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  1. What job do you got?

    You need to have a dick to be a pornstar.
  2. What job do you got?

    I drink only beer. :P
  3. What job do you got?

    That sucks.
  4. What job do you got?

    Thanks Idart. Its 25.25 meters. I mostly drive at night with this rig.
  5. What job do you got?

    I'm a truck-driver since i was 18. I'm 21 now. :) This is my truck.
  6. FPS: 27/30 CPU: i5 3570k 3.4 GHz GPU: GTX 780 RAM: 8 GB Res: 1080p Settings:Everything on low.
  7. No clue what im doing

    Z-trooper, its not only for Squad. Its for any un-optimized games out there. Dayz, Arma, etc. I'm sure its not my system since i can run Witcher 3, Crysis 3, gta 5, etc all maxed out. I will be more then happy when the game is optimized. Im also sure, others will be too. :)
  8. No clue what im doing

    Raging-death, im playing with everything on low, everything that you can turn down to low is on low. I'm getting a rough 30 FPS with it. Its a little bit playable, but it shouldnt be any lower. Thanks for the tips guys.
  9. No clue what im doing

    Well, CS:GO is about communication too, but this is just much more complicater.
  10. No clue what im doing

    So i have been playing this game for 1 week 1,5 weeks now, and i still have no clue what the fuck i'm doing. I'm logging into the game, picking up the first server, cause that one is Always full, logging in and there i am. No clue what to do, i hear teammates talk North east, west, bla bla bla, and i try and actually play it, but i have no clue what the fuck i have to do, on both, insurgency, and usa army side. Also, im playing on everything low, with 30 fps. So the FPS isnt that great either. :P I came from the game CS:GO where i spend a good 3,1k hours in. That might be the reason why i guess? Its just a whole different game. /discuss.
  11. My computer got a bad time with alpha games, or games that are not optimized; i5 3570k 3.4 ghz gtx 780 I'm playing everything on low, yet i get fps lag. Since i can't bring up the console, I'm guessing I'm around 25/30 fps. There is 1 map that is unplayable for me. I'm not sure if I'm going to continue playing Squad when its not optimized yet. So i hope they will optimize the game soon. :)
  12. such a pity

  13. such a pity

    [/quote Sure dude. PM your paypal, and we can discuss the amount I need to Send you. Would love to help you out financially.
  14. such a pity

    Most of the time download speed is 120+ idk why it is now. https://gyazo.com/869cf7942668b651d6cfeacad74eaa36
  15. such a pity

    Spoiled by what, by who? By my own money i make by working my ass off all day? Okay..