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  1. you just cant mark the dont get add to the map (think they ended up in the botom right corner but i cant remeber 100% now) was plating with Motherdear at the time so he got more info we did some basic testing on it. Server think it was Frankfurt #1 was around 40-50 players
  2. squad leader map markers not working properly on the map
  3. Dead Men Tell No Tales

    osheamat you can find the reasoning if you ues the search feature on the forum this topic has been up before.
  4. Getting stuck in walls

    I found that you can easily get stuck in the wood crate piles by going prone on the top of them.
  5. Radio sound filter when using radio

    GLHF from stoping people from going off and uesing 3rd party programs if the ingame radio gives off sounds that they find annoying, like the raido click sound you got in pr if that was no option to turn of that I for 1 would not ues the ingame voip I find it super annoying. but that me
  6. Radio sound filter when using radio

    This sounds super cool and all that but all its gonna do is make people use 3rd party solutions to go around the problem, in the end of the day people ar gona look for advantages in gaming and the best thing is to get clear and ez to ues coms. so all thes suggestions ar just gona decrease the usefulness of the voip and hurt public game play.
  7. Steam name messed up

    Think the dev got to press the update button to grab new names from steam and they might not have done that this weekend being at pax and all that
  8. Radio

    no and 1st of all you need to search the forum this topic has been discussed before. mods plz lock
  9. No UK servers anymore

    wartiokone i dont know whats causing the problems for the server, thik its the animations. so yea its a super simplified for me to say its tickrate but in the end of the day thats whats seems to causing the big problems right now. if you whant more info i cant give it to you im not a developer so i dont know 100% whats breaking the game but from gamer standpoint its looks like server probelms it sounds like server problems its bound to be server problems,
  10. No UK servers anymore

    Its not a ping problem its a server tick rate problem Para
  11. Game status

    the game is playable but the server ar not that great, some times the server tick rate is so low that you get major problems whit hit detection and rubberbanding.
  12. Suggestion Forum Ideas

    might as well repost this still whant it moste of the time devs post info and it gets lost in the flood
  13. Forum Software Feedback

    you got a key in the bottom of the forum that says mark community read thats gona help you on point #4