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  1. Lost Squad-leader Teir backer Rewards?

    Ok, good to hear weapon skins are acting normally. But ive Just Double and triple checked the squad leader section of the credits, With no sign of my name!. The name should be David"SirModernisation"Strudwick. Thanks anyway
  2. Hello! It had been a while since i played squad, so i jumped back in, But when i went to see my glorious name in the credits, i Couldn't find it!. It had been there in previous versions and appears to have gone missing with V10, Additionally i don't seem to have any of the rewards in-game either, (Sand/tribal camos for guns). Ive ticked and reticked all the boxes under Steam Inventory, and tried with every gun, But its as if im a new player again! Thanks
  3. Trouble playing

    I dont have a UE4 directory, But the game does not crash, only boots me back to the main menu.
  4. Trouble playing

    If it helps, here is the log file, i believe this was starting a local game. http://pastebin.com/ZrEfvYwu And http://pastebin.com/SZL4S56A
  5. Exactly a month later and im having the exact same problem, except this time im sure i have the right version.
  6. Trouble playing

    Well, ive tried running as administrator and deleting the folder in appdata\Local. Neither have worked, Im redownloading Squad, hopefully it works, But it doesnt seem like it will
  7. Trouble playing

    My specs are: Windows 8.1 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560, Intel i5-3470s CPU @ 2.90GHz 4 Gb of ram And yes, even though i was sure i already had them, i reinstalled the files from the alpha portal.
  8. Trouble playing

    Yes, ive tried with a local game and an empty server
  9. Trouble playing

    Hello i know the steam release is right around the corner and hopefully i don't have any issues with it, But while trying to play the alpha, id start a local game or join an online game, It would load for ages, sometimes show a glimpse of the level, then load even more, before returning me to the menu. No error message shows up as far as i know. Thanks Moderndavid Sir_Modernisation