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  1. How boost supply drivers motivation ?

    Better driving mechanics and fixed collisions would help a lot, rather than weird barge mechanics.
  2. How to give the Militia an edge

    +1 this is precisely the issue The reluctance to add militia/insurgency essentials like suicide devices and landmines (though that might be planned?) put them at a huge disadvantage. Being able to pop out of anywhere and know the terrain like the back of your hand is another advantage which isn't present. Having more spawns or something similar would really help the non-conventional factions.
  3. reward for winning?

    haha yeah totally, remember how no video games or sports games have points or trophies or leaderboards? i remember the dark days of 2006 when they introduced scoring in football and it totally ruined the sport - all the teams wanted to do was win the superbowl! disgusting
  4. Just ask I don't think it is helpful to have everyone listening to command chat, soldiers like to have a bit of pre-match banter. Being able to mute the squad and local chats would be awesome though, and just listen to command as SL.
  5. So if they get both caches super FOBd you just gg and sit at main? What's the no-build radius? If it meas no building in/near cache that's a bad move - it's the only thing that balances the cache gamemode at the moment, let alone once US/RU have heavier vehicles.
  6. Features

    Yeah this is the obvious solution. I would suggest any soldier can operate practically and rifle, so just let them swap their primary weapon. And allow medics to pick up bandages from dead soldiers. And allow RPG to collect rocket ammo from fallen comrades. It isn't picking up the kit, just the weapon and its ammo.
  7. Games won or lost in the 1st 5 minutes

    Yes, that is how war works, and especially battles, and even more especially skirmishes. The lines shift and there are no linear objectives. The only objectives are to control the area and/or to eliminate the enemy. Not to have a weird linear progression across a map. The entire system you devised reflects this fairly well (which is why I liked it), so I'm not sure why you are arguing against your own point. Yes, except in my experience you would need two have two LATs with perfect aim to take down a BTR rush, ignoring double BTR rushes of course. This means essentially the militia has to dedicate every squad the the point where the 2 BTRs are and the remainder of the BTR team can cruisily cap up to that point as they know the entire opfor is pinned by two BTRs which can't be easily taken down +1
  8. Two easy solutions: Pre-capped positions FOBs have a 'personnel' resource just like ammo and supplies that you need to restock to continue spawning on it
  9. Why am I getting such low FPS??

    It's a fair question. @Gaz.Spencer assuming you are using the same settings, the same res etc. etc. it really doesn't make any sense. That said, have you tried overclocking your CPU? Here is a good guide: http://www.overclock.net/t/1348623/amd-bulldozer-and-piledriver-overclocking-guide-asus-motherboard I think this is your best bet.
  10. Suppressive fire, yay or nay?

    TK and kick were ridiculous. If you are suppressing an actual target I see no reason to change your behaviour unless SL has a tactical reason for you not to.
  11. reward for winning?

    Yes I do, I get to gloat and make my friends and family fear my wrath. In Squad the game just rolls to the next round as if nothing happened... +1000
  12. Features

    Friendly would be very helpful for passing along SL kits when an SL is leaving the match. Enemy would be good imo, why can't an enemy operate a generic piece of military hardware? Especially if you have been running and gunning and are really low on ammo, it would make sense in a real situation to strip a dead soldier of their weapon and ammo - they sure as hell aren't using it.
  13. Games won or lost in the 1st 5 minutes

    A more simplified version of your idea essentially, where if you control more than half of the flags, all of your flags become cappable. This would shift the gameplay to a more balanced approach to offense and defence. I like your idea and was just giving another version with the same objective
  14. reward for winning?

    Kids play this game too...