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  1. Bring back the VIP mode

    I like this idea! This way insurgents can narrow their path and slow them down a bit. Also they could torch wheel tires to show their teammates where the VIP is :P B point gets some heavy defence. Lets say, two tank and two humvee. Both are non-moveing AIs - just to be sure they will protect point B, won't move and don't get bored sitting there- and they can search the horizon for a few hundred meters before the finish so the convoy is not forced to arrive there from one exact direction. ...but i'm Ok with random waypoints also. If you got a pistol, you can somewhat defend yourself and i think it can be fun for the VIP too. Eg.: the convoy is under attack, their vehicles cant move anymore so they all jump out. The protectors get killed and waiting for respawn, so he need help from the commander. The commander is watching him from a UAV. The VIP should follow his commands on which direction he has to run in order to avoid the enemy until the reinforcement arrives at his location.
  2. In the early stages of Project Reality there was a gamemode called VIP, which was awesome! For those of who never played it: The VIP person had to be transported with a black armored SUV, from point A to B through one checkpoint by US team. The other team had to kill him. US team had humvees and a littlebird (and maybe some light armored vehicle?! i dont remember), insurgents got crappy cars, but more spawnpoints, RPGs and mines ;) I'd be really happy to see this gamemode again, here in Squad. Of course this need some modification because the severs with this mode were often empty, but that mode got some potential! It was really good when there were at least 10 ppl on the server. I think the main problems with this mode were that: a.) The VIP person was dumb. -> maybe AI as VIP? b.) The attackers never found the VIP -> Narrower maps than AlBasrah for this game mode, or more checkpoints. c.) Attackers killed the VIP too quickly. -> US team can carry false VIPs too and they only lose if attackers kill the real VIP. I would also like an other type of VIP missions, other than the old take him from A to B. Something like, rescue the VIP from a position that only the US team knows exactly, but its inside the attackers area. What are your toughts?