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  1. Sounds good for stuff happening in your own team. But sucks if you sneakily wanna deconstruct an enemy FOB. It always helped to have the same sounds for that
  2. Improvements to vic system

    To clarify: It shows the vehicles that are available at the beginning of the round and it won't change if a vic gets destroyed or whatever. It only shows how many of each vehicle spawn.
  3. Improvements to vic system

    Yes unrealistic but then again this is a game and especially as veteran I know it on most (80-90%) of the layers anyways. So it's not like it is sth totally new as it is always the same on the layer. This is mostly for the 10-20% I don't know it... Now think you might have not 500+ hours in the game and you are playing against experienced players. This gives you a disadvantage. And anyways tbh there might be only rare cases where this really helps but then again as it is sth that isn't changing randomly it gives some more experienced players an advantage in some cases over someone that might "only" 300-400 hours or hasnt played the layer for a longer time period.
  4. Improvements to vic system

    no not active vehicles. Only the vehicles that exist on the map. So for example for Fools road v3 it would be sth like this: US Russain Stryker 3x BTR 80 2x MTLB 30mm 1x Logi 2x Logi 2x Transport 1x Transport 1x
  5. Even though quite a lot of time has past since the last event, we are eager to provide you another community content night. It will be on Sunday 17th June 2018 at 19:00 UTC the map is still to be decided on and will be announced at a later time. You will find more information in the first post of this thread and also our discord invite link.
  6. Separate Tickets Armour

    I dont think you got what I meant. The current System is rewarding for good vic Crews that take out vics and take care of their vic. For one depending on how big the squad is there is already a light precaution matter on Hand that will activate if you lose your claimed vic or leave it behind in the battlefield within 5 mins(maybe also 8 min not sure) of claiming it was what I told you. If this is true you cannot claim another vehicle. The problem atm I see with that System is that it doesnt distinguish if it is amoured or a normal vic and that you barely realise that it exists because usually you still have claims left for your squad especially if it is 6+ people in it. My point is that the system should be changed for amoured vics so that if you lose it within the first 15-20 mins after claiming you can only get another amoured vehicle after a penalty of 15-25mins(no matter how big your squad is/how many claims you have left).as the penalty time now is 5 min and therefore less than the spawn time for amoured vehicles it barely ever gets into effect. And yes I know that System isnt perfect either cause you could kill/take out target with the same amount of Tickets as your amoured asset. And maybe you are a great drive but just have bad luck and drive into a well placed mine or someone playing well with the HAT kit(but those one Hit kills will hopefully be remove sometime soon with the addition of disabling hits) But it would definitely prevent the same squad from wasting the assets as the other squads would have enough time (~10min) to claim it. Also I barely know anyone who would wait 25min for a vic especially if it's bad players. That's about half the time of a normal round and 1/3 of a longer round. Lastly there is already a penalty for the Team for losing vics quickly. They lose Tickets, which is what we are talking about the whole time and lose because of it. And there is an maybe not so obvious but still a benefit of staying alive and killing vics/supporting your Team with a vehicle: you win the round. I have had many rounds where my vic squad took more than 150 Tickets from the enemy through kills and destroying vics alone. Not taking into account the Support we gave to our team on taking objectives or taking out fobs. And all of that without losing a vehicle. And that won us the game... The idea of lettong every vic spawn in at the beginning might Sound nice in the beginning but compared to a real battlefield we only play in a small area with our maps. It would neither be super realistic to have so many vics on such a small space operation with the soldiers we have nor would it really be a solution to our Problem of vic wasting. I would see it like that yes in a real battle you have all assets on hand from the beginning but what we are playing on is only a small part of the real battle area and the respawn is kind of the Support coming from other parts of the overall battle to Support us. Because tbh if you want all assets spawn in the beginning because it is realistic we would need enough man to drive them, enough soldiers to fill them and no respawns for soldiers either. As much as I like one life Events, this is still a game and nothing can be super realistic, and the server couldn't handle it anyways. And yeah maybe it would give you an better over view on how many vics you have on Hand but like it is right now(where only good players care about the vic Tickets) it will be with limited vics that new players dont care(maybe even dont know) and Start wasting the assets. That would even have an greater impact then it has now because the Bad players would waste the vics and the good players that might have died to a sneaky HAT wont have any new vic to use after that although they might have destroyed 4 enemy amoured vics and lots of infantry. My problem with the initial idea of this thread with separate Tickets for vehicles is that good vic Support would have less of an impact on the overall game than it has now, as you can't directly impact the winning or losing of your Team like you can atm. Yes the enemy might have no vic to spawn in at some point but then again we have the same problem as before in public matches you can't rely on bad players not wasting assets and the good players having no assets in the end because the bad lost all of them. Like I said before the current systems in place with a few minor tweaks would definitely do what they are supposed to do and would in my eyes be enough
  7. I play quiet a lot vehicles and there are a few changes coming to my mind apart from improving the physics. Like 40 Tons dont flip because of a small stone in front of them or a tracked vehicle doesnt need nearly the same distance to stop like a wheeled 1. Reevaluate the ticket count of vehicles. The V11.1 changes made it on the one hand more easy to know how much a vic is worth. And they seem pretty balanced against the TOW and Tandem heavy at. But if you see the tickets compared to vic-vic combat a warrior should be worth far more than 25 Tickets compared to the 20 tickets of the 30mm btr. Yes with the right tactics you can take out a warrior with the 30mm but it is with no tactics super easy to take out a btr 30mm with a warrior. I know the System is definitely not finalized yet but I would give the warrior at least 30 tickets. 2. Add an Info screen like you had in PR which shows the vehicle types of both teams active on this layer and also their respected Ticket value. I mean most veteran vehicle Crews know it anyway and if you play a new or a layer you havent played for a longer time period it just helps you to know what you are up against. 3. Add proper vehicle keybindings. Like Binding the smoke to a custom key. Maybe even encooperate the System from Post scriptum and bind the coaxial gun to right mouse instead of switching to it. This may be a quality of live improvent but would help a lot with all the vehicles having smoke bound to a different number and so on. Especially with tanks and presumably more apcs coming this would really help out.
  8. Separate Tickets Armour

    Tbh I actually quiet like the System atm. I am driving quiet a lot of amoured vics. I mean the new simplefied Ticket count for vics is actually also decently easy to understand. Though I dont get how a warrior/bratley only gets 25tickets compared to a 30mm 20tickets but yeah i guess there will be tweaking on that System. The problem you describe with people wasting assets(especially if they dunno how to use them) isnt that big of a problem in my eyes. At least I barely reconize it lately. And limiting vics would lead to an even greater imbalance if one team has just far superior drivers. Suddently you Dont have amoured Support and the amoured vic has free reign. Like in the end you can really control people wasting assets. One solution would be to increased the already in place timer if you lose a vic within the first 5 minutes after climbing... Over all I would increase the penalty to 15 min to claim the next amoured vic and also increase the time for amoured vics to get that penalty to 15min as well. The current System really rewards good drivers/ATs and help them win a round in another way than just capping flags.
  9. Ticket Bleed

    I think one of the reasons why defending the Middle flag or one flag after is still a good way to win a game is because usually you lose far more tickets attacking an objective than the other team is losing. Yes it is now 60 tickets but if you don't succeed in the first few tries it usually ends in the attacking team loosing most of their tickets to take one flag. Especially when the teams are well balanced
  10. VERY Concernd about the TOW missle

    USo if we are talking about realism most modern armies and the us/Russia especially have active defense systems on most of their modern/modernized vehicles already. This means the TOW missile usually gets destroyed before even hitting the target Leaving that aside the vehicles should get a higher initial acceleration to easily fall back behind an obsticle. Also the Speed of vehicles of road is currently let's say a bit unrealistic. Mostly because of the either unrealisticly steep hills or the unrealistic speed of vehics going on those hills. The reason why tows are so good is because they are hitting stationary targets most of the time and if there is a driving one the vehicles are very slow
  11. Tickets for TOW-Missile

    And if you let the btr/stryker to get close enough you are using it incorrectly. Certainly it is harder on some maps than on others but it is very effective on Kohat, yehorivka and fools road if you know where to place them... Oh yes and mestia as well. And that is only where I've tested them
  12. Tickets for TOW-Missile

    Close enough is within 1500m(tows max range) for example on kohat. And yes there are ways how not to get hit but what I am doing on the Russian side atm is taken three guys and a logi and place a tow somewhere on a hill with eyes on radio, Malak Abad and the southern roads. Two are spotters one is on the tow. We after we shot the first wave of Bradleys we reposition and wait until the move in again. Everything with 1 50/50 logi. If we would do it with ammo I would go at least to 500-750 per rocket including the first one you usually get for free. Why? Because you need to be really bad when you aren't hitting. At least atm. Like on normal rockets you still have to judge the distance, zero it properly in. With the tow you just need to hold a cross hair onto a vehicle which my grandma could do who never had a pc.
  13. Tickets for TOW-Missile

    yeah I know what they are made for and why they exist. But this is still a game and stuff should be adapted to make it more enjoyable. I know the ammo is for balancing that. But I mean you can just place it kind of close to main on a hill on certain maps and have logi runs for it. And also with one run you get 8 shots(so can easily kill 4 amoredvehics and a few infantry/+ you need just very minimal skill to use it (like in real life i know). I thought giving it tickets would balance it against the more teambased ways to take vics out... Also I mean it wasnt a really thought through I just thought it might be cool. But yeah I get where you are coming from maybe make it to 500 per missile and/or make it so it costs ammo as well to build it(thats sth I really dont get why they havent done that yet for every emplacment. or at least have them empty after the building.) I mean you litrally get a shot for free just by building it
  14. Hello my fellow squaddies and maybe devs, Like stated in the title, I have kind of a silly idea about the TOW-Missile. I see it quite often used against infantry (at least atm) which would in real life just never happen(mostly because it is just to expensive). Any other game would just reduce the splash radius but i think that would be super stupid. I would rather suggest giving the TOW missle 3-5 Tickets. This would have two benefits: First of all the TOW is currently quite strong against vics, what is good but also an very easy kill. So the "less" skill/teamwork based kill would give you less of an ticket advantage over the vic-vic combat or the AT infantry. Secondly it would really make you think on what to shoot it at -> shooting at infantry would definitly be no choice anymore, also depending on the tickets the lower tier vehicles. That is just an idea and I know there will be some people who are totally against it. But atm without thinking to much about it it seems like a really cool thing for me... Feel free to discuss it. I mean I am very open to critism and to the flaws of this.