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  1. Good news!! Please stay out of this thread . Guys if you are not able to take some critique then stay home, quit you job and lock yourself inside.. Why so ptotective? I really want this game to be a success but we need to be honest sometimes and show our disappointment when things go wrong. I wish the devs all the best , honestly!
  2. Hi all, Unfortunately the latest update forced some of my friends to leave and some uninstall the game .. I get the same vibes as Arma 3 .. People complained over performance since Alpha release(2013) Arma 3 and the answer back then was: "Guys relax this is just an Alpha version things will get much better in the future.. Now 3 years after the initial Arma 3 release game still runs like crap.. Now I see many telling people to relax and that Squad is only Alpha. I understand that things are complex withing gaming development but I can tell you that you need to break the negative updates/trend because you are risking of losing players. I can already see people leaving the game some uninstalling and some just waiting patiently for some fixes or more positive updates.. WIth that said I wish you best of luck.
  3. V6 update not smooth

    Lol you are a victim to the gaming industry.. Instead of letting them fix the game and optimize you are being forced to buy new hardware...
  4. Sun glare now gone?!

    Arma 3 with the new lighting looks way much better than Squad... It's like comparing a Ferrari to a Lada
  5. Alpha Version 6 Released

    Good self awareness is a good thing for you!
  6. Alpha Version 6 Released

    My best advice to the developers: Hire QA people it will save you a lot of time and make your product better..
  7. Alpha Version 6 Released

    Some people buy early access because it's cheaper and also because friends recommended the game because it would be much better then Arma 3 etc.. So not everyone was prepared to be their QA but I guess you are too much of a fanboy to understand that!
  8. Alpha Version 6 Released

    Lol you are funny!
  9. Alpha Version 6 Released

    Reading the changelog created unrealistic expectations!! The performance should be improved according to changelog and most people report of awful performance... I'm not creating the hype they do!
  10. Alpha Version 6 Released

    I paid for this product, I'm not getting paid to be QA analyst !! Get it? And it's not just me , a lot of people express the same opinion. It's not my responsibility dude!
  11. Alpha Version 6 Released

    Bugs? the game runs like really bad and graphics are awful!! One step forward two backwards fanboy!
  12. Alpha Version 6 Released

    Seriously guys I hope you have a QA team testing the game before releasing patches, if not please hire some QA people for Christ sake! I waited for almost 3 months last I played and now I'm even more disappointed!!
  13. Alpha Version 6 Released

    Graphics look worse, performance not better might be worse .. alt tabed out of the game and when I return black screen!!! First impressions within 10 minutes.. Now go back to your kitchen!
  14. Alpha Version 6 Released

    First impression? Big disappointment
  15. Alpha Version 6 Released

    What clock counter?