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  1. My friend, it's impossible you're using a i5 760 with that board.
  2. I think I fixed it. I suspect it was a lingering Windows update that messed with the GPU driver for some reason. Just finished playing a full round without any issues, which was impossible before as it crashed within 2-3 min.
  3. So ever since 9.10 I've been unable to play the game. The game keeps crashing and showing the bottom crash report window: It also seems to crash my Nvidia driver along with it (385.41). I have tried the following: - verified game file integrity - cleared cache - tried that "wait 30s before joining" workaround I know it's not my system as it works flawlessly in everything else, so I'm absolutely certain that it has something to do with Squad. Help?
  4. Did the DX thing, didn't help. Yes my GPU is slightly overclocked, but I've had no issues with the OC prior to 9.10. I also have no stability issues in any of the other games, just Squad and only after 9.10.
  5. Here's the log file: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=08369431663998137043 I'll wait with the clean install for now, if all else fails, I'll do it.
  6. I have to agree unfortunately. The GPU might just edge it, but the CPU will get slaughtered. If at 1080p, expect ~20-25 fps on lowest settings.
  7. I have Heavy Performance Problems :(

    Your CPU is not great for Squad unfortunately. Squad (UnrealEngine4) likes fast Intel CPU's that offer fast IPC. The 750ti isn't the greatest card either, but paired with a recent Intel CPU it would probably be enough for 720p medium or 1080p low settings 40-60 fps. It's just how it is unfortunately, the devs are trying to optimize the game further but yeah... even looking at AMD Ryzen chips, they're not doing as well as the latest Intel chips in Squad.
  8. New Player shopping for computer!

    Hey, no worries you didn't start anything at all, nothing important anyway. It's just the internet, which is full of silly people as you can see. So you'll need a pre-built system, alright. What kind of monitor will you use? I highly advise against using a TV due to response time (specially if you intend to play FPS games as Squad).
  9. New Player shopping for computer!

    Sigh... You obviously don't understand the word premium. Also asking if someone is fourteen is a direct indicator that you yourself are a child, if not in age then in mind. Building around a 1080ti and 4K AND achieving greater gaming performance? Again, you probably never played on a 4K 60hz monitor beside a 1440p 144hz monitor. Try to use more fancy words in hopes you'll actually be taken seriously. OEM keys.. holy sh*t, ever heard of FPP, which is the ONLY way to go if you're building yourself? Did you even check your link for Newegg? Maximus IX Hero board!? Are you stupid? And you preach about recommending the components that meet the clients needs? Deluded. Add both the 1080 and the monitor I linked and you'll be at 1,8k with a inferior CPU... replace it with that i7 and you still have an inferior cooler, inferior storage, inferior PSU, inferior RAM, even an inferior case... with costing almost as much... must I go on?
  10. New Player shopping for computer!

    As I wrote, premium high end build. If you have $2k to spend, I would not cheap out. Sure you can make a budget build for a lot less, but that is not what I was going for. Things you suggested are terrible btw, you clearly never used a 27inch 1080p screen to begin with, and suggesting 60hz in 2017.. oh my. Windows 10 PRO? Are you having a laugh? Home edition is half the price and makes no difference to an average user. Logitech g502 is an average mouse and is completely overpriced (how you managed to mention this exact model while talking about budget is beyond me). Those Steelseries headphones are one of the shittiest you could find for that money as well. If you need a complete system, with keyboard, mouse, headphones and OS leave a comment with your exact desires, we'll help you.
  11. CPU Upgrade worth it?

    For Squad it would be very worth it, specially when OC'd.
  12. New Player shopping for computer!

    https://pcpartpicker.com/list/c9L8kT A premium high end build for $2030 that includes a gaming monitor. You most likely won't even hear the thing run.
  13. 1. No 2. No 3. No 4. Yes 5. No 6. Buy a better keyboard 7. Yes 8. Has been discussed before, devs will fix it 9. No
  14. GTX1080 low FPS woes

    New driver 382.19 works like a charm. Gained 10-15 fps, now rocking 85-95 at 1440p
  15. New Player shopping for computer!

    Are you seriously suggesting he should wait a year? The OP needs to tell us his budget and what monitor he intends to use. Then we can actually help him.
  16. GTX1080 low FPS woes

    I might have figured it out as well.. i ran game benchmark (under settings) again, and set my settings as i use them, fps went from 70-75 to 90-100... what the actual fck.. it can't be that simple can it? I'll report more, this seems promising. Edit: Didn't work for long
  17. GTX1080 low FPS woes

    Can confirm 372.90 fixed the low fps issue for me as well (was using latest 382.05 with issues). Went from 1060 to 1080 and I was shocked to see the same or lower fps. Used DDU etc, no difference, 372.90 fixed it straight away. Edit: Just tested 378.92, works good as well.
  18. Unplayable

    Have you tried using DDU to remove your Nvidia drivers, and then install the latest? Which Windows version are you using? I see you're using Fraps, which does not play well with Squad, so try not using Fraps with Squad and use console commands or go into Game settings and Toggle performance stats to display fps and latency. If you're playing with Vsync, turn it off and use Fast sync in Nvidia control panel (should work the same + reduce input lag a bit). Also set your GPU performance to maximum performance and Windows performance as well (could be the reason your GPU downclocks). Other than that, I would suspect the GPU having driver issues and it downclocks to idle states. Check this with either GPU-Z or MSI Afterburner.
  19. Since there is a gazillion threads asking the same question over and over again, I've made a video to help people who are in doubt if their PC can run Squad. Hope it helps!
  20. Can you run SQUAD, the video...

    Hey, thanks Yeah I thought it might not be the best thing to do, don't know why I left it that way. I'll do it better in the next one, where I'll put my RAM speed testing results into video form with a bit more in depth testing as well.
  21. Hello! Mutiny is a new Squad community I've created that aims to bring more people together to play as a team and advance their skill and overall enjoyment of the game. This is not meant to be a full on clan, it's a community where almost everyone is welcome as long as that person goes by a few simple community guidelines, which are in place to keep things civil and fun. HOW TO JOIN MUTINY: - Read the guidelines of this community HERE - Follow this link to Discord if you comply: https://discord.gg/emZdTef - Say hello and message me (MrOcto) and we will discuss the matter - Once you get the a-ok you are free to use the community tag in-game and participate in community events - Have fun! As the community is basically brand new, I'll be looking for players who would also want to play a larger role in this community. So if you want to get more involved please let me know. Thank you!
  22. RX 580 vs. GTX 1070

    Do you have a freesync monitor? if not, get the 1070 as it mops the floor with the rx 580. What clock speed do you run your CPU at? I'm also currently looking at either 1070 or 1080, with a niggling thought of "what if Vega turns out to be good?"... I've got a 1060 right now but 1440p + SS is a bit much for it on some maps dipping into the mid 40's at times (a clear GPU bottleneck as my CPU is more than capable looking at Stat unit).
  23. Geforce GTX 745 Heat problems..

    The GTX 745 is not really meant for heavy gaming tasks. The GTX 660 you own is actually A LOT better than the one you have installed right now. The CPU & RAM you have are fantastic for Squad, so basically, just swap the GPU's (check your power supply first, if it's powerful enough) and you'll be fine. Down the road replace the GTX 660 with something recent, but again, check your power supply to avoid any issues.
  24. Are these specs good?

    These are the results of my short benchmark. Firing range (to remove the player variable) did the same walk with US LMG kit and fired 2 mags in the same direction. I think the rest is on the image. Hope it helps