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  1. VOIP causing lag in 5.2

    This is the same for me. Before the 5.2 update, I was running 50 - 60 FPS with up to about 40 people online. Got the same stuttering and lagging from Voip as you. I did the fixes for AMD CPUs that are listed on various threads, (removing sound assets and turning off the radio filter in the settings) now I am happily back where I was for frames. PM or reply in you want more details. Don't worry, these performance issues will be gradually ironed out in the coming months.
  2. New Possible AMD Performance Tweaks

    First off, I'm glad it helped him get some better FPS! There is a thread that just got posted a little bit ago that I will link you to. It seemed to help some of the users and you could try it. New Stutter Fix for AMD Users In regards to your build, have you tried lowering the audio channel number further? Mine was lowered to 96 from 128, but some AMD users I've seen here have had to lower it down further to see an improvement, (like down to 32). Try that. Try turning off or down the effects in the in-game settings and see if that helps. My guess is it's an audio issue, as that seems to be the most common performance issue with AMD chips at the moment, (something to do with AMD's audio data processing I think). Hopefully one of those works for you! And of course, please don't hesitate to Pm or post if it doesn't. ~Shadow
  3. I will post a link to this thread in my post for new AMD performance tweaks. Hopefully this helps even more users, thanks man!
  4. New Possible AMD Performance Tweaks

    Thanks! Yeah I am very very excited to see the new net code in action!
  5. Do You Think Suppressive Fire Is Effective In Squad?

    I think that suppression in Project Reailty is too much, (I hate how badly you "black out" from even rounds that are several feet away.) but Squad's is not quite strong enough. I find that suppression in Squad works about 50-60% of the time for me. A good squad will offer very strong suppressive fire, but even then, it doesn't work as much as I think it should. I personally like the idea of some "black out" but not the way PR does it. I would like to see the outer area of your FOV become hazy (like 25%) and the regular vision in the center would remain clear, but maybe like 20% darker for a split second after impact. Grenades/rockets could have a stronger effect. I love the effect for bleeding in Squad currently, (not the flashing part) but the kind of off-color/hazy effect, that's what I am talking about.
  6. New Possible AMD Performance Tweaks

    Yes it will, but I wanted to help people right now in the current state of the game.
  7. Hey all, this post is to AMD users, it's for CPUs primarily, but also GPUs. Obviously I cannot guarantee that these fixes will work for everybody, but hopefully somebody is able to squeeze out at least a few more frames. In this post, I will give an exhaustive list of all my relevant specs, settings, tweaks, and software information in an effort to help AMD users get as much more performance as possible. First off; it IS possible for AMD CPU's to perform well with Squad! My current setup gets 50-60 FPS consistently with up to around 45 players on all maps. Even with smoke and heavy combat, I usually don't dip down lower than the high 30's-low 40's. This is with 1080p, Max Effects, max AA, 125% resolution scale, and max Post Processing, I can play with more than 45 players, but obviously performance suffers, but not too badly! I still get a consistent 35-40 FPS even with 60+ players and combat, but the lower dips in frames are longer and more frequent. While this isn't amazing, it beats the heck out of many of the horror stories I have been hearing. Some people with similar or even slightly better specs are saying that even on low population servers with lowest settings, they are barely able to get 30-35 FPS without even being in combat.If it is possible for me, then in principle, it is for others too, let's begin: (Thank you to Boxknife for the format of these specs). System: CPU: FX-8320 @4.6Ghz (CPU ratio is 23.0) GPU: Sapphire R9-390 Nitro 1100Mhz on the core (+100), 1500Mhz on the memory (default) Afterburner power use percent: +50% (Latest non-beta drivers) MB: Asus M5A99FX Pro R2.0 Bios version: 2501 x64 (04/07/2014) RAM: 8GB DDR3 Corsair Vengeance @ 2133Mhz Timings: 11-11-11-28 (Voltage is auto) HDD: 1TB WD Black 7200 rpm Monitor: 1080p 60Hz Dell generic monitor. OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit with all current updates. (There are two hotfixes that Microsoft has put out for the FX series of chips that can help with some performance issues, I have applied both and I would recommend you do too.) These are free for anybody, but you have to request Microsoft send them to you manually via email, however the action is automated and takes a few seconds at most, no signup or weirdness required. If you feel fishy about that, I will link to a Tek Syndicate forum post that has both files linked for download automatically. I think they are safe, but obviously, download at your own risk. Hotfix #2 Hotfix #1 Tek Syndicate Forum Post Power Supply: XFX Bronze 850 Watt. In Game Settings: Resolution: 1080p Fullscreen Vsync: On Res Scale: 125% AA: FXAA High View Distance: Epic Shadows: Low Shadow Quality: Off Shadow Res: 512 AO: Off AO Levels: None AO Scale: 1.0 Post Processing: Epic Eye Adapt: On Motion Blur: Off Lens Flair: Off Textures VRAM: 4GB+ Effects: Epic FOV: 100 Radeon Control Center Settings: Version:16.3 VSR: On GPU Scaling: Off Scaling Mode: Center Squad Radeon Control Center Game Profile Settings: Anti-Aliasing Mode: Override application settings. Anti-aliasing Level: 8xEQ Anti-Aliasing Filter: Standard. Anti-Aliasing Method: Multisampling. Morphological Filtering: Off. Antisotropic Filtering Mode: Override application settings. Antisotropic Filtering Level: 16x Texture Filtering Quality: High. Surface Format Optimization: On. Wait for Vertical Refresh: Always on. OpenGL Triple Buffering: On. Shader Cache: AMD optimized. Tessellation Mode: AMD optimized. Frame Rate target Control: Disabled. Bios Settings: (Note, Some of these settings may be different or not available depending on your mobo/hardware configuration.) CPU Basic Power Settings: Manual for the core voltage. Voltage: 1.440v (offset mode + 0.106250. All other voltages are auto.) Cool 'n' Quiet: Always Disabled C1E: Disabled SVM: Disabled Core C6 State: Disabled HPC Mode: Enabled Apm Master Mode: Disabled South Bridge Settings: HPEI: Enabled North Bridge Settings: IOMMU: Disabled Initiate Graphic Adapter: PEG/PCI Core On/Off: CPU Core Activation: 5th Core - 8th Core Disabled Ram Other Timings: Everything else for my DRAM timings is auto. (PM me for specifics if needed.) DRAM Driving Control: Left everything on auto for my Mobo and RAM setup as well. (PM me for specifics if needed.) DIGI+ Power Control: Manual CPU Load Line Calibration: Extreme CPU/NB Load Line Calibration: Extreme CPU Current Capability: 130% CPU/NB Current Capability: 130% CPU Power Phase Control: Extreme CPU Voltage Frequency: Auto CPU Power Duty Control: Extreme CPU Power Response Control: Ultra Fast CPU/NB Power Response Control: Ultra Fast CPU Power Thermal Control: 130 DRAM Current Capability: 110% DRAM Voltage Frequency: 300 DRAM Power Phase Control: Optimized HT Link Speed: 2600Mhz CPU/NB Speed: 2600Mhz PCIE Frequency: 110 (Default was 100) CPU Bus Frequency: 200 CPU Ratio: 23.0 I also have applied some basic ini tweaks, I will link to the main post on Reddit to these various possible tweaks. Reddit Performance Post Sticky Here are the specifics of the ini tweaks that I have applied: Squad Forum Post for Performance Tweaks FX.MaxCPUParticlesPerEmitter=20 FX.MaxGPUParticlesSpawnedPerFrame=0 ShowFlag.Decals=0 r.LightShafts=0 MaxChannels=96 (Default 128) r.CustomDepth=0 [ViewDistanceQuality@0] r.SkeletalMeshLODBias=3 [PostProcessQuality@0] r.Upscale.Quality=0 [EffectsQuality@0] r.TranslucencyLightingVolumeDim=16 r.SceneColorFormat=1 You will find the proper ini files to edit and all the exact details in the Squad forum post above, but for the sake of brevity; (I just used all the defaults that they had.) Well that was a bunch to type, hopefully not too many people got bored, but more importantly, hopefully this helps some of you fellow AMD users out there to get respectable, or even just playable performance out of your CPU's and GPU's! A big thanks to the readers/posters, and to the dev team for always keeping us in the loop and working on making our experience better every time! PS: I probably made a mistake or two somewhere here. If you find any obvious errors, feel free to message me. I will be going over this post with a fine toothed comb again within an hour or so, possibly making some edits. I may also add some other details. New Content: Special thanks to user, "A Pacifist" for posting this new thread. He posted some new audio tweaks that may help some more AMD users that are having frame issues. Check it out! New Stutter Fix For AMD Users Peace out everybody, ~Shadow
  8. 980 has my vote if you can afford it. Do you NEED a 980, no....but is it fun to only get the things we need?... ;)
  9. The Weapons Thread!

    Wouldn't mind seeing these as a possible Russian/Militia gun emplacement ;)
  10. Character Skill development

    The skill level of a player in this game is very different than most other shooters. A skilled player in Squad might go a whole match with few or even no kills. In many other shooters, that would be indicative of a very poor player, but in squad, your ability to direct others to objectives, stay cool under pressure, help suppress/engage the enemy, and follow directions well, are aspects of a very good player. Emphasis is put on your ability to communicate clearly and in a way that is agreeable. Nobody likes a know-it-all, nobody likes a hard-ass that takes everything way too seriously and ridicules people for minor mistakes. It is a very different way to gauge skill, but trust me, you know it when you see it. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would place myself at a 3.5, below average, and I've logged 33 hours in Squad with over 2 years of Project Reality play before that. Almost any other game that I play has me at least dead average after half the time I've put into squad, and my time is baby time compared to many of the players that I encounter. That's what I love about it though, you never fight the same battle twice, you always are learning and adapting, and there is always at least something you could have done better in your last match, (in my case, most things.) Don't need an artificial skill system, Squad has a real one that works great. :D
  11. Hmm, I am running an FX-8320 @4.6Ghz and an R9-390 with +100Mhz on the core. 8gigs of DDR3 @1866Mhz, this latest update has been the best performance yet for me. AA maxed, shadows off, 4GB+ of VRAM, view distance epic, effects epic, AO off, bloom and blur are off, 1920x1080, 125% resolution scale. I am hitting stable 50-60 FPS even in pretty heavy combat with up to 40 people. After that, I lose probably about 3-5 FPS on average for every 5 people added. so once I get to about 55-60 players, its down to the low-mid 40s, and drops to about the low-mid 30s in heavy combat. I won't play on servers with more than 60 players, FPS drop is too much for my liking. I did the .ini basic tweaks, audio channels down to 96, and some of the particle tweaks, but honestly, those only helped a little bit with stability of frames, my performance was pretty much the same before hand with V5.0, but I'll take every little bit! Going to be upgrading at the end of the year. I have been all AMD for about 5-6 years, had no issues gaming hardcore, but it's really starting to show it's age, and I can't get my OC any higher because of temp issues. Zen will be the critical move for me. I like rooting for the underdog, and I have no issues with AMD's GPUs, (I am in love with my 390 Sapphire Nitro) but if Zen is no good, then sadly I'll have to say goodbye to an old friend and throw an intel CPU inside my rig. But if Zen is as good as everybody is hoping, and what some early leaks have hinted towards, I will be going with that as my next platform. My last Intel CPU was my first computer that I built myself at 14, scraped it together from random parts I found at garage sales, surplus shops, and goodwill stores. it had a Pentium 4, coupled with an IMMENSE Galaxy geforce 430 lol /s but that card, even in the day was only about 100 bucks at Best Buy, and that was all i could afford, oh to be 14 again...
  12. Types of Annoying Players

    I will submit the "Ghost squad" Idk if they are all on mumble/Vent, or if by some crazy coincidence none of them have mics, or they just don't care, but I HATE joining a squad and having it feel like I am the only player that actually exists! *Hops into the last open squad* "Mic check mic check, how am I coming in?" ... *Makes sure mic is working and on* "Anybody hear me?" ... *waits a min or two* "So, what's the plan SL?" ... "Anybody have a mic?" *types a message in squad-chat...no response* ... Literally! I have had that happen at least 20% of the time playing Squad and it's horrible! I used to think it was the voip system crashing, but when I would switch to another squad, everything was working perfectly. Sometimes one or two people on the squad would say something, but it would be just random comments and it would only last a few seconds before several minutes of silence again. Is the squad just a bunch of lone wolf players that don't care about helping the team? Are they secretly AI's that the Devs have put in as a test for future Squad versions? Whatever they are, it's annoying as hell! I have encountered teams that use a different voip system than the in-game one, but when I would start talking on the mic, one of them would let me know that the rest of them were on a different voip app. These "ghost squads" never do that. I'm not talking about squads that are disorganized, (although I really dislike that too) I mean they literally say nothing, or almost nothing for the whole match.
  13. Please more max 50 player servers!!

    I should mention that I am also at 125% resolution scale. (I hate hate HATE jaggies) and the AA in this game so far is not great, Will get better though! For now though, that resolution upscale helps. As for shadows, I just turned them off to get the max possible performance. I can get my CPU to 4.8 - 4.9Ghz, but it overheats with squad, so I have to back it all the way down to 4.6Ghz until I get a better cooler, or get a new CPU for my rig upgrade, whatever comes first lol. For me, smoothness of play beats everything. I would rather have lower details and smooth frames, than the other way around, especially in a game like squad. so for now, shadows off. The tweaks that I did were listed in the Reddit post here: https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/456tq2/things_you_can_do_to_potentially_help_with/ And: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/5869-performance-tweaks-for-extra-fps/ I only did the few ini tweaks in the second thread. Other than that, I just make sure every other application is closed on my PC when I play, and that's pretty much it.
  14. HUD / UI Design Visual Concepts

    Nice work! I really like the UI for the enter screen on the last version, very clean, clear, and informative. I hate cluttered or mish-mashed UI's. Im not totally sold on the simplified map look, I personally like a little more realistic, rugged map look. Is there any possibility of having different map styles on toggle for the players? or maybe at least a detail level slider/selection? That would be very cool and (forgive my ignorance) but it doesn't seem like it would be that tough to implement the different map styles option. All the markers and icons could stay the same, just the underlay would change? I would love to have several different map styles to pick from, maybe like a very realistic military-style map with topological grid lines, degree marks, and terrain indicators. A middle-ground style similar to the one in Squad right now. And a simple version that is more minimalist? Idk, all just throwing ideas around. Thanks for the work so far man! ~Shadow
  15. I agree, the control is very clunky, and I have had the same issues that you all have mentioned. Honestly, other than the clunkyness, I think it is a good feature, I just HATE the stamina factor. I understand not being able to do it after sprinting for a few seconds maybe, but the fact that it is limited seems bogus to me. IRL, if I lean forward/squint a bit to get a better view, I don't "run out of focus/stamina" because it is not hard to focus, and it takes no stamina! I should be able to sit back and silently squint forward to get a better view on the battlefield as long as I want (IMO). Now I understand balance issues, but there are better solutions like: Make the "zoom/squint" unlimited in length, but make your gun movement limited as long as you are squinting. (Think of how gun movement is limited in PR when you deploy a bipod.) or: Make add a "tunnel vision" effect, like the edges of your view blur or become darker/distorted. I like the feature, just please take away the stamina aspect lol.