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  1. Scopes/Iron Sights Thread

    That's correct, 3d scopes use render to texture which renders the entire scene again at a different fov.
  2. The game hasn't been ready. We have only recently put in systems to start supporting gameplay on this level. Throwing 60+ people into a server is pretty difficult when we have to worry about who we are distributing our builds to and getting everyone on at the same time. Our testing team is international so we can run several tests throughout the week on new features, so it isn't conducive to single large playtests.We have been gradually increasing our player counts and seeing the differences in gameplay and performance and are very encouraged so far. There just isn't much point organizing huge playtests when missing core features. As we make progress we'll continue to scale it up. Also keep in mind that these are not official videos in any capacity. We're just allowing our testers and some YouTubers show our community a glimpse into what is going on.
  3. Local Server

    We won't restrict to country, but server owners will be able to create their own language specific servers. It's up to them on how to enforce it.
  4. We are experimenting with adding squad member, gameplay marker, and squad command indicators to the compass.
  5. 1. Pretty confident at this point, we may have to adjust things like tick rate to make sure that server requirements are under control. If you have a server powerful enough, there shouldn't be an issue. 2. Dealing with the uncertainty about the capabilities of the engine, since they're changing all the time. 4. After the final (non early-access release), so sometime in mid 2016 would be my earliest guess. 5. More info incoming on that soon. 7. More structured gameplay that makes it easier to have regular, fun engagements and a flow of battle from the get-go without a ton of mods and fragmented community. Less clunky and more accessible, without a ton of keybinds. Better performance and smaller play areas. More infrastructure to facilitate gameplay between players that aren't super tacticool. 8. No plans. 9. 4-8 weeks, most likely. Additional dev diaries are more likely to come sooner.
  6. March 2015

    There's certainly a lot of stuff that was left out, but we'll be releasing more information when we have something worthy of showing.
  7. March 2015

    Check out our March Monthly Update! Thanks for all your support with Steam Greenlight!
  8. Alpha map - Logar valley - Overview image

    Geez guys, can't we update a fucking page without you finding our media prematurely? This community is the worst, I swear.
  9. It won't be the Project Reality experience. I love PR's highs, but really despise its lows. It's not very accessible and is bogged down by arbitrary rules. There are huge spans of time where nothing happens including problematic situations where you have to run for minutes on end because vehicles aren't available. Spawns are arbitrarily long and don't react properly to the situation. It doesn't provide feedback on how well your team is actually doing. The gunplay is random and erratic which frustrates. And yet people love it, like I did for a long time. These are things that can definitely be improved upon. Recreating the Project Reality experience would be a disservice to everyone. Taking the best parts of Project Reality (teamwork, realism, communication, pacing, community) and transplanting them into the right gameplay systems is a huge opportunity for everyone to find the game that they will love. Accessible and easy to learn, but difficult to master; multiple metagames allowing different playstyles and skill levels to be effective.
  10. A place for the devs to rest

    I guess I can share some enthusiasm with you guys too. Momentum and enthusiasm in the Squad team has never been higher. We're getting shit done and done faster than ever .
  11. February 2015

    We've just posted our monthly recap for February 2015! Take a look.
  12. Go check out the new article we've just posted on the website! Feel free to discuss it here. Art Update - M4 Showcase
  13. January

    Yup, we are based out of pst so it may be quite late.
  14. Alkali needs your help!

    I spy something.
  15. January

    Update incoming March 3 (US). Not the February Update, that will be later this week.