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  1. Limit locked squads

    Forcing people to have larger squads won't solve the problem of players who choose not to contribute to their team. If someone who doesn't want to coommunicate with other squads becomes a squad leader, it makes no difference if he has 2, 4 or 9 player squad. Actually, it's much better if he's in a 2-man squad, because that way he's dragging less players down with him and taking up less space on the team. Policing squad leaders who don't coordinate with others is up to the server owners and their admins, and it's also up to them what kind of gameplay they want to cultivate and encourage, and most quality servers simply don't tolerate the misbehavior you have described.
  2. Limit locked squads

    People locking squads and people not communicating with other squads are two separate issues and should be treated as such (correction, the first one is a non-issue - the best experience you can get out of Squad is playing with people you know and can rely on). I don't like when people insinuate that smaller locked squads automatically don't talk to anyone else, that's just not true.
  3. I don't think that has ever been established. As in PR (yes, I'm playing the PR card again and again, it's more than 10 years of hands-on testing, it would be incredibly silly to ignore the lessons learned), the commander can act as a reconnaissance in the public matches, while remaining an actual commander in organized gameplay. Both of these functions are extremely useful for any team, without being mutually exclusive. The PR version of commander just worked. I doubt anyone who sunk enough time into learning to play the role properly would disagree. As with any other kit, it had the potential to be very useful in the right hands and extremely useless when handled poorly.
  4. 16x10 Aspect Ration Problem

    Just an idea, do you have your windows task bar set at the bottom of your screen? I think there were some issues in the past when people it on the sides.
  5. Cooldown for Giving Up

  6. Body Dragging?

    The dragging is a confirmed feature, as far as I can tell that hasn't changed. It may well be coming in V10 if we're lucky. Check this out, from 21.7. devblog I hope this puts your mind at ease
  7. Timeline and deadlines.

    /moved to questions I don't think we ever got a firm release date or timeline. The closest answer anyone can provide at this time would be "when it's done". There may have been estimates, but I don't recall any of them getting confirmed.
  8. Scavenging

    I'm going to lock this thread, @shawn7186 please check the forums rules (§5, §7, §11, specifically) before posting further. /Locked
  9. Comms network

    That's a gross overestimation, with proper radio discipline you can convey any relevant message inside of 5 seconds just about every time. On the other hand, having vehicle to vehicle comms would significantly increase the number of people with access to comms - if there's comms clutter now, giving more people access and expecting the situation to improve is completely illogical. Again, the problem isn't the amount of channels available, but rather the player's inability to communicate effectively.
  10. New animation system differing by factions?!

    An interesting notion indeed, but I have to agree with @Covalent, it would just be too much work and resources spent on eye candy that doesn't really affect gameplay much, if at all. It also wouldn't do any favours for the already not-so-great performance of the game to have more animation models. It's just one of those cases when realism has to take a backseat to more important things.
  11. Comms network

    The 4 channels of communication we have right now are more than enough. This has been tried, tested and proven for years now, because the same system worked just fine on 100 player servers in PR. The only reason your comms are getting spammed is because people don't practice radio discipline and share unnecessary amount of intel instead of only saying what's important on the radio and leaving the rest for local voice.
  12. Classes you will never see

    Battle chaplains/missionaries. Someone has to show heathens the way into the light.
  13. Name tag distance selection/toggle

    Numerous threads already exist about this topic, some only a month or two old. I don't think we need another one yet. Search for "nametags" and you should be able to come up with a bunch of them right off the bat. /locked
  14. Focus Zoom

    If I remember this right, the focus zoom mechanic (or whatever we wanna call it) already was in the game (on iron sights), people complained that it's unrealistic and you aren't able to zoom with your eyes. There's always someone complaining either way. I think Squad is completely fine without it, thank you.
  15. Weapons

    Please don't derail threads with off topic discussions.