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  1. Suppression

    It incites a lot of doubts about your claim that you are this authority on teamplay when it doesn't even seem to register with you that the suppression is obviously a perfect way to encourage players to work with their teammates and simply ask for help when someone's got a bead on them. You seem to be exactly the type of a player whom I had in mind when I mentioned the "community we now have" and the "1v1mindset" earlier, perhaps feeling that I was talking about you was what made you reply to that particular post. Case in point from this very same thread, you seem to expect that you should be able to handle every possible situation on your own, purely because personal skill of an individual should prevail. That is clearly an antithesis of a what the words "team player" stand for. When you got suppressed in HLL as you described, you absolutely had a chance to react, but the only possible reaction that occured to you is to shoot back, and finding that the game didn't allow you to do that well, overreact. What about taking cover and requesting aid from a nearest teammate? Did that even occur to you before going for the "uninstall" button? Please, someone convince me that Squad doesn't have a huge problem with player mentality.
  2. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    I don't think we can even talk about fragmentation at this point, most of the people who wanted to see Squad truly succeed PR already aren't a part of the active player base. If anything, this mod would have a chance to bring tons of players back instead of turning the ones that are here away.
  3. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    Dude, come on. You've got to stop trying to plug the same old agenda of yours everytime you notice a new thread has opened. Pushing the same stuff over and over irregardless of what the thread is about won't make people listen to you, it will just make them tune you out like a white noise. Just stop and think whether what you're saying is appropriate for the discussion - not everything needs to come down to removing the "nanny rules and restrictions". I think it's self-evident that this suggestion is much better suited to the current state and direction of Squad where I'm sure a few roflcopter squads made out entirely of marksmen or grenadiers would fit right in. What it isn't suited for is a hardcore mod. As for the thread itself, I'm surprised that there haven't been news of any hardcore mod getting made by now, either there are some sneaky modders or it really isn't in such high demand, I'm hoping for the former.
  4. Suppression

    It shows a lot about the community we now have, that most of the people talking about suppression (or anything, really) think of a 1v1 scenario and that's about the extent of their imagination. I love that you guys are actively trading in the open marketplace of ideas, but I haven't seen the word "teamwork" here once. Maybe, just maybe that is something that should be taken into consideration. People helping one another overcome adversity, you know, that sort of thing. I'm sure teamwork had something to with Squad once, perhaps we could bring it back again to the forefront of our minds when we think about this game.
  5. What SPECIFICALLY is your problem?

    PR actually did something like this with specialist kits. Even some of the basic roles like LAT or grenadier and more specialised roles such as marksmen had a cooldown timer of 5-10 minutes that started once you spawned with the limited kit. If you got killed during the cooldown period the game simply wouldn't allow you to respawn with the same kit and you had to switch or wait. It definitely contributed to players not wanting to die, even waiting for the medics instead of giving up.
  6. What SPECIFICALLY is your problem?

    Already suggested, and I don't think it's going to fly, probably to protect special snowflakes who can't take criticism even when they screw up the round for 30+ other people by wasting tickets. Even if the tickets are the most important thing in the game, somehow making them important in player's minds isn't a priority. As to why that is, anyone's guess is as good as mine. I must say this sounds rather strange coming from you, when you were always the one asking devs to treat their community like adults. @TheRubbaPelican, of course the way the game plays now is primarily due to the gameplay mechanics. Player mentality plays a huge role, and I've bemoaned the mentality of Squad players for years now, but the type of thinking you will see in game is absolutely determined by the mechanics before anything else can be even taken into account. Nobody will buy a game they didn't like in the first place just to try if they can go against the grain and play it completely differently than it's supposed to be played. Players come to Squad because the mechanics seem to appeal to them, and only later form their mentality and approach based on their experiences. Whatever the state of the game is now, you can blame or praise the devs for pretty much 90% of it. The player behavior ultimately comes down to what the game allows them to do and more importantly to what they're punished and rewarded for: Non-stop spawning is not punished, so everybody will continue to give up as soon as they die unless it becomes less effective. This drives away people like me who don't like the constant battlefield-ish action, thus you're left with players who enjoy this arcade playstyle - player mentality didn't change, only the makeup of the player base. Earlier, rushing was an easy way to win that was hard to counter, so the entire meta revolved around rushing. Even players who didn't like rushing did it, because they knew they would otherwise lose each round in the first 5 minutes. The game mechanics were in such a state that no matter what you thought about it, you either rushed or you lost. The only thing that played a role there was the player's desire to win, otherwise the most important decisions were driven by - you guessed it - mechanics. A lot of players don't play in squads because they like the teamwork, but rather to grab shiny kits and in order not to get kicked from servers - seeking reward while avoiding punishment. This is a simple example of mechanics that clash with the player mentality, for me it's a result of inconsistent design combined with this weird transitional period between hardcore and arcade. People will quite often brag about having the most points, even though the points you get in the game are pretty much arbitrary and almost never reflect the contribution of individual players during the game. Again, players are seeking what seems like rewards, even if they must understand that they're ultimately meaningless - players will do what they're rewarded for, often even in spite of logic and reason. I like to think that every game gets exactly the player base it deserves. Gameplay mechanics are simply the most powerful tool to shape how players will act, they set the rewards and punishments, and they determine who even plays the game in the first place.
  7. We need more servers

    Queues indicate there isn't a sufficient number of popular, moderated servers to spread the players evenly - meaning there are not enough people willing to host servers and retain their communities. In a way it means the balance in Squad's community between players truly passionate about the game (i.e. those willing to invest their own resources into making it better) and consumer type players here "just for the fun" has shifted towards the latter. If people aren't willing to sink money and/or time into the game besides the lowest possible price of admission, it's not exactly a good sign. Among other things it means we'll have less modders and Squad will be at a higher risk of simply dying out every time a somewhat comparable game gets released.
  8. Marksman Changes.

    I think you might have slightly misspelled "That didn't work in PR at all and won't work anywhere, ever." There, gotta watch out for those nasty typos, bud
  9. Voice Lines?

    Somebody please explain to me how this ^ makes the game better.
  10. Alpha 13.1 Released

    Careful, these sound dangerously close to PR. By now you should be well aware that Squad is not in fact PR, thus it must be different, if for no other reason than for the sake of being different
  11. Alpha 13.1 Released

    1500 stable players to keep the game alive for several years is a much better outcome than 4000-5000 until maybe a year from now some better, newer, shinier game comes along and all of the players leave. The problem with casual gamers is they are not unlike locusts (or imagine Cravers from Endless Space ) - they consume and they move on, and unless you're churning out games every other year or so you simply won't be able to keep them from looking for something juicier. Just look at the average life-span of most games nowadays - one year, maybe up to two if you've created something truly exceptional, and after that you'll pretty much never hear of it again. Anyone who has ever waited for a major update here knows - OWI tend to keep a rather leisurely pace, so keeping the game alive simply by providing more content is out of the question. I'm afraid it has already gone too far by this point. The only hope for Squad now is to keep dumbing down, making the action faster and less tactical in a desperate grab for a piece of the arcade gamer market to replace the disappointed leaving players by new ones, but the game will inevitably lose itself in the process. With casuals you will see less and less people willing to play as squad leaders - and as they are the true backbone of the entire Squad experience, squad leaders make or break each and every round. Once we reach a critically low number of competent squad leaders Squad will simply dissolve into a bedlam of free kit squads in games devoid of any organization, thus losing the only true edge it had over its competitors - the distinction of being a tactical shooter instead of just another shooter. I'm dead serious about the "only true edge" part by the way. There are tons of games that do shooting and non-stop action better than Squad, there are enough games that offer a much more comprehensive combined arms experience, graphics are not even worth mentioning here, let's be honest, sound is exceptional, but not enough on its own. The major selling point of Squad is (was?) the tactical aspect, and the fact that you can get some decent teamwork going even with a team of randoms. Once that is lost, well... it's been fun while it lasted.
  12. Alpha 13.1 Released

    If you'll ignore the cockfight unfolding right above this post, there is a sad little kernel of truth to be found here - you'd be hard pressed to find a better descriptor for Squad in its current state than "run 'n gun".
  13. Buddy rally poll

    I would have never even dreamed that something like the buddy rally system could possibly get implemented, yet here we are. Be careful with your predictions about what devs would and would not do, you might be unpleasantly surprised. As for the survey and its sample size, it should be compared to the number of active forum users, not the number of copies sold and suddenly the number of responses won't seem so insignificant (plus it would make much more sense as far as statistics go).
  14. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    Couldn't have said it better myself. Many of us bought into a game where you have to think before you press that LMB, and I have personally held faith for far too long telling myself it will get on the right track eventually. V13 is a swan song of Squad's promise and spirit, and I've never been more sad to see a game go this way, but I also realize that I haven't missed playing it for a long time now, and I definitely won't miss what it has become. Squid out.
  15. Executing downed players.

    Suggested several times already. Won't happen, depicting war crimes would bring negative publicity to Squad.