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  1. Founder Weapon Skins

    It works for Riflemen pack?
  2. New genre for SQUAD?

    I like the Tactical Shooter title, it is a shooter, but it's not the one that you can win because you have good aim, is the one that you can win because of your tactics.
  3. We are a Steam Top Seller!

    Yeah, totally, we were at the top, but suddenly GTA V went first. (Between us, i never trust that "top seller" list)
  4. Hi all my name is fuelhead

    I think i played with you today, and i healed you several times because you went full kamikaze haha

    Voy a pasar a registrarme en el foro, muchas gracias.
  6. Hello from South America

    Our countries are next to each other, but when we have to communicate sometimes we have to speak in english, even when we understand some words, so yes, Portuñol must be a new language! haha.
  7. Hey, I'm from Argentina, and i'm willing to introduce myself to this lovely community, it's been a long time since a check on the forums, but never had the purpouse to actually sign me in. So yeah, i actually love this game as former military, is realistic and immnersive and i love it. I was so dissapointed that the only game that could bring that up was ARMA and this game comes to fight with that. I've played PR for years also, so this was and exciting project for me aswell :) See you in game guys!
  8. Closed Alpha 3 Released

    Thanks, i supposed that but i wanted to make it clear :)
  9. Closed Alpha 3 Released

    I didn't understand something in particular , and i quote: "Steam keys which provide the new version will be sent out shortly via email to all Founders (those in the Squad Leader tier and up).". So Riflemen tier will not receive the keys soon?