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  1. Night operations?

    We already had night maps in the game, they were quite unpopular. Some players didn't like them so much, they increased gamma/brightness to such levels that they could see as well as during the day. As far as I know there isn't a feasible way to prevent such exploits atm and it completely defeats the entire purpose of night maps if some people can see perfectly while others can't, so they were dropped from the game. That kinda answers the bit about night vision as well.
  2. Vehicles vs AT infantry in V12

    Would you like to try that again, this time considering the rest of my post as well instead of picking one statement and displaying it out of context? For the record, I remember learning "if you can't kill it, avoid it" from my teammates in PR, where the regular infantry squads were even more outmatched by tanks (which had thermals in addition to being virtually immune to LATs), yet people still found ways to work around it by employing the most basic teamwork. Also accepting that they weren't supposed to be able to flat out kill everything that came their way, something that a lot of Squad players seem to be unable to understand.
  3. Any news on V12 patches/updates?

    The devs are probably working on the worst bugs atm and at the same time giving the community some time to settle and come to terms with how the game works now. V12 brought a significant shift in the gameplay mechanics. You usually can't judge a large patch based on the first few weeks of reactions from the playerbase, simply because the first reactions are often driven by emotions instead of critical thinking. As the meta settles you can start working on rebalancing again, I'd give it some time, perhaps even a month or two.
  4. Vehicles vs AT infantry in V12

    Increasing the health pool of vehicles means more interdependence between squads and it's a step in the right direction. Making single squads less likely to be able to deal with enemy vehicles means the people will either learn to work together and call for support or they won't enjoy their time in Squad very much. Players too often forget that teamwork doesn't only mean working with your squadmates, but also with the rest of the team as well, near-indestructible vehicles are a nice reminder. I also don't see tanks sitting in a capzone and surrounded by enemy infantry as much of a problem. A tank won't ever capture the flag on its own, if you can't kill it, avoid it. Instead focus on keeping the enemy infantry off the cap and you're just fine. There's literally nothing a tank can do about enemy infantry that's behind several walls and isn't actively peeking, and that's easy to accomplish in urban setting.
  5. going from semi to auro

    If you're holding a weapon, press that weapon's selection key again and you'll cycle through the firing modes. There is even an animation and a corresponding sound cue of flipping the selector. Also, on most mice nowadays the mouse wheel serves as a middle mouse button and can be pressed.
  6. Realistic Tank aiming suggestions

    I think this is one of the many situations in which less realistic approach is much better for overall gameplay. I tend to think of Squad kinda like if it was a movie with "inspired by real events" in the opening credits - it has some similarities with the real thing, maybe even a lot of them, but I never make the mistake of confusing it with an accurate representation of events. I understand why a former serviceman would want his job portrayed in as much detail as possible, but you have to think about the ramifications this could have for everybody else in the game, not just the benefits for tank gunners.
  7. What would you like to see in Squad

    This was discussed at length in multiple threads, as far as I can remember the devs don't want to prohibit newer players from creating squads in order to keep the game more accessible, in the spirit of "easy to pick up, hard to master". From my personal experience the hours spent in game have very little to do with how good SLs are at their job, I know I have a long way to go with upwards of 1000 hours played and I've met people who had the fraction of my hours and did much better. I believe being a good SL has much more to do with personality traits such as patience or assertiveness. I'm not trying to start a discusion here, just to relay what I remember from older threads. To keep it rolling: I'd like to see some kind of advanced medical system that is a little bit more engaging than holding LMB until the guy is fine.

    We have a similar recent thread, as Guan kindly pointed out above /locked
  9. You definitely do lose tickets when one of your flags gets captured, I can't recall how many though.
  10. Please check the links Psyrus kindly provided above and feel free to revive them if there's something we've missed. Otherwise rest assured this topic has been discussed at length. /locked
  11. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    That's just unfair for the attacker. You found a rally, you're ready to take it down and suddenly 5 people spawn all at once aiming straight at you. You either spawn en masse and overwhelm the attackers or you all die and know the rally is no longer a viable option, that's a price for letting the enemy get too close and/or bad placement of the rally point.
  12. I think Nerfing Rally Points is a bad idea

    Don't overestimate the helicopters. They worked in PR because there was a max 600-700m view distance with fog. No such thing exists in Squad, unless there is some balancing effort I can pretty much guarantee helicopters will start getting engaged as soon as they leave the main base protection, they're extremely fragile and extremely loud. Don't assume they will be able to just drop you anywhere on the map, most of the time they'll just be a bunch of flying coffins unless your team holds sway over large parts of the battlefield. It's likely that helicopters will be falling like flies and killing a lot of players in the process. And that's me talking as a dedicated transport pilot from PR. I just see too many problems with helicopters coming to Squad. I foresee the transport trucks will actually become much more valued once helicopters make it into the game, since they'll be so much safer.
  13. I think Nerfing Rally Points is a bad idea

    I don't see why rallies shouldn't be nerfed. They require no resources and almost no preparation to place. No loud, fragile trucks, no manpower to drive and build and defend, just plop then down whenever you want and off you go, safe in knowledge that you have a "save" in case anything bad happened to you. The above also influences the player's approach to the game and makes them behave less realistically. They can afford to be more reckless and just keep dying like a bunch of lemmings because they know they'll always have a place to spawn nearby. Low cooldown turns rallies into essentially infinite spawns even with the 9 spawn limit. When did you last have to wait because the rally ran out of spawns within the first 2.5 minutes since it was placed? They're much easier to conceal and move than an FOB. They discourage teamwork by letting each squad have their own spawn instead of cooperating with others on building and defending FOBs. Each squad can act separately from the rest of the team, there is no interdependence. They alert you to enemy presence (if you can place them, 50m radius is clear) The enemies need to get very close to a rally to disable it, they basically have to be standing on top of it, so rallies often don't get burned even if there's a full squad running 20m away. Rallies allow you to literally spawn out of thin air next to enemies and immediately engage them. If you place them badly, the game doesn't really punish you - you just get a cooldown reset (basically the time you'd need anyway to move further away from the enemies). Most of the times the cooldown reset prolongs the time between setting another rally by approximately 1 more minute. Rallies significantly decrease the importance of transport vehicles. Last and the worst - they're one of the main reasons we have meatgrinders. Rallies allow for a constant stream of bodies spawning just about 50-60m away from the defenders. At least with spawn waves we might get a brief 1-2 minute respite between attacks, and even that only if there's just one enemy squad attacking. If there's two or more squads attacking at the same time - it's back to the meatgrinder. Did I miss anything?
  14. September 2018 Recap

    I'm not sure about the larger squads, more than 10-12 people per squad is an overkill IMHO and it would simply increase the number of lonewolves since the SL would have a hard time checking if everyone's doing what they should be doing at any given time. Some pubbies literally look for opportunities to run away as soon as the SL looks the other way. I can however get behind being able to decrease the amount of people in squad without locking it. SL sets the amount of people he wants and doesn't need to worry about it for the rest of the round as opposed to constantly opening and closing the squad because people leave. It also might give the unassigned players a general idea of what to expect from each squad. As an example it stands to reason you won't be seeing too many frontal assaults if you join a 4-man squad, but you can expect to be doing specialized tasks. If you're looking for a squad with a friend, you probably won't try to join a squad with only one slot open. Also, since everybody + their grandmothers love their kits so very much - a 4-man squad might deter the wannabe marksmen (grenadiers, HMGs) from joining completely. It's not a must-have feature by any means but it's got some merits.
  15. Losing Patience

    Guys, just a reminder that you should use the proper channels if you see problematic content here. That is, report it and let us figure out whether it's against the rules or not. There's no point in further arguing whether the thread ought to be closed or not in the actual thread itself. If a moderator has already seen this thread (plus hidden some of the responses and replied to them), yet the thread is still open, that means he has probably also read the OP and didn't deem it necessary to lock it. Even if some of us may not agree with the OP, he still is entitled to his opinion as long as he's not breaking the rules. Thank you for understanding.