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  1. Post Scriptum key

    Thx man, sent them an email now. Hoping for problmefixer Sto3bridg3
  2. Post Scriptum key

    Hello, I got an Post Scriptum key a while back ago when they gave it out to the backers of SQUAD. (I pledged 86$) The key didn't work and I've been trying to get in contact with the SQUAD guys but I don't get any answers. Anyone here that can help me come in contact with the right guys? Thx Stone out.-.
  3. Keep crashing

    Yeah hope its fast because for me its unplayable atm. Game keeps crashing when Im about to join a server. And when it doesnt crash it just says "server full" yeah 20/70 means its full for sure...
  4. Keep crashing

    Yeah ok. But every server I join now after the update Ive always got 90+++ in ping and the lag is way to high. I run in 35+ in ping before on the same servers. Had some FPS drops as well. Went from 70 to 25 now...
  5. Keep crashing

    AS the Title says. My game keep crashing every time a round finished. Just gets a "fatal error" message and that's all. I´ve verified my game on steam. No luck there.
  6. How do i get my founder forum tag?

    How do you get the Founder tag above your profile picture? I want it as well I'm a founder
  7. So, here is my little suggestion. a new scope (in the future) I had this scope when I was in the army (Norwegian army) but, I know some US soldiers uses them as well. And it is the best scope I've ever used. Its an Aimpoint like you got in the game already but, with an extra 3x magnifier. And the rare thing is, I just played the game Insurgency (Crappy game, but lost my internett for about 30 min) and they actually got the best looking aimpoint + 3x Magnifier I've ever seen in a game. When you enter the scope, it is just so good looking. This should be in SQUAD! I page a link to a random sight where you can see a photo> http://ultimak.com/AP3xMag.htm It's the 1st weapon.
  8. SQUAD takes a long time to start

    @Nepsus Alright cheers lad. I am learning new stuff every day And what will this do actually?
  9. SQUAD takes a long time to start

    I got 1.26 TB free space, I haven't done that yet. I am just the regular computer guy without the knowledge from stuff like that So like this: C:\WINDOWS\system32>winsat -RoyFoy r Is that correct?
  10. SQUAD takes a long time to start

    Yeah I know it doesn't effects the gameplay. The main course of this post was to find out if there were any solutions to the problem Got so little space left on the SSD that I just wait those min anyway
  11. SQUAD takes a long time to start

    Shouldn't have to buy a SSD for SQUAD using 2.50 on time to launch lad. When every other game I have start instant!
  12. SQUAD takes a long time to start

    Sorry, I forgot Info. I have tried Verifying, and no just regular. But other games that are far more bigger and more demanding start just like normal. I just toke the time as well, from the moment I pressed "PLAY" to I was ingame menu was 2 M and 50 S.
  13. Hey lads, Tried to find similar posts but couldn't. (I'm in a hurry) I also don't know where to post this. Sorry When I press play on SQUAD in my steam LIB it takes several minutes before it gets in the game. Didn't use to do that. Any one know the issue here?
  14. Hello, after the last update, my game is never ending its download. It download to 100 % then starts over. It never finished. Any help?
  15. New map system?

    Catch my drift here @Deadduck. I said it to be nice to the upper gentlemen here. Yes I know its a different game. And I am hell of a man on the ADAPT part. Sins SQUAD is a more realistic game than most other games I mean it would be a cool thing to add to make it more realistic. Some opinions are just plain stupid indeed. Just not this one :P