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  1. Militia and Russians look too similar

    In my opinion the militia should not wear helmets. It doesnt really fit with their style.
  2. small feedback about militia weapons

    I can respect that but just for arguments sake it doesnt strike you as out of place? You can get a LOT more creative than an m4. We've all seen m4s a thousand times. We dont see much of m16A1s (vietnam era). That was just an example. You could go with FN FAL, G3, galil, MP5 or something else completely out there.
  3. Its annoying that you cant cancel a weapon switch now. Say you accidentally switch to an RPG. You have to wait until your guy does the whole flipping the sight up animation. You cant interupt it by just pressing 1 again. With PR you could instantly interrupt the weapon switch.
  4. Im sure you already know this but it doesnt hurt to mention it. The M4 is really out of place for militia, they should have something older like M16A1.
  5. sorry in advance if this offends anyone...

    Oh im aware. I was just getting worried because squad is a commercial game. I was thinking it was gonna be made less realistic than PR so it can appeal to a wider audience. As long as it maintains the same level as realism, im happy. Anything more is just a cherry ton top
  6. sorry in advance if this offends anyone...

    So we are good then :D Honestly, PR was the most realistic combat game out there. Much more realistic than arma IMO, which is the next closest thing.
  7. sorry in advance if this offends anyone...

    will the realism level be equal to that of Project Reality at least?
  8. Won't modding turn Squad into an ArmA3 nightmare?

    Thats an even better solution if you guys are really willing to compensate! That way you would put out strong incentive. Imagine how fast content will start adding up
  9. Won't modding turn Squad into an ArmA3 nightmare?

    This game needs to look at arma 3 as an example of what NOT to do and look at PR as an example of what TO do. There is a reason arma 3 has no unified community and PR BF2 has a community that is 10 years strong now. What I would advise is that mods should be designed and submitted to the developers. After being refined and polished, they should be integrated into the core game. This is just like how PR BF2 was with the community factions. All those maps and factions didnt happen because the core PR team worked soley on them, they happened because a dedicated community pitched in and helped. It was a beautiful system that benefited EVERYONE. Of course, the tricky thing here is that squad is not a free game but a paid game. So the modders essentially will be working "for free" while the company making squad makes a profit. However, I want you all to just think about it. This is OK! This is a community we are building, there is no other game like PR/Squad. None of the community factions for PR BF2 were motivated by money and this community shouldnt be either. Let the developers profit off it! We get a much better game if we all just stick together. Obviously you cant stop people from making their own offshoot mods like zombie mods, star wars mods etc. but this should not be encouraged. The developers should provide tools and encouragement to allow the community to pitch in the development. Just think how fast we can get new content if this system is implemented?
  10. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    The more unique, the better. In PR the most fun factions to play were Syrian Rebels Hamas African Resistance Militia Canada Basically anything you can get creative with the weapons and that drifts from your cookie cutter "generic middle eastern" or "generic american" army