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  1. What Jevski said. When the SL role starts getting passed around, simply wait for it to get to you, even if you don't want to lead. If you want to prevent further damage to everyone in the team, the best thing to do is to ask if anyone wants to step up to be a squad leader and if not, immediately disband the Squad. Leaderless squads are a handicap for your team, and on many servers you even risk trouble with the admins if you try to remain in one. The longer you wait the worse it will be once the squad is disbanded and it will cause many of your squad mates will be left without a kit in the middle of nowhere. I'm afraid a pop-up with some warning won't stop a player who determined to get that sweet, sweet marksman kit even if his entire team has to pay the price.
  2. PR oldie, Squad newbie

    Developers design mechanics -> mechanics determine who plays the game Plain and simple - if it's mostly idiots playing your game, it's because you designed your game for idiots, not because some large roaming band of them randomly decided to give your game a go. And, well... I've tried playing some pubs over the last few days and it ain't looking good for Squad at all. Even servers which were usually strictly moderated seemed to be in disarray. Squad may have more players, but the quality of gameplay is probably the lowest I've seen yet. I've had better rounds when Hilltop on Fool's Road had only 2 bunkers and a bunch of logs, despite all the bells and whistles that have been added to the game since. I could hardly finish a full round before moving on to the next server, with hope that things might be slightly better elsewhere - they weren't.
  3. Different squad types.

    Already proposed numerous times. It would be restrictive and Squads would lose flexibility. The same thing could be achieved by simply lowering the amount of fire support roles per Squad to two.
  4. PR oldie, Squad newbie

    Squad is not comparable to PR. You will find that the game is extremely fast with barely any room to breathe or formulate a strategy, the mechanics are much more forgiving and in many aspects illogical, the gunplay is easier and simplified - every engagement is over in seconds. The fights are condensed into much smaller areas thanks to the spawning mechanics, so you will pretty much spawn right into combat most of the time. The sounds are good, however. You will feel like you are on a real battlefield, right until the moment when people around you start cheesing the many exploitable mechanics to get an advantage, then the immersion is gone again. What OWI intend with Squad is a subject of many debates, honestly nobody really knows and all you'll get from devs is vague. What you definitely should expect to find in your first round is a bunch of casual players whom are bound to play the game like it was Battlefield, with nary a tactical thought in their head, no notion of teamwork unless it benefits themselves. You'll spawn, you'll run, you'll gun, rinse and repeat. Don't expect much in terms of cooperation with other players, other than you will all run in the same direction before you get slaughtered. As a PR vet talking to another PR vet I can wholeheartedly give Squad my personal Seal of Disapproval (trademark pending)
  5. Post about Squad’s vision/direction by Merlin

    No one is worried about testing things out, but that's considering testing out things that logically belong in the game. The buddy rally and death changes came literally out of nowhere, with seemingly nobody requesting them, and they are here for several versions of the game now. The entire situation just absolutely reeks of some inexperienced game designer who got hired and tried to impress everyone with his radical new ideas, only for those new ideas to crash and burn while the company decided to stand by them for a little while longer just to avoid looking like they admit they made a horrible mistake by even letting these changes make their way into the game. --- Guys, the entire debate about the spiritual successor thing is pointless. The devs have chosen their words carefully, in retrospective they can be interpreted in several ways and no one will tell you what was specifically intended, or whether was any plan at all. Maybe it was a sinister ploy to grab money from the PR community, desperate that their game was slowly dying. Maybe it's a story of a poor, independent studio finally realizing that despite their best efforts and intentions their direction wasn't financially viable, so they changed it. We won't ever know for sure, and even if we did it would change little about our current situation. If you don't like the direction of Squad, create and support mods that give you the experience you want. We may yet get another PR out of this, even if it won't be made by OWI as we initially hoped.
  6. Alpha 15.4 Released

    No worries FishMan, I'm sure the game will get much "softer" yet. So far during the development it was always the case that as soon as the game took a step towards more punishing mechanics (oh, the horror), two steps toward the arcade gameplay quickly followed. Looking forward to the next patch, fellas, I dare you to prove me wrong.
  7. Vehicle Damage on environment

    Yup, seems like a feature that is necessary for helicopters, so after those are introduced it's only a question of replicating the system for other vehicles.
  8. Announcing Project Reality Inspired Mod ATHENA

    Dude, it's been literally tested for years, it works. Trust in the PR way. Once people are unable to respawn anywhere on the map every minute, all the pieces start to come together. Rallies are as weak as they should be, FOBs are more important, people value their lives, tactics are suddenly useful - the game is simply better all around. I've been facepalming every time I saw the new iterations of Squad's spawning system for years now, because we have a system we know works brilliantly for a game of this exact scale, yet the devs kept moving away from it for no apparent reason at all. Good luck with the mod @dolmaface, hopefully it will be the one we've all been waiting for
  9. Sniper / Breacher Class

    I don't recall anyone pushing that specific narrative. If anything, PR is a great example that even if you have a community of mostly mature gamers the sniper kit still doesn't work, because it's always grabbed by the players in the lowest skill bracket and consequently misused. Snipers just don't work in online shooters, with the obvious exception of actual milsims. Now that I think about it, snipers have literally no way of being useful in Squad as long as dying is not a problem, respawn times are low and the action is fast, so, you know... Either we go milsim or we can just forget about them altogether. I'd be just fine with both of these options combined
  10. Sniper / Breacher Class

    "What's it going to hurt at this point?" is exactly the line of thinking that got us from a bearable, somewhat tactical game just few versions back to a full-on obnoxious fragfest that we have now. All it took was a series of small concessions to what is considered a standard in the mainstream. Why should Squad indulge Chris Kyle fantasies in the first place? Just because every other game does? There are plenty of mainstream shooters to pick from if consistency is what people really crave - I'm sure that every sniper rifle there shoots just as well as the next one. You answered that one yourself: There are plenty of obvious differences between a static emplacement and one mobile player, for that matter there are even more differences between what can be considered normal gameplay and a free weekend.
  11. Rally point that contains ammunition

    That's because Squad now mostly attracts players looking for a "hardcore" Battlefield mod rather than a tactical experience where you have to put in a bit of work to be useful for your team besides making epic killstreaks. Rally points are incredibly overpowered, case in point you can now win games without ever building a single FOB. You can even bring ammo in pretty much every vehicle, why do people constantly demand that the game is made even easier than it already is? I distinctly remember getting ridiculed a few months back when I used the slippery slope argument regarding the trend of making the game more "accessible" (i.e., easy, arcade, casual), yet here we are. A few versions from now we'll be discussing if we even need persistent ammo, because it would be more useful if we just spawned fully rearmed each time. Was there ever a line, or does it just keep getting re-drawn further back?
  12. Feedback on current development.

    Honestly mate, you haven't got the faintest idea of what you're talking about. You don't make any valid arguments yourself, but you thrive on demanding that others prove their claims to you. You argue based on your wildly inaccurate assumptions and shreds of information you've overheard in other threads or whatever meager research you've bothered to have done. By your own admission you haven't played PR, and you probably never will. How dare you simply presume that you are this authority on which game is more complex, has more features or follows in the other's footsteps? You're literally just guessing at this point. I'm sorry, I've tried to humor you but at this stage I just can't take you seriously. You're nothing more than a thinly veiled troll, stirring up trouble and playing everything up for some imaginary audience of yours.
  13. Feedback on current development.

    I'm pretty sure the game now knows what it wants to be, we're just pissed because it changed its mind quite dramatically over the course of the last two years.
  14. Canadian Armed Forces Deployed!

    Aaand there's the first bolt-action sniper rifle. I'm sure the kids will be delighted, cue the rapid influx of sniper montages (yay). You guys realize that every faction in the game now needs one and players won't stop crying until they get it, right? Who screwed up the veto on this one? But hey, I get it - people who love snipers have wallets too.
  15. I don't think that adding limited view distance has anything to do with Squad moving towards a more casual experience. It's just a sign that the DEVs' pipe dream of unlimited view distance has finally crashed into the constraints of reality. (Pretty much anyone who has seen any of my posts ever knows I consider Squad way too casual, I just don't think that has a connection with the fog.)