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  1. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Ping removal is great, this game is all about communication and the pings made it very easy and arcadey but the insta death removal is a very bad move for obvious reasons. Don't want Battlefield-style revive fights
  2. General Update

    You know who has quick updates? EA, whoever makes Call of Duty nowadays etc. In fact, their updates are the same game all over again for an even bigger price tag. They can do it quickly because there's rarely anything new. Squad is unlike any of those games and it's well worth the wait.
  3. Computer specs

    Yeah, just look for decent squads where everybody is communicating and you'll have a great experience.
  4. Computer specs

    If you didn't get the refund, you can download and play from that Steam account on any computer you want. Also, the Y530 should have no issue running Squad on mid settings, maybe even high if some more optimizations come to the game.
  5. Computer specs

    Hey mate, take a look at GeForce NOW. If you can get good internet, 5 MB/s + with a LAN cable, you can play Squad through it. That's what I do, and right now, GeForce NOW is in free Beta which you could try to get in, but even if you decide to pay the subscription, it's not expensive at all I think. It's much cheaper than getting a powerful PC, all you need is a good connection and you can play on the highest possible settings without any issues.
  6. Squad is dead or not ?

    I don't think there will be a need for that. Squad will look a lot more like PR once all the asset types make their way into the game and they are balanced after live gameplay testing.
  7. Squad is dead or not ?

    TBH, for all its realism, I never could take any Arma game seriously with its clunkiness. Even the first iteration of Squad was a lot smoother.
  8. Squad is dead or not ?

    Indeed, but proper admining can help in that case, it worked for PR, it should work for Squad too.
  9. Squad is dead or not ?

    One day people will understand that Squad is not about the kit. It's about the SQUAD, it's in the name. If you're getting bored at the game, step up and lead a squad, communicate with your squad members and you'll be part of what makes Squad awesome.
  10. Ranking System?

    What is it with the ranks, seriously? Can't you play a game and have fun? What difference does it make to you if you have a badge? The part I like most about PR is that there's no pressure that comes from ranks, no matter how much you say ranks won't affect a game, they will, and Squad doesn't need it.
  11. What does this game do better than PR?

    Indeed, this game makes me legit duck IRL, sometimes even jumping from the chair when things are quiet then shit hits the fan. But besides that, pretty much anything else is improved. I like how you actually have to aim here as the deviation in PR is "fake" courtesy of the limited engine. Vehicles are heavy in Squad instead of bouncing around like little toys in PR. All in all it is shaping up as a very good spiritual successor to PR and it is still at the beginning!
  12. These are good points, switching ammo should take slightly more time, this will force people to carefully consider what ammo type they want to roll with. I like the other stuff as well and would like to add the option to use the coaxial machinegun on right click.
  13. January 2019 Recap

    Are you kidding? As an old PR player, Squad is almost there for me. Of course it can't still match the amount of content but you've gotta remember PR has been very actively developed for 10 years and then slightly slower for the next 5 or so. When I get into Squad, it feels like I'm playing PR, except it looks a lot nicer and has some amazing features that PR could never have due to engine limitations. Seeing the direction Squad's been heading with the latest few recaps, I am more than confident it's going to do PR a great tribute and expand the experience even more. When it comes to jets, I wouldn't like Squad to have them. I was one of the CAS whores in PR for most of my time playing it, but I never felt they really belonged in the game. Helicopters are a different story though and they make a large part of why PR is so awesome.
  14. Ranking System

    Absolutely not. One of the things that makes PR and Squad great is the absence of ranks and stats. Have a new SL that doesn't know what to do? Then step up and help him, or lead the squad yourself.
  15. Squad system/types for vehicles.

    IMO the best way to handle this is PR style, through server rules. Then you get to keep the amount of Squads so that you can call each squad leader with the numpad buttons and you get to keep the freedom to squad composition, and as in PR, servers will allow 1 apc for mech inf squads.