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  1. Hello there, so i would love to get my backers items from the Kickstarter. But when i press "Link Steam Account" it says that it already is linked to an Account. I have no clue which account it is linked to, because when i go into "Steam Inventory" tab in Squad, there is nothing showing up My account: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198036542095/
  2. Can I run this?

    Well i have GTX 980 4gb I7-3770 3.4ghz 16GB DDR3 Ram No overclocking at all. And i run the game with 30-50 fps when mid game. So you should be able to get a higher amount than me
  3. Join den her facebook gruppe boys https://www.facebook.com/groups/539928579517687/?fref=ts Det er Squad Danmark! Og lad os få lavet et UNIT/CLAN!
  4. To all Danish people. [Danish]

    http://steamcommunity.com/groups/JoinSquadDK Der er lavet en
  5. Are there any Danish people around here? Who wants to have a squad/clan??
  6. Whn i try to start Squad it says "In game Squad" And the little loading thing comes up, and then it says "Online" Again,. and nothing is happening?!?!?!
  7. Squad Up! Lonewolfs!

    Best thing to do is make a server with password, and make a whitelist. So only guys with microphone and seriously players can come on it.
  8. MT-LB/BTR 3D model feedback.

    Damn, nice work "Sir"
  9. Squad will not launch

    Okay, i tried every basic things, so just stop talking about downloading C++, and update drivers etc. I know you guys are trying to help, but i can tell you that aint the problem. Thats the only that shows, when i press "Play", and then the "Loading..." is done, nothing happens. Does anyone know this issue?
  10. Squad will not launch

    Trend Micro Maximum Security Pro, A danish av
  11. Any Danish players?

    Any Danish players? If there is alot we could mby make a Dk clan
  12. Squad will not launch

    Did you guys, find out what the problem is?
  13. Squad will not launch

    Squad Log CrashContext.runtime-xml
  14. Squad will not launch

    YO, currently on my mac, because im at a friend, can it ype private to you?
  15. Squad will not launch

    I tried, dosen't work. And yea it's Danish
  16. Squad will not launch

    Yes, still dosen't work. I just tryed.
  17. Squad will not launch

    Yup game used to work, got 24 hours, plus before it came on steam! I don't actually know the place for update, it just siad, no update avaible. Specs:
  18. Squad will not launch

    OKay list: 1. Uninstall game 5 times. 2. Turn of anticheat plus deleted alot of programs. 3. Restarted my computer ike 10 times. 4. Installed C++ 5. Installed latest drivers, of everything. 6. Also tryed to install squad on my SSD. 7. I dont know how to run it as Administratot, when it's running through steam...?
  19. Squad will not launch

    Yup, 3 times....
  20. Why can i not start my game on steam?

    Don't work!
  21. Why can i not start my game on steam?

    I have played squad befor 24 hours, but suddenly now i cant....
  22. Server browser song name?

    Server browser song name?
  23. Server browser song name?

    It's none of them...I have alleready cheked em all... But thanks for the help anyway