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  1. NEW PC Build but game doesnt run well

    Hmm not really, doesn't change much in looks tbh
  2. PR oldie, Squad newbie

    Squad's gameplay feels very much like PR with the right people, sure there are a few things left to iron out such as the buddy rally, general rally's lack of restrictions and not going dead dead often, but it's on the right track. I've been playing PR since 2008, and even though I still hop into it for the varied assets gameplay and the nostalgia, I thoroughly enjoy Squad's infantry gameplay.
  3. NEW PC Build but game doesnt run well

    Try turning off distance shadows. That kinda solved it for me.
  4. VRAM crash with a 6gb 1660 ti?

    It's not the GPU, I have the same one 1660 Ti 6GB and it runs flawlessly. You might want to look up how to completely remove and reinstall the nvidia drivers and give that a shot
  5. new DLC visuals

    Not a huge fan of the fog occlusion. Sure on some maps it feels right as it can happen in real life too but one of the selling points of Squad, at least for me, was the "unlimited" view distance as opposed to PR's very low view distance.
  6. What SPECIFICALLY is your problem?

    I'm really disappointed with the results of the survey. This means that Squad will take a more fast-paced shoot-revive game where there is no fear of getting killed. This is especially going to hurt long range engagements and vehicle effectiveness against infantry but what bothers me the most is the fact that it just makes Squad feel like something it shouldn't. I don't think it needs to be dumbed down for the everyday gamer, after all, it is not a game intended for everyone.
  7. Nerf on MRAP Toughness

    I was merely comparing it to PR where infantry can be spotted bright as day as there is very little vegetation and the models kinda stand out unlike in Squad where the engine does a great job of compositing models, statics and vegetation with realistic lighting and shadows. Regardless, if light vehicles blow up in a single LAT shot nobody will use them for obvious reasons. A single lonewolf of the enemy team can deny transport. However, if the vehicle is disabled or at least set on fire with a few seconds for the infantry to jump out, it's a different story.
  8. Nerf on MRAP Toughness

    It would make it better once thermals are introduced, but right now it is a thousand times easier to spot an MRAP than an RPG in a bush.
  9. Nerf on MRAP Toughness

    But the average view distance in PR is less than 500m and there is very little concealment for infantry in terms of shrubbery/grass/etc so it is much easier to spot and kill infantry. I'd say 2 LAT shots for an MRAP is a good deal considering the first one disables it.
  10. I'm not sure if anyone has noticed it but I have multiple keyboard layouts (English and Macedonian(Cyrillic)) and the default windows toggle hotkey for them is Alt + Shift which is quite a common combo in game, especially when you run and look around so the keyboard switches to Cyrillic. But unlike other games, some of the game controls do not pick up on it, for example pressing any of the letter keys will not trigger a command as they are now in Cyrillic. Is it possible to make the game ignore whatever keyboard language layout is selected and use standard latin keys? It's quite annoying having to disable the multiple keyboard layouts every time before playing Squad.
  11. Oh well, I'll just have my Cyrillic disabled whenever I play Squad, it's not too much of a big deal.
  12. customization / ranking

    But you keep forgetting that the reward for a good game in Squad is actually having a good game and enjoying your time playing it.
  13. That is not the problem tho. Perhaps I should give a more clear example. In most games, particularly in Project Reality: ENG keyboard: Press Z, go prone MKD keyboard: Press Z, go prone In Squad: ENG Keyboard: Press Z, go prone MKD Keyboard: Press Z, nothing happens because the game picks up its Cyrillic value.
  14. Actually I am impressed with the way camouflage works in Squad, it is very realistic. In most other games camo does not work because the player models stand out too much from the terrain, but Squad does a pretty realistic job at it. As many have said, a moving object is very easy to spot compared to a stationary object and working as a squad, you should make sure you have people looking in every direction otherwise you're waiting to get mowed down.
  15. I'm gonna have to change my statement. I did not support the speed change initially but the fast running wears off pretty quickly and then you're back to normal running. This seems pretty normal I mean you have a short amount of quick sprint to get out of a really bad situation. Maybe though you should be able to choose by double tapping shift if you want to use that sprint and then your stamina wears of even quicker.
  16. Bad/gamebreaking features in alpha 13

    Absolutely agree with the 3 main points, I don't know why those things went past testing phase. In fact, in the spirit of the game they should never even have made it past the drawing board but I get it why they wanted to test it. That's where it should have stopped though. I hope there will be a hotfix about this.
  17. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Ping removal is great, this game is all about communication and the pings made it very easy and arcadey but the insta death removal is a very bad move for obvious reasons. Don't want Battlefield-style revive fights
  18. General Update

    You know who has quick updates? EA, whoever makes Call of Duty nowadays etc. In fact, their updates are the same game all over again for an even bigger price tag. They can do it quickly because there's rarely anything new. Squad is unlike any of those games and it's well worth the wait.
  19. Computer specs

    Yeah, just look for decent squads where everybody is communicating and you'll have a great experience.
  20. Computer specs

    If you didn't get the refund, you can download and play from that Steam account on any computer you want. Also, the Y530 should have no issue running Squad on mid settings, maybe even high if some more optimizations come to the game.
  21. Computer specs

    Hey mate, take a look at GeForce NOW. If you can get good internet, 5 MB/s + with a LAN cable, you can play Squad through it. That's what I do, and right now, GeForce NOW is in free Beta which you could try to get in, but even if you decide to pay the subscription, it's not expensive at all I think. It's much cheaper than getting a powerful PC, all you need is a good connection and you can play on the highest possible settings without any issues.
  22. Squad is dead or not ?

    I don't think there will be a need for that. Squad will look a lot more like PR once all the asset types make their way into the game and they are balanced after live gameplay testing.
  23. Squad is dead or not ?

    TBH, for all its realism, I never could take any Arma game seriously with its clunkiness. Even the first iteration of Squad was a lot smoother.
  24. Squad is dead or not ?

    Indeed, but proper admining can help in that case, it worked for PR, it should work for Squad too.
  25. Squad is dead or not ?

    One day people will understand that Squad is not about the kit. It's about the SQUAD, it's in the name. If you're getting bored at the game, step up and lead a squad, communicate with your squad members and you'll be part of what makes Squad awesome.