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  1. cant join any servers

  2. Alpha Version 9 Released

    That would assume the fix for me.
  3. V9 Disconnects, EAC, and you.

    Doesn't help for me.
  4. V9 Disconnects, EAC, and you.

    Problem with connecting to the servers. Ends up in main menu in most of the cases without any error message. Mostly happens to servers which has about 10 empty slots or less. When a server is almost empty It's easier for me to get into it.
  5. cant join any servers

    Problem still appears.
  6. cant join any servers

    Similar issue here. I played in the morning 3 hours straight. Now I had some kind of Error that asked me if I want to send it to Offworld. I agreed and then I coulnt play anymore. Im getting disconnected and go back to menu 2 minutes after joining a server. HELP
  7. Alpha Version 9 Released

    Any FPS drop ?
  8. Battlefield 1

    It's a good game... not amazing one thou. I got bored pretty fast. Anyway - I had fun but I don't think Ill buy it.
  9. Is my computer not good enough??

    AMD has problems with squad, if you serach the forum you will find that you are not the only one with issues.
  10. your connection to the host has been lost

    Looks like this hotfix fixed all of my problems. Thank you devs !!!
  11. your connection to the host has been lost

    That posts are funny "joined a server with roughly 20 players and connected fine before getting a fatal error when a squad mate fired an RPG. " Hilarious
  12. What type of things do you want to see

    Stable 65 FPS.
  13. No matter graphic settings = same/low fps

    Yea. Most fixes to this game is throw more money on your PC.