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  1. Except it isn't. Squad is nowhere near an actual military simulator, there are design decisions being made by the devs just about every other day that put realism on the sideline in favor of making sure Squad is an entertaining game with good gameplay mechanics above all else. Don't make the mistake of thinking that just because Squad is more "hardcore" in many aspects than your average FPS shooter, it's a realistic game - it just isn't. When I think of player customization I just see a feature nobody really needs that would take considerable time to implement (I doubt anyone would be satisfied with 20 possible combinations of small cosmetics), could be potentially detrimental to the game's already low performance (having to load more assets per individual soldier), and offers little to no actual value, as it wouldn't really improve the gameplay, only make some people happy they can fiddle with their ingame avatar (and then go unnoticed anyway, unless you give players some completely crazy options such as purple mustaches). My advice if you want (notice the difference between "want" and "need", because there really is no "need" here) character customization would be for you to start working on a mod, knock yourself out. For me, Squad just isn't about playing dress-up.
  2. I don't see how character customization could possibly improve Squad in any way.
  3. FOB Mechanics Too Harsh

    Where did this come from? It required a different kind of player to play commander, true, and most of the players wouldn't play a commander, but you only need to find one player in each team willing to do it. Even a mediocre commander could put his team at a great advantage, help to easily win armor battles (gaining armor superiority often meant the round was won then and there on some maps), spot enemy FOBs, lase static targets for CAS and put down sneaky FOBs. If you underestimate the PR commander, then you don't fully understand what the role is capable of - he could single-handedly tilt the entire game in your favor. Simply put, yes. Cooker FOBs made by walking 3 guys behind enemy lines, plopping down a radio and waiting two minutes, after which your entire team could start spawning there were way too easy to set up and way too powerful.
  4. Squad

    Hello @Auxiliaries, welcome to the forums. Please start by reviewing the forum rules here before further posting. Regarding realism in Squad, the developers ofttimes prioritize solid, fun gameplay instad of dead-on realism. I'm afraid Squad just isn't a military simulator, but let's face it - it wouldn't be much as much fun if it was one.
  5. Banned

    Hello @stamnomis, welcome to the forums. You can usually appeal your ban on the discord (or forums) of that particular server where you should be able to get in touch with the admins and explain the circumstances leading up to your teamkill. If you want to avoid getting banned in the future, I would suggest getting yourself familiar with server rules, which might be significantly different on each server, don't presume that things work the same way everywhere. Also keep in mind that most of the servers have zero tolerance regarding intentional teamkilling. If you're facing a difficult/trolling player in your own team, it's always better to notify admins of his negative behavior instead of trying to take matters into your own hands. /locked
  6. Invasion mode message

    Game mode info might be a better way to use loading screen space than having most of it covered by keybinds, I agree. The key is to summarize all the information so it doesn't end up being a huge wall of text, and that could be tricky.
  7. Squad Leader has too much responsibility

    Squad leaders get the exact amount of responsibility they should have. If something like keeping a rally up (pressing two buttons), using the command wheel or approving vehicles (seriously, how often do you have to approve vehicles?) seems difficult, then perhaps it's time to face the fact that you're just not cut out to be SL, and that's absolutely fine. We already have way too many mediocre squad leaders, yet never enough medics. If there's one factor that makes squad leading much harder, it has to be squad members not doing what they're told to do, or lacking common sense. It's one thing to be able to formulate a sound strategy, but trying to follow it without fail with 8 people you can't rely on behind you - that's a completely different animal.
  8. any tips for squad leading?

    I have, and I still don't get why Winters is considered by many to be such a great leader. He was a competent one, that's true, but not exceptional, considering that in the series almost all the other officers seemed like they were intentionally portrayed as utter morons. Let's not get sidetracked here, though I'd check out the links @alexan92 provided, that's some good stuff. You might also find some useful stuff on Project Reality forums if you're willing to research some more, there are plenty of transferable techniques between the two games.
  9. New weapon/Class - Improved Marksman

    Hello @Achterklap,I believe Xx-RAGING-DEATH-xX nailed the answer, there most likely won't be snipers in the vanilla Squad, someone will definitely make a mod, there will be bipods and better scopes in the future. I would just like to add two things - marksman isn't as useles as you might think, you might want to try changing your playstyle around if you're getting sub-optimal results, or try if some other kit might be more suited for you. Secondly, please search the forums before making a new thread, there are plenty of older threads with the exact same answer you've been provided here. Searching before posting keeps us from having to discuss the same thing every other week or so /locked
  10. Squad or CoD w/ Comms?

    Unfortunately, this probably won't ever change. Squad is a game best enjoyed with a bunch of friends and clanmates, without them you're stuck in public squads - an equivalent of "elo hell" in other games. That doesn't need to spoil your enjoyment of the game though - there is a limit to how much you can adjust player behavior by gameplay mechanics, but joining a clan is easy. As far as I can tell, most of the clans don't make any demands on your playing time and you're more than likely to meet some pretty awesome people there.
  11. Movies that convey the atmosphere of Squad

    Hardcore Henry seems like the closest thing to Squad right now, especially this scene
  12. Vehicle driver scoring.

    ^ I wish more people knew about this. I agree completely, we could try to fix the point system so a player's score at least semi-accurately shows his contribution to the result of the game (which is borderline impossible in my opinion, there are too many ways to either help or screw up your team, most of which depend on the circumstances and are hard to evaluate in terms of points). A much better solution presents itself - to finally get rid of the prehistoric point system that has been with us since the very beginning of gaming and instead figure out a better system for displaying how well each player did.
  13. Dragging/Carrying

    Hello @Henley3019, welcome to the forums! Please do take time to use the search function found in the top right corner of your page before creating a new thread. It helps keep us from going in circles and discussing the same things multiple times in different threads. Just by searching for "dragging" you can find about a dozen threads about this gameplay element, which is also a confirmed future feature in Squad (or at least to the best of my knowledge, everything is subject to change after all). Feel free to re-visit one of the older "dragging" threads and if you find you came up with an interesting contribution, by all means - share it with us there. /locked
  14. It's kinda like the old "let people hear the enemy comms and local voice" proposal - it sounds like a good idea, right up to the point when you actually try it and find out it's horrendous. Players are quite bad at target identification as is right now, let's not add another layer of having to check if that friendly vehicle isn't in fact full of enemy soldiers. We might just as well add vehicle checkpoints and having to forge IDs in order to get past them unnoticed in stolen enemy vehicle
  15. 100+ Lessons Learned as a Squad Leader

    107. As a squad leader, you're the only member of the squad who has the right to use words "my position" as a reference point. Everybody else should use either the direction from his squad leader, or an easily recognizable nearby landmark when calling out locations. Nobody has time to pull out his map in the middle of combat to figure out where you are/were when you got wounded. On the other hand, if you're wounded on the ground, you have all the time in the world to figure out how to correctly inform your squadmates who killed you and where he was (ideally in one sentence, keep it concise). Saying "enemy on my position" is just lazy, your squadmates deserve better (since they'll be the ones either saving your butt or going down with you, after all). Same goes for calling for a medic. Saying "medic!" in squad radio is just plain lazy, saying something along the lines of "MultiSquid, I'm down 50m west of you.", will make your squadmate's life so much easier. People calling out "I'm here, medic!" in squad radio make me go: