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  1. Squad Leader 101

    I got to reading ready to point out your mistakes and I found none. Some of the very few things I might disagree with are largely subjective and/or situational, so why even bother. You've clearly put a lot of work into this guide and it shows, nice job.
  2. Lock & Unlock - GIVE UP, button :)

    Increase spawn times and display them to wounded players. There is no reason to give up if you know won't be able to spawn for a few minutes anyway.
  3. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    What @Axel said. Even if Squad was made to be easy to get into, it just doesn't work well as a long-term solo experience - you might be willing to be a 100% teamplayer, but you can't rely on the next random guy to do the same. Once you're at a certain point in your learning curve, you are familiar with the maps and you understand the gameplay mechanics well then there's little to be gleaned by playing with randoms and the enjoyment levels plummet for most people. That's why it's important to find a group of like-minded individuals and play with them to continue enjoying the game. You'll find there's a whole new Squad you've never seen before - the social part is often just as enjoyable as the pew pew part, and cracking a few jokes with your mates makes disaster rounds much more bearable. Getting into clans might seem intimidating for the socially awkward or for people with limited time for gaming, but the trick is to find one that suits you. The vast majority of clans are simply groups of people who enjoy playing together with no compulsory playing times or group training required, so there really isn't a good reason not to join one. You have everything to gain and only little to lose here.
  4. Let's stay on topic, guys.The humvee situation is almost one year old now for anyone that's interested, but this thread is not the right place to discuss it. Having something akin to spotters from PR would show us how many of the players who like to talk big game about the importance of snipers as recon specialists as opposed to frag hunters would actually play a recon kit without the sniper rifle. It would be interesting to see the results for sure, but I'm afraid this little experiment isn't even worth the time spent implementing a new kit into the game. Plus, the SL can pretty much do the same thing now and you will only rarely see anyone doing actual recon instead of actively looking for people to shoot - we're talking shiny pokémon rare here (that's 1 in 8912 for people with life).
  5. Give SL more Power over their Squad

    I'll have to agree with Tartantyco and the OP here, giving squad leaders the tools to shape their squad loadouts according to what they want to do with them would make the gameplay much smoother without the need to constantly argue with people who switch in and out of the squad and/or their assigned kits. I'd dare wager this would also make the SL role at least slightly more appealing in the long run. This is a major quality of life improvement for the public games that needs to make its way into Squad in some shape or form. Even if some might argue we'd be treating players like clueless children, you only need to have one round of leading a squad of randoms to see why this is a much needed feature. Good squad leaders are probably the rarest, hardly renewable resource we have in Squad, we need to preserve their sanity as best as we can.
  6. I don't see how the squad leaders would be forced to do logistics runs. Ask for a volunteer, if nobody wants to, simply pick a guy. Be polite but use your authority as a SL if necessary. You don't have to be a slave driver but if you're unwilling to sometimes push people a little for the benefit of your team, perhaps you shouldn't be leading a squad in the first place.
  7. July 2018 Recap

    Somewhat underwhelming recap for me, even though I'm not entirely sure why. It just seems... shorter? The persistent ammo thing is definitely food for thought, other than that I didn't really get the goosebumps like I used to with the previous recaps.
  8. I think it's rather obvious, that's why I didn't feel the need to specify in the first place - if a medic can't defend himself while healing, that creates incentive to work with others to keep him safe while he's unable to fight back and vice versa. You were suggesting giving the medic ability to defend himself while reviving. The pace of Squad has been steadily decreasing as the developement went on, the Squad you'll be playing a year from now probably won't feel anything like it does today. I wouldn't make judgements based solely on the present state of the game, everything is subject to change. But you do allude to another issue with medics which is the jarring tendency to revive people while under fire, advanced medical system would certainly make that harder, but I see that as a positive thing - it would nudge players towards a more realistic behavior and clearing the area before attempting to revive. I don't see a problem with minigames either (or "skillchecks" as some call them), they're not uncommon in modern videogames. We're not implying anything, what I was saying outright was that there's a way to make medics more interesting to play while at the same time creating space in which players can improve. Right now every single medic takes the exact same amount of time to revive someone, with the advanced medical system the time for each revive would depend on medic player's ability as well as the amount and degree of wounds sustained by the victim. Any medic would be able to revive you eventually, the more experienced ones would just be able to do it much faster because they'd be already used to the system, the same way some of the less experienced squad leaders might take longer to place a radio because they first need to find it in their radial menu. That's what we call "skill" - the ability to perform well in some specific area based in previous experience and practice.
  9. Oh, I am a a fan of negative encouragement I guess, but I understand it isn't ideal when thinking about game design. Ticket gains instead of losses run the risk of prolonging games too much, also the math is somewhat less straight-forward if you have people losing and gaining tickets all the time and it might be much harder to achieve optimal balance and consistent round durations. I'm not saying it wouldn't work, it would just require a lot of... work. Yeah... that is a problem that can't be simply fixed by a few adjustments to the medics I'm afraid.
  10. I agree that the medics don't make enough of a difference. What if we simply changed the ticket penalties? Getting wounded -1 ticket Bleeding out -1 ticket Giving up -4 tickets Ok, 5 tickets in total might be a bit too much but I guess that would make constantly giving up much more of a problem than it is now, since at the present it's often more beneficial ticket-wise to give up immediately and get back to the fight asap instead of waiting for a medic. This way each revive saves enough tickets to actually matter and we bring the wipe of an entire squad on par with losing a vehicle. Of course this would need the ticket count on each map to be rebalanced, otherwise we'd see 20 minute games that end pretty much after the initial clash.
  11. I think you misunderstood. We were not talking about some virtual skill leveling akin to RPG games but the actual skill of the medic player, who would have to perform series of actions through a radial menu or something like that to revive others. It would be more interesting than simply holding a mouse button and the faster you can do it correctly, the faster you revive. Mess up too many times and you might end up killing the player instead. I think I can already hear some anti-milsim rumbling in the distance, so just to clarify I'm talking about something very simple, no real-life medical experience needed. Let's say the diagnosis says the guy has burns on left arm and a bullet wound in the chest, so your actions would be something like "clean wound -> left arm", "stop bleeding -> chest" and "apply bandage to -> both", at which point the guy would get revived and you can finish healing him up. I'm just spitballing here. The main problem I see with medics isn't as the OP surmised the inability to protect themselves while healing, but rather that the act of reviving and healing others is boring.
  12. I don't like this idea. Medic being able to defend himself while healing decreases the need for teamwork - Squad should instead be moving in the opposite direction. Maybe some simplified diagnosis/treatment system like the ACE3 from ARMA, medic presses the action key while aiming on the body, the game tells him where the booboo is and he'd fix it using a simple radial menu. At least that would require more involvement from the players than simply holding LMB, also the length of the healing process would be more dependant on the skill of each medic, the better the player the faster he could heal people.
  13. I think we already have all the tools necessary for squad members when they need the SL to mark something. Why would we want a feature that decreases the value of communication?
  14. A better tactical map

    I've been thinking of this exact thing for a few months now and I believe this style of maps would be perfect for Squad. I don't think they would be that hard to make either, the maps we already have could be used as a template since they're already top-down representations of the actual landscape, the only thing that might be a bit more difficult would be topographical markings.
  15. Range Estimation on the map.

    I find it quite easy to gauge distances with the tools we already have.