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  1. Hello there, so i would love to get my backers items from the Kickstarter. But when i press "Link Steam Account" it says that it already is linked to an Account. I have no clue which account it is linked to, because when i go into "Steam Inventory" tab in Squad, there is nothing showing up My account: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198036542095/
  2. Can I run this?

    Well i have GTX 980 4gb I7-3770 3.4ghz 16GB DDR3 Ram No overclocking at all. And i run the game with 30-50 fps when mid game. So you should be able to get a higher amount than me
  3. To all Danish people. [Danish]

    http://steamcommunity.com/groups/JoinSquadDK Der er lavet en
  4. Join den her facebook gruppe boys https://www.facebook.com/groups/539928579517687/?fref=ts Det er Squad Danmark! Og lad os få lavet et UNIT/CLAN!
  5. Squad Up! Lonewolfs!

    Best thing to do is make a server with password, and make a whitelist. So only guys with microphone and seriously players can come on it.
  6. MT-LB/BTR 3D model feedback.

    Damn, nice work "Sir"
  7. Squad will not launch

    Trend Micro Maximum Security Pro, A danish av
  8. Any Danish players?

    Any Danish players? If there is alot we could mby make a Dk clan
  9. Squad will not launch

    Did you guys, find out what the problem is?
  10. Squad will not launch

    Squad Log CrashContext.runtime-xml
  11. Squad will not launch

    YO, currently on my mac, because im at a friend, can it ype private to you?
  12. Squad will not launch

    I tried, dosen't work. And yea it's Danish
  13. Squad will not launch

    Yes, still dosen't work. I just tryed.