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  1. SQUAD could be amazing, but it lacks care

    You can't have the cake and eat it too. Either the game is supposed to be hardcore and niche (then the current player numbers would make sense) or it's going the casual way (in which case there is a huge cause for alarm, because for a casual shooter the numbers would indicate the game is practically dead, or on life support at best). Squad is a casual shooter that's trying its hardest to look like a hardcore one, but you simply can't have a casual game and think it will survive with a niche game's audience - the player retention is far too low for that. Would you care to share with us which games are similar to Squad in your opinion? I'm curious. 3000 over a million is a bad argument, but I don't think anyone can deny that the players are leaving squad roughly at the same rate that the new ones are coming in. The devs seem to rely far too much on hope that gimmicks such as commander will bring enough new players to offset the bleeding instead of fixing plethora of old problems plaguing the game. Helicopters were supposed to be one of the biggest changes since the introduction of vehicles, yet the player numbers barely moved, that's how little people now care about Squad. A game that is fundamentally flawed because it tries to lure people in with a promise of a teamplay oriented gameplay, but then lacks the courage to implement truly punishing mechanics to enforce cooperation. Nobody can blame the players for quickly becoming disillusioned and moving on - they're simply not getting what they paid for. No amount of sugarcoating and "everything is fine" attitude is going to save Squad from the simple fact that the game can't deliver on its main promise, and people won't stay around once the realization sets in. It might take a few months for some, because if there's one thing Squad is good at then it's pretending the game is much deeper than it actually is and projecting huge potential, but eventually the illusion breaks and another player is gone.
  2. This is probably your problem. 14 year old role-playing a soldier in comms is just pure cringe, you just can't sound good that way. Speak plainly, always weigh if what you're going to say really needs to be heard by everybody before using squad radio, otherwise keep 90% of your comms to local. I also find that young players generally speak way too much, just keep it cool and don't give in to the need to comment every single thing that is happening around you. You'll find much more people willing to keep you around this way. If not, change squads.
  3. Remove forced Tracers from SL kits

    Trying to treat symptoms instead of the root cause of a problem is a very shortsighted way of proposing changes. I agree with your premise that as things stand, tracers are nothing more than eye candy, and they're even detrimental to players whom are forced to use them. That said, simply removing tracers is just a drop in the bucket of problems and I would even dare say that when you consider the broader context it's a step backwards, not forward. Let's not dance, however - firefights are over too quickly, that's why tracers are useless.
  4. Remove forced Tracers from SL kits

    Sounds like there is a much larger problem than tracers here.
  5. A16 Helicopter First Impressions

    Perhaps you should Google stuff before posting solely based on your hunches and feelings about what "sounds unrealistic" You'd find that the tail rotor failure is manageable by the pilot and the recovery procedure is also simulated and taught when you actually learn to fly. There are tons of readily available video evidence as well.
  6. Don't use squad number as a callsign on radio

    Your suggested approach is just adding extra steps to the communication process with little to no benefit. That's it. SLs will call each other by name in competitive clan matches when they know each other and have already planned beforehand whom will lead which squad. Ain't nobody got time for that in public matches where the composition of squads changes by the minute. Better get used to pubbies calling your squad by its number, because it's not going away anytime soon.
  7. It's funny to me that you would think Task Force Elite looks like Squad. I was just here watching the trailer, thinking "wow, that looks exactly like every other multiplayer FPS ever made".
  8. Squad Classic

    Early versions of Squad had much less in common with PR than the current one, but hey, at least you're helping convince everyone that opponents of PR are often ill-informed. You won't see me complain. I don't see why anyone would want to go back to early versions of Squad with placeholder mechanics. What we have now certainly isn't great, but you'd be hard pressed to argue that earlier versions were any better.
  9. Gameplay Chaos (FOB's)

    That's probably the best idea I've heard in a long while. If you don't defend with at least 1 squad - bam, flag goes neutral, you can't capture the next one. Thank you for playing. You can't remain in control of a flag by staying on it for an arbitrary period of time and moving on afterwards, you need to actually hold the area. Brilliant, simple and immersive all at the same time. I think you just solved about 30% of all problems with Squad right there.
  10. What Jevski said. When the SL role starts getting passed around, simply wait for it to get to you, even if you don't want to lead. If you want to prevent further damage to everyone in the team, the best thing to do is to ask if anyone wants to step up to be a squad leader and if not, immediately disband the Squad. Leaderless squads are a handicap for your team, and on many servers you even risk trouble with the admins if you try to remain in one. The longer you wait the worse it will be once the squad is disbanded and it will cause many of your squad mates will be left without a kit in the middle of nowhere. I'm afraid a pop-up with some warning won't stop a player who determined to get that sweet, sweet marksman kit even if his entire team has to pay the price.
  11. PR oldie, Squad newbie

    Developers design mechanics -> mechanics determine who plays the game Plain and simple - if it's mostly idiots playing your game, it's because you designed your game for idiots, not because some large roaming band of them randomly decided to give your game a go. And, well... I've tried playing some pubs over the last few days and it ain't looking good for Squad at all. Even servers which were usually strictly moderated seemed to be in disarray. Squad may have more players, but the quality of gameplay is probably the lowest I've seen yet. I've had better rounds when Hilltop on Fool's Road had only 2 bunkers and a bunch of logs, despite all the bells and whistles that have been added to the game since. I could hardly finish a full round before moving on to the next server, with hope that things might be slightly better elsewhere - they weren't.
  12. Different squad types.

    Already proposed numerous times. It would be restrictive and Squads would lose flexibility. The same thing could be achieved by simply lowering the amount of fire support roles per Squad to two.
  13. PR oldie, Squad newbie

    Squad is not comparable to PR. You will find that the game is extremely fast with barely any room to breathe or formulate a strategy, the mechanics are much more forgiving and in many aspects illogical, the gunplay is easier and simplified - every engagement is over in seconds. The fights are condensed into much smaller areas thanks to the spawning mechanics, so you will pretty much spawn right into combat most of the time. The sounds are good, however. You will feel like you are on a real battlefield, right until the moment when people around you start cheesing the many exploitable mechanics to get an advantage, then the immersion is gone again. What OWI intend with Squad is a subject of many debates, honestly nobody really knows and all you'll get from devs is vague. What you definitely should expect to find in your first round is a bunch of casual players whom are bound to play the game like it was Battlefield, with nary a tactical thought in their head, no notion of teamwork unless it benefits themselves. You'll spawn, you'll run, you'll gun, rinse and repeat. Don't expect much in terms of cooperation with other players, other than you will all run in the same direction before you get slaughtered. As a PR vet talking to another PR vet I can wholeheartedly give Squad my personal Seal of Disapproval (trademark pending)
  14. Post about Squad’s vision/direction by Merlin

    No one is worried about testing things out, but that's considering testing out things that logically belong in the game. The buddy rally and death changes came literally out of nowhere, with seemingly nobody requesting them, and they are here for several versions of the game now. The entire situation just absolutely reeks of some inexperienced game designer who got hired and tried to impress everyone with his radical new ideas, only for those new ideas to crash and burn while the company decided to stand by them for a little while longer just to avoid looking like they admit they made a horrible mistake by even letting these changes make their way into the game. --- Guys, the entire debate about the spiritual successor thing is pointless. The devs have chosen their words carefully, in retrospective they can be interpreted in several ways and no one will tell you what was specifically intended, or whether was any plan at all. Maybe it was a sinister ploy to grab money from the PR community, desperate that their game was slowly dying. Maybe it's a story of a poor, independent studio finally realizing that despite their best efforts and intentions their direction wasn't financially viable, so they changed it. We won't ever know for sure, and even if we did it would change little about our current situation. If you don't like the direction of Squad, create and support mods that give you the experience you want. We may yet get another PR out of this, even if it won't be made by OWI as we initially hoped.
  15. Alpha 15.4 Released

    No worries FishMan, I'm sure the game will get much "softer" yet. So far during the development it was always the case that as soon as the game took a step towards more punishing mechanics (oh, the horror), two steps toward the arcade gameplay quickly followed. Looking forward to the next patch, fellas, I dare you to prove me wrong.