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  1. What does this game do better than PR?

    Indeed, this game makes me legit duck IRL, sometimes even jumping from the chair when things are quiet then shit hits the fan. But besides that, pretty much anything else is improved. I like how you actually have to aim here as the deviation in PR is "fake" courtesy of the limited engine. Vehicles are heavy in Squad instead of bouncing around like little toys in PR. All in all it is shaping up as a very good spiritual successor to PR and it is still at the beginning!
  2. These are good points, switching ammo should take slightly more time, this will force people to carefully consider what ammo type they want to roll with. I like the other stuff as well and would like to add the option to use the coaxial machinegun on right click.
  3. January 2019 Recap

    Are you kidding? As an old PR player, Squad is almost there for me. Of course it can't still match the amount of content but you've gotta remember PR has been very actively developed for 10 years and then slightly slower for the next 5 or so. When I get into Squad, it feels like I'm playing PR, except it looks a lot nicer and has some amazing features that PR could never have due to engine limitations. Seeing the direction Squad's been heading with the latest few recaps, I am more than confident it's going to do PR a great tribute and expand the experience even more. When it comes to jets, I wouldn't like Squad to have them. I was one of the CAS whores in PR for most of my time playing it, but I never felt they really belonged in the game. Helicopters are a different story though and they make a large part of why PR is so awesome.
  4. Ranking System

    Absolutely not. One of the things that makes PR and Squad great is the absence of ranks and stats. Have a new SL that doesn't know what to do? Then step up and help him, or lead the squad yourself.
  5. Squad system/types for vehicles.

    IMO the best way to handle this is PR style, through server rules. Then you get to keep the amount of Squads so that you can call each squad leader with the numpad buttons and you get to keep the freedom to squad composition, and as in PR, servers will allow 1 apc for mech inf squads.
  6. I like the ideas about prone rolling and reverse prone but I think it's just going to add a lot more keybinds to the game and in the end it'll be something like Arma which is what Squad doesn't want to be IMO, also I wouldn't want it to be. What makes Squad different is the simplicity of its gameplay yet with a high level of realism. But it would be interesting to see the opinion of the DEV team on this matter. Maybe it can be implemented in a much simpler way than I imagine.
  7. What do you mean bad? As in quality? Accuracy? I feel like they are quite accurate, especially the truck ones.
  8. I couldn't find a similar topic, or maybe I was searching with the wrong keywords and I find this quite disorienting in-game but it seems like vehicles almost always sound as if they are in an open space. For example if there are a few buildings between the player and the vehicle, it is still as loud as if there is nothing and I have also noticed that the direction of the vehicle sound is quite difficult to determine for some reason. I found the sound doesn't vary much when the vehicle is coming from different directions of the player, or maybe this is connected with the first issues I noted. I will try to get a video of what I mean later if I figure out how to do it as I'm playing the game through GeForce Now.
  9. 5 worst things to do in Squad...

    Relying on FOBs built directly on flags. Yeah these FOBs are great for castling up and defending with heavy weapons and fortifications but you need at least 1 FOB away from the flag to spawn on if you get overrun.
  10. The Fate of Fallujah?

    Can't they just be renamed to Bumbees like GTA does every time?
  11. I guess Noobgamer's squad always wins because they've never been mortared and then attacked by infantry, or maybe they've never been attacked from multiple flanks, or surpressed from one flank to expose them to another. Or maybe, playing in a Squad is not in their dictionary. But really, you can take these tactics in GTA:V and they would work. You can take them to laser tag and they would work and I recommend watching some of these videos to anyone who is interested in becoming an immersed Squad player that wants to become a lesser liability to their squad and team.
  12. Squad vs Insurgency

    TBH, even without the ringing effect, explosions in Squad are the scariest than any other game out there. It makes me duck IRL. And as far as gunplay goes, it is much more realistic than Sandstorm, especially the sounds. One thing that Sandstorm does right is the details in compounds and building interiors and I hope we can that in Squad someday without a massive hit on performance.
  13. The Fate of Fallujah?

    Man I can't imagine Fallujah without Humvees
  14. Why play this game?

    For fun. Pure fun. No missions, no unlockables, no winrates, no ranks etc. Just hop in a server expecting to find a good bunch of people to have some fun.
  15. August 2016 Monthly Recap

    Nice stuff, It's good that we are getting urban maps but I have one suggestion for the Eastern European cities, especially for smaller towns. The roads are way too wide. Put two cars next to each other and you should just more than half a meter of free space on each side of the road.