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  1. Audio problems in the game!

    I think this might be an issue of language barrier... @Walkietalkie444 try checking the language-specific parts of the forums or using google translate, nobody will help you if we can't understand what's the problem.
  2. competitive mode

    I'm not sure I see the connection between allowing players to create squads composed of only grenadiers/LATs and competitive gameplay. In my imagination it looks more like some weird Squad/Doom crossover where everything is exploding.
  3. Perma-death on headshots?

    As far as I know only headshots from heavy machine guns and 30mm cannons instakill people now, other weapons still put you in the wounded state.
  4. Bolt sniper role?

    I've seen plenty of snipers in PR and about 90-95% of them were exactly what you've described - BF style players who wanted nothing more than to sit on a hill and kill infantry all day, without any regard for anyone else in their team. What I don't think I've ever seen is one legitimate argument from the sniper fans describing what this kit could possibly bring into the game that would either contribute to the teamplay or couldn't be done by a regular infantry squad or a vehicle.
  5. The delay. The delay. Getting constantly shot by people who haven't even peeked the corner on my screen (and seemingly come around it with their guns trained on my head, blasting me to hell full-auto) makes me wanna strike down upon my screen with great vengeance and furious anger every time.
  6. bipod for sniper fusil, please

    The machine gunners needed a bipod because their weapons were extremely hard to control when outside of prone, making them somewhat useless and unable to fulfill their intended purpose - that is suppressing enemies with bursts of accurate fire. In comparison, marksman rifles are easy to steady and shoot accurately at the moment, so from a balance perspective I don't see any need for bipods there, other than for the cool factor (and looking cool is pretty much the only thing marksmen have going for them anyway). I would agree with this suggestion only if marksmen were adjusted so it's significantly harder to shoot with an unsupported rifle, other than that - nah. Also, what's a "fusil"? Anyone?
  7. Lose the Medic role

    I guess the thread has ran its course then. /locked
  8. How do i get decent frames on a old setup?

    I've /hidden all of the other threads you've created except this one, that might do the trick.
  9. Ego play - what you do ?

    If you're not helping your team on the objectives either directly by fighting on them or indirectly by providing fire support, logistics or taking out (relevant) enemy FOBs, I'd say people are well within their rights to call you out and request that you help them. Sitting on an uncappable objective for extended periods of time and refusing to move because "you're in contact" is probably the most common infraction, and it does not count as helping the team. Generally if you find your squad in a situation where the only benefit you provide your team are kills, it's time to rethink your approach. To answer the OP - it's good to frequently reevaluate what your squad is doing. If you're actually performing a beneficial task for your team (again, only getting kills doesn't count, there always needs to be an additional goal besides that), you should have no problem explaining this to the other squad leaders. If not, there's no shame in overcoming one's pride and changing strategy. When it comes to admins, there is of course the added pressure when arguing with people who can remove you from the server, but what I said still stands - if what you're doing is objectively beneficial for the team then you should be able to convince them of this fact. As when dealing with anyone else within the game - try keep things polite, don't get overly emotional with people and you'll be fine. The last resort if things get too heated would be switching teams or going to a different server. It's not ideal, but it's much better than ruining your evening by constant bickering.
  10. Quid of Squad AIM Speed

    Please stick to the topic at hand, guys.
  11. I like that Ford quote, since you pretty much answered your own thread in the OP - the vast majority of people have no clue what's best for them, and the same majority probably isn't active on the forums. Besides the multitude of fairly obvious implementation issues, I don't like the idea of automatisation, especially when it comes to such fundamental mechanics. It creates a dangerous precedent. Medics come to mind, majority of players do not enjoy playing a medic - should we get AI medics next? Or squad leaders? I'd dare wager less than 10% of players enjoy leading squads. Armoured vehicles driving themselves since only gunning is considered fun by a majority? Any Squad player worth his salt knows - logistics are the backbone of every successful team, and refusing to do a few logi runs is akin to someone saying that he doesn't really care whether you win or lose, he just wants to shoot stuff. I see that kind of attitude as the root of the problem we should be trying to solve, not the logistics system.
  12. A secondary rally point

    ...or you could do the weird cooperation thingy nobody seems to use these days and coordinate an attack with another squad. It's as easy as pressing 1, 2, 3... Second rally point is a definite no-no for me, rally points are way too powerful even in their current state.
  13. Quid of Squad AIM Speed

    That's kind of the point here, isn't it? Squad is actually so far from the real world combat in so many aspects I've stopped considering realism as an argument a long time ago, and I realized it's such a good game in part because it isn't as realistic as it could be. I've spent a lot of time in the forums now, and I've grown tired of people throwing realism around as if it has anything to do with fun, enjoyable videogames. The best thing any game can aim for is a semblance of realism, but if you want to propose changes to gameplay mechanics, you must first see things as they are - realism in videogames is more often than not an illusion, and fully realistic videogames wouldn't make for a fun experience for anybody. Yes, the ADS speed might seem slow to some, but on the other hand, ingame soldiers possess bionic bodies that allow them to perform superhuman feats such as hitting several static targets in quick succession at 600-1000m while shooting standing up with an unsupported rifle. Is a bit slower ADS speed or slightly increased weapon sway enough to counterbalance something like that? I don't think so. Everything in game developement a matter of balance, and since the ingame soldiers are kinda OP in many aspects, we can't simply buff them more because one specific thing doesn't work as it does it real life and expect the game to be just fine - it's just going to push Squad towards a fast-paced arcade shooter again (and I'm not completely convinced Squad in its present state is even out of the arcade bracket yet). You cannot propose a change in fundamental gameplay mechanics based on perception that they're unrealistic while completely ignoring all of the other factors involved and most importantly, the effect proposed changes would have on the gameplay itself. It just doesn't work that way.
  14. Quick Chat like in PR

    I believe this is called "commo rose" in PR. I am not aware of any intention from the developers to implement this feature in Squad, and I see no need for it. It was only useful as a workaround for some of the flaws from the old BF2 engine. One thing I liked about it was the way squad leaders marked enemy contacts, for marker placement the SL needed to correctly gauge the distance to target and set it before choosing the type of enemy contact, otherwise the marker would be off.
  15. PR Vets, vote here.

    It was a map for people playing heavy assets, the majority of the infantry were twiddling their thumbs in the bunkers for most of the round. Not fun at all.