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  1. Name tag distance selection/toggle

    Numerous threads already exist about this topic, some only a month or two old. I don't think we need another one yet. Search for "nametags" and you should be able to come up with a bunch of them right off the bat. /locked
  2. Focus Zoom

    If I remember this right, the focus zoom mechanic (or whatever we wanna call it) already was in the game (on iron sights), people complained that it's unrealistic and you aren't able to zoom with your eyes. There's always someone complaining either way. I think Squad is completely fine without it, thank you.
  3. Weapons

    Please don't derail threads with off topic discussions.
  4. toasty

    Intentional teamkilling results in a permanent ban on many servers. Don't teamkill, ever. If you have been banned, this is not the place to adress it. The usual method is to get in touch with the server admins on their discord. /locked
  5. Don't be daft - squad leaders are essential to the gameplay, something you must have every round by default, a commander is not. That's why this isn't a feature that should be high priority for the devs, a rather complicated gameplay mechanic to balance, and one that would only cater to no more than 2 players each game. Commander is a bonus, something that can significantly tip the scales in your favor, but in the end you can make do without him. However, if there's nobody in your team willing to take up the position and the enemy team has at least a somewhat decent commander, you are more than likely to lose. The amount of useful information and situational awareness a PR commander can bestow on his team is incredible - he helps win armor battles, discovers hidden FOBs, sets precise targets for his own mortars, marks buildings where enemies are hiding and more, even without actually ordering anyone around. Especially (but not exclusively) on maps that are dominated by armor and jets - vast, open spaces with little cover, where whoever can spot the enemy first wins the fight. As anyone can imagine, a commander with UAV is incredibly useful there. In dense cities where the insurgents have advantage of close combat a commander helps by finding weak spots in enemy defenses and pinpointing the exact location of weapon caches. As to why people don't play commander - this role requires a completely different approach to the game, an approach that a vast majority of online gamers - obsessed with self gratification - just doesn't understand. It's one of the most selfless positions you can occupy, and one which bears a great deal of responsibility at the same time. Not unlike squad leader (also one of the least sought after roles), but you don't even get to shoot at stuff that much. Most people don't launch PR with an intention to play commander, they launch the game to kill stuff, to show off their exceptional flying in helicopters, to dominate the enemy by a show skill and tactical thinking, or to grab that sweet (but often useless) sniper kit. A commander doesn't do anything spectacular, at least not on his own. He doesn't offer instant gratification of a sweet kill streak. Instead he enables the others to do well, unlocks the possibilities for great plays by his teammates. Commanders don't end up at the top of the point table in PR, nor do they earn kills, but they often own a lion's share of every victory, even if they have to listen to people yelling "best squaaaaaaaad" at the end of each round.
  6. Contrary to what @40mmrain believes, I don't think PR's commander was a design failure in any way. You simply can't expect pub players to all obey one guy who they probably don't even know (hell, half of the time you can't even rely on pub players to obey their squad leader). That's never going to happen, not unless you give the commander abilities to punish disobedience (and that would be the real design failure here). In organized/clan matches it's a different story, but they're not even comparable to public games, as I think anyone who has tried them would agree. PR got the commander right. He wasn't too powerful (even though the UAV could use some nerfing imho), he couldn't really grief his own team if played by a bad apple (with the exception of removing their FOBs, a power I've never seen anyone abuse in my 5+ years of playing), and if played well he was a huge asset. He was viable for playing both in organized and public games, even if he fulfilled significantly different roles in each. While I'm open to some inovation, I don't think we need to reinvent the wheel just yet, instead Squad should first build on things that have already been tried, tested and have worked for years now.
  7. Driver having access to commander's periscope and camera is a much better solution than increasing the number of players required to effectively man a vehicle by 50%. A majority of players should still be in infantry squads, if they're in vehicles, they're not on the ground taking and holding objectives. Even with 100 players, you just don't have people to spare on having 3-man vehicle crews.
  8. Warning before squad kick

    I see don't see how this feature would make Squad better in any way. If you tell a guy to start following orders and he chooses to ignore you, a pop-up message saying he is being warned won't make him behave all of a sudden. Talking to the difficult squad member is much more personal, and will create a stronger emotional response. I can't imagine a situation in which spoken word would have less of an effect on a player than some text message.
  9. Warning before squad kick

    I don't think I understand your logic here. Do you think that a squad member who ignores your spoken warning would be more responsive to a pop-up text?
  10. Yes, but if you force 3 people into a vehicle squad as a minimum, then you're basically telling people to grab more than one vehicle or have a useless guy dragging along. It's very odd, I agree, that's why I wanted to know which servers actually have this rule.
  11. Which servers are we talking about here? It might be a way of getting players to try out having multiple vehicles per APC squad instead of just one. You know, pushing towards the PR's state of things where all vehicles of similar type belonged into one squad instead of several? I personally haven't noticed any of the servers requesting a minimum of 3 people in asset squads.
  12. British Faction: Optics and Ironsights

    Squad uses different shooting mechanics than PR does - with bullet deviation in PR it's much harder to hit several long-range shots in rapid succession, something that happens much more frequently in Squad by comparison. Giving everyone in Squad scopes would shift the balance significantly in favor of the conventional forces. On the other hand, majority of scoped weapons in PR had a backup sight for use in close quarters combat, while there are no backups in Squad at the present, giving unconventional forces some advantage when fighting up close, however diminished by the fact that going into ADS mode is also quicker in Squad than it is in PR. You really can't use the argument that "it worked in PR" in this particular case, nor the realism standpoint - as mentioned many times before, in Squad it's always gameplay>realism.
  13. As with all rules, they tend to work better if you follow them word-for-word instead of trying to figure out their various implications - that way you leave less room for misconceptions. This one seems absolutely clear to me and has nothing to do with locking, it simply tells the server owners that they should allow squad leaders to kick players from their squads without subjecting them to some form of scrutiny. It was in the guidelines way before locking ever made it to squad, it's even possible that the guidelines haven't even been updated with squad locking in mind yet.
  14. In real military you're also extensively instructed on how to use the radio and how not to use it, as is every other soldier around you, not to mention there aren't any kids there. At the present when a vast majority of the community still can't even properly utilize squad radio vs local comms, this is a terrible idea, guys. Being a SL is already a headache because of the cluttered comms (and a lot of people still don't use squad-to-squad comms), I just don't want even more people having access to SL channel. Maybe this could work somewhere way down the line, but I seriously doubt it.
  15. Are you a good shot?

    Don't be daft, of course if the shooting gets re-worked it will happen because it needs improvement, not because someone (as you delicately put it) can't shoot. As far as I can tell, shooting system is one of the oldest mechanics in the game, and one that saw only minor changes over time, so there's definitely room for improvement there.