some insurgents. Civilians are very affected, there are about 10,000 refugees fleeing from the fighting and more than 2,000 dead and missing. The toll could get worse: the conflict has just started." nb: you can enable the English subtitles in the second part of the video. The first part of the video was on the Red Coat server. Unfortunately I forgot the name of the squad leader and my team-mates. If you recognize your voice, I will be glad to add your name in the description. The second part was on the french band of brothers server with some [eagle] members (gary, rhino, vega, and julie). Feedback and comments are appreciated.
  14. Super, bon boulot. J'ai apprécié la partie 7 sur le vocabulaire audio. Très utile. Et c'est une exclusivité du manuel fr ! :P
  15. Larger maps needed when vehicles arrive?

    I think this APC is amphibious (October monthly recap) : In the current state of the game, we are running all the time. Using your stamina should be a tactical choice. So i think our stamina should be reduce or/and we should walk/run slower. It is just a change in the scale of movements in order to adapt it to the vehicles.