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  1. [3rdID] Third Infantry Division

    We are hosting a 12 hrs Pub a Thon OCT 31st from 2pm to 2am! Stop buy our servers if you have some time and want a milsim experience! www.3rdinf.us
  2. Console Commands

  3. British Faction: Optics and Ironsights

    Gotta say the Brits 203 (Grenade launcher) is the best weapon on the brits side. You have a optic and a grenade launcher, Rambo anyone?
  4. List of active clans and communities

    Name: 3rd Infantry Division Realism UnitTag: [3rdID]Link: www.3rdinf.usLanguage: EnglishDescription: The 3rd Infantry Division has a long history, one of the larger and longest (founded 2003) self-sustaining active realism units in the PC gaming community, the 3rd Infantry Division takes pride in their unit and the place it has among the gaming community. Well respected and well feared, the 3rd Infantry Division brings top notch soldiers to every battle they encounter. The 3rd Infantry Division provides a place where you can get off work or school and go hangout among fellow soldiers and friends and push yourself, both personally and professional. We all look forward to the future of the 3rd Infantry Division realism unit and what it has to offer. Check out our state of the art PERSCOM System that is integrated into our website and was custom built by our development team. Almost all training and operations are EU time zone friendly! Don't wait, come check us out! Age Policy: 16+ Standard Enlistment / 15 Delayed Entry ProgramMembers: ~15-20 (Squad) - 150+ (Unit)We also play: Squad, Arma 3, Insurgency (Sandstorm), America's Army Proving Grounds.