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  1. As far as I know the fireteams are a confirmed feature, also one that has been discussed several times already. I think this might be the most recent list of confirmed features coming sooner or later to Squad (all of them are of course subject to change, however they have been confirmed at one point or another). @Walderschmidt, please take a moment to search the forums before making a new thread, it helps us to prevent the forums from filling up with duplicate threads, thus much more comfortable to work with for everybody. Enjoy your stay! /locked
  2. Hello, @Dreamcast, welcome to Squad forums! I've inquired into this matter for you and it seems that some of the localizations may be outdated due to technical difficulties introduced with Unreal Engine 4.14. It's likely that they will be updated when when A10 comes out. If you find any other bugs within the game, the fastest way to make sure the information gets where it needs to go is to post it in the official bug report form found here (you can also find it on the main forums page).
  3. Glad you got the issue sorted out @NightMaker, also thanks for doing a bit of research on your own prior to posting and updating your thread as you progressed. Have fun in Squad! /locked
  4. squad management

    Hi @cloakkydd, as @Ratface mentioned, you're hardly the first one to come up with this specific notion. Try using the search function on the top right and you're bound to find several threads where locking is discussed at length. Searching for the things you want to propose before making a new thread helps us keep the forums clean and easy to work with. On the subject of locking squads, I believe all we have is speculation, it might get implemented in some shape or form. The when or how are not clear at the present (at least to my knowledge). /locked
  5. Hello @dedod, please use the search function (located in the top right corner of the main forums page) before creating threads. Just by searching for "sniper" you can find more than a dozen threads on this subject already, so there's no need to create another one where we'd just repeat what has already been said. As far as I know, there won't be any "official" sniper kit in the game, however I'm sure some of our talented modders will create one for all the sniper enthusiasts. /locked
  6. I have a feeling the amount of mortars per team will get more limited in the future, I wouldn't worry about it right now.
  7. Hello @gangman18, and welcome to the Squad forums. Have you tried submitting your find via the official bug report form? You can find it right here. That way your report gets straight to where it needs to be right away. Unless the bug you found needs to be discussed with a wider audience, please don't create unnecessary threads, it helps keep our forums clean and easy to work with. Thank you and enjoy your stay!
  8. The way snipers work in PR is usually this - when you actually need a sniper kit for a specific task, you usually can't claim it, because it's in hands of some kid hunting irrelevant frags from a mountain 2km away. @Pvt. Lewis We already have a rather extensive weapons wishlist thread, is it really necessary to create another one just like it?
  9. @Rhino118 The suppression effect in Squad is extremely mild compared to some other games. At this point you're arguing from the realism perspective, and while your arguments are valid to a certain degree, you need to understand that Squad is by no means attempting to become a realistic simulator. That is a very important thing to remember. The realism will always have to give way to gameplay mechanics, and suppression is one of them. You need to look at this problem from the opposite perspective as well. How is a machine gunner supposed to feel if he's doing his job and trying to suppress his enemies with large volumes of fire, yet he gets constantly picked off because the suppression simply isn't affecting said enemies? His opponents can simply lie down or peek from cover, even under extremely heavy fire landing right next to them, and accurately shoot back. People playing videogames aren't worried that they're going to die. That's why the realistic suppression doesn't work on them, they'll always choose to shoot back instead of doing the realistic thing which would be finding cover and requesting assistance from their squadmates who aren't getting suppressed. In a way, you're trading in one unrealistic gameplay mechanic so you can force players to behave more like real soldiers and less like videogame players. I think that's a fair deal. I'd like to repeat this one more time, the suppression effect you get in Squad could be much more pronounced (and in my opinion should be). One last thing, there have been several threads about the subject of suppression, I'd like to ask you to revive one of the older ones (after reading them, of course) before trying to make a new thread about something that has already been discussed at length.
  10. I would love for all the opponents of suppression to try out being on the recieving end of suppressive fire. I think they'd change their mind pretty quickly, sometime during the first two to three seconds
  11. I don't see a problem here. People yelling stuff into their microphones continues to annoy me regardless of the statements they make, but it's something you have to get used to if you want to play games online. Nobody launches Squad with a specific desire to mock someone's religion.
  12. The medic is inherently boring to many people and there isn't a single thing you could do to change that. Not having grenades is only part of the problem but I think the main reason would be the optimal playstyle for a medic, which won't really change. A smart medic would stay at the back of his squad and cover their six, which usually means you don't get to see a lot of action. Even when the time comes when it's your turn to shine, it consists of tediously creeping up to one of your allies (often under fire, either because your squad got wiped or they don't know how to cover you) and holding left click on him until he's healed. There's also a deeply rooted misconception many people have that medics don't get a lot of kills (and Squad is about kills, after all *wink wink*), even though it often happens I get the most kills in squad when playing as a medic, and I know several players who have encountered similar 'anomaly'. It's kind of the same as playing a squad leader, you also shouldn't put yourself in danger if you can avoid it, but without the extra layer of responsibility which comes with leading. I almost forgot - the attitude of non-medic players can be a huge factor as well. The usual useless "MEEEDIIIIC" shouting in squad radio (which is just plain stupid, because it doesn't tell your medic anything besides the fact there's a wounded guy somewhere) or on local chat (which is better, but not useful when I'm trying to listen for footsteps of the enemy who killed that particular teammate) and the general air of entitlement to medical attention even though some players just go to exposed places and die, expecting the medic to magically ride to their rescue, that also might be a major turn-off for a lot of people.
  13. There are separate commander/squad/local voice volume levels that you can adjust in the options. Simply set your local voice to a higher volume so you can hear your driver/gunner over the sound of the engine. It would make sense for the driver/gunner to have some kind of noise-dampening headphones though, maybe with the crewman kit? Usually the things you need to be aware of most urgently should be said in local voice anyway. Many people don't realize, but a simple act of reserving your squad radio for only (that's right, /b /u /i at the same time, deal with it) the things your entire squad needs to know right this very instant and nothing else and using local for most of your communication instead can instantly elevate you to a higher level of Squad skill. Just like that.
  14. A mythical beast, sir. The most elusive one of them all, some say it hides in the top right corner of your forum screen, yet none can be sure! My father spent many years searching for it, as has his father before him, to no avail. Yet I vowed to spread its gospel to all the ignorant nonbelievers until one day, when one of them finally finds it, I can gaze at the sky with an enormous sense of accomplisment and say "I told you so, n00b."