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  1. Stryker M1296 ICV-D and thermal optics

    Do you have a source on this? This is the first time I'm hearing about it.
  2. Separate Tickets Armour

    Wouldn't this encourage more reckless behavior and vehicle wasting, since you wouldn't be able to lose the game for your team by wasting high ticket value vehicles? I've got a feeling this would decrease the value of armored assets and I'm not sure how it would make the game better.
  3. Fix Bullet Physics

    Looks like you're hitting the first guy in the arm, not the chest, and the same thing probably happened with the russian in your earlier video (the blood splatter seems to originate from the shoulders). There's a delay between anything you see and what is actually happening according to the server, that's simply the nature of online gaming (and the server always has the last say). Some games seem to be better at handling it so it isn't as obvious, in some it's more visible, but the delay is always there either way. Squad had varying success with this issue from version to version and there still is a lot of space for improvement right now. That said, nothing good comes from being overly emotional about this issue, especially since the devs are already aware of it. The game will improve. If you feel like it isn't enjoyable for you at it's current state, there's nothing wrong with that. Just take a break and check back later, I'm sure you'll find a better Squad waiting for you.
  4. 3000hrs+ suggestions

    Cleaned up the thread, please stick to the topic at hand.
  5. Battlefield V

    Absolutely ridiculous trailer. I just can't see the appeal.
  6. M249 bullet drop

  7. K/D RATIO

    Squad is supposed to be a team game, each win a concentrated team effort. With that in mind, let's just for a moment consider not showing kills for individual players at all, only k/d total for each squad. Even better, let's also consider only displaying ticket value of each squad - how many tickets they lost and how many they "took" from the enemy team. Hell, I'd even be down for displaying the ticket value for individual players instead of K/D as a low-impact option. Not only would this help players understand more about how well they actually played during the game and the way ticket system works, it would also semi-accurately show each squad's contribution to the result of each round. The guy from the OP would be able to see that even if he felt like he was doing pretty good, in reality he only amounted to a measly 2 ticket advantage for his team. Of course that won't ever happen in vanilla Squad for fear of severe backlash from the community. I'm not that delusional, don't grab your straitjackets just yet. Included in some kind of hardcore mod however, this might be one part of a larger, more complicated solution for the selfish gamer mentality. It might not solve the self-gratifying behavior, but I'm positive it would be a step towards discouraging it. I'd like to say I've already heard all the possible rebukes for this proposal and I'm not expecting to see any original ones here. If you're hovering over the keyboard, ready to write an unpleasant reply right now, it might be worth first taking a moment to think if you wanting to see your k/d so badly isn't part of what's causing this problem in the first place.
  8. Audio problems in the game!

    I think this might be an issue of language barrier... @Walkietalkie444 try checking the language-specific parts of the forums or using google translate, nobody will help you if we can't understand what's the problem.
  9. competitive mode

    I'm not sure I see the connection between allowing players to create squads composed of only grenadiers/LATs and competitive gameplay. In my imagination it looks more like some weird Squad/Doom crossover where everything is exploding.
  10. Perma-death on headshots?

    As far as I know only headshots from heavy machine guns and 30mm cannons instakill people now, other weapons still put you in the wounded state.
  11. Bolt sniper role?

    I've seen plenty of snipers in PR and about 90-95% of them were exactly what you've described - BF style players who wanted nothing more than to sit on a hill and kill infantry all day, without any regard for anyone else in their team. What I don't think I've ever seen is one legitimate argument from the sniper fans describing what this kit could possibly bring into the game that would either contribute to the teamplay or couldn't be done by a regular infantry squad or a vehicle.
  12. The delay. The delay. Getting constantly shot by people who haven't even peeked the corner on my screen (and seemingly come around it with their guns trained on my head, blasting me to hell full-auto) makes me wanna strike down upon my screen with great vengeance and furious anger every time.
  13. bipod for sniper fusil, please

    The machine gunners needed a bipod because their weapons were extremely hard to control when outside of prone, making them somewhat useless and unable to fulfill their intended purpose - that is suppressing enemies with bursts of accurate fire. In comparison, marksman rifles are easy to steady and shoot accurately at the moment, so from a balance perspective I don't see any need for bipods there, other than for the cool factor (and looking cool is pretty much the only thing marksmen have going for them anyway). I would agree with this suggestion only if marksmen were adjusted so it's significantly harder to shoot with an unsupported rifle, other than that - nah. Also, what's a "fusil"? Anyone?
  14. Lose the Medic role

    I guess the thread has ran its course then. /locked
  15. How do i get decent frames on a old setup?

    I've /hidden all of the other threads you've created except this one, that might do the trick.