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  1. Hello! Mutiny is a new Squad community I've created that aims to bring more people together to play as a team and advance their skill and overall enjoyment of the game. This is not meant to be a full on clan, it's a community where almost everyone is welcome as long as that person goes by a few simple community guidelines, which are in place to keep things civil and fun. HOW TO JOIN MUTINY: - Read the guidelines of this community HERE - Follow this link to Discord if you comply: - Say hello and message me (MrOcto) and we will discuss the matter - Once you get the a-ok you are free to use the community tag in-game and participate in community events - Have fun! As the community is basically brand new, I'll be looking for players who would also want to play a larger role in this community. So if you want to get more involved please let me know. Thank you!
  2. Do you have a freesync monitor? if not, get the 1070 as it mops the floor with the rx 580. What clock speed do you run your CPU at? I'm also currently looking at either 1070 or 1080, with a niggling thought of "what if Vega turns out to be good?"... I've got a 1060 right now but 1440p + SS is a bit much for it on some maps dipping into the mid 40's at times (a clear GPU bottleneck as my CPU is more than capable looking at Stat unit).
  3. The GTX 745 is not really meant for heavy gaming tasks. The GTX 660 you own is actually A LOT better than the one you have installed right now. The CPU & RAM you have are fantastic for Squad, so basically, just swap the GPU's (check your power supply first, if it's powerful enough) and you'll be fine. Down the road replace the GTX 660 with something recent, but again, check your power supply to avoid any issues.
  4. These are the results of my short benchmark. Firing range (to remove the player variable) did the same walk with US LMG kit and fired 2 mags in the same direction. I think the rest is on the image. Hope it helps
  5. I am head of sales at a PC store. I used to build systems but through chance moved toward sales, but I still help out when we have bigger tenders to fill for our clients (government and larger firms which deal with video/3D/CAD design). I have a 6700k and 16GB 3000mhz DDR4 at home in my personal rig, I can test it in Squad with 2133, 2400, 2666 and 3000mhz, although it's going to be a bit harder to be precise since Squad does not like Fraps very much. I'll try to post the results tomorrow as I'll have more time then to tinker with things.
  6. I don't think the OP can afford it and/or is willing to spend this much. Which is completely fine. I don't think you need a top of the line PC to enjoy Squad and other games. That i5 7500 & rx480 will do nicely for him at 1080p. Although if he is in no rush, I'd wait to see what RX 580 will be like, performance and price wise.
  7. It supports it. With the Z270 motherboard you can enable XMP on the RAM so it basically "overclocks" itself to 3000mhz, don't worry about it, it's perfectly safe and in spec as the RAM is guaranteed to run at 3000mhz and very easy to do. The Intel CPUs witk K at the end are unlocked CPUs, which means they have an unlocked multiplier which is used to overclock. Non K Intel CPUs have a locked multiplier. For instance, 6700K has a base clock of 4000mhz (40x100), to over clock it you'd change it to 45x100 etc, you can't do that with non K Intel CPUs, although the multiplier will change during use, like when Turbo is engaged or when CPU is idling it will lower the multiplier to save energy.
  8. (this video is actually a bit "flawed" since it has GPU bottlenecks, but I still wanted to include it) In some games it does not make any difference, in some it does quite a lot. As I wrote, it CAN be a difference of 5-10 fps. Also, when buying new stuff I always advise my clients to spend that few extra bucks on such things. As Squad is heavily CPU bound right now (for the most part) faster RAM is better to have. Arma 3 is another game that benefits from faster RAM and is closer to Squad as a game. - Here are some other DDR4 speed comparisons in games: If you have any other doubts please feel free to ask, like I said, I do this for a living.
  9. That CPU is a BOX version, which comes with a stock Intel cooler. It's not the best, but it does the job.
  10. 4,6Ghz is an above average OC for the 6700k, most people get it to 4,4/4,5 Ghz, furthermore 4,7/4,8Ghz is in the "great chip/silicon lottery" range and also requires very good cooling since the 6700k starts to really heat up at the 1,35V mark, while 5,2Ghz has been reported, it is golden chip territory with an expensive custom water loop and most likely not 24/7 operation as it would need A LOT of voltage which is not good for the CPU in the long run. Suggesting one can do 4,6Ghz on "default cooling system" is straight out wrong and could cause damage to the CPU if attempted, so please don't spread disinformation. To reach 4,6Ghz you'd need somewhere around 1,3/1,32V and with a stock cooler it would either throttle a lot or completely overheat and shutdown. What OP needs is a faster GPU in the range of 970/980/1060/Rx480/r9390/r9390x or higher as the GTX 950 he owns is not very powerful compared to those I just listed. When upgrading the GPU please check if your PSU is up to the task (specially if it's a pre-built).
  11. Most likely OC is not stable, I had this issue on my 780ti which was pushed a bit too far. Lower your clocks and try again.
  12. Case: comes with 3 preinstalled fans Motherboard: good mobo for the price, offers OC support down the line for 7600/7700k upgrades CPU: solid CPU GPU: it's a RX 480, expect to max out games at 1080p RAM: cheapest 3000mhz stick PSU: (owned one of these, rock solid PSU - german design, made in china) SSD: good quality SSD ~ 7322 NOK - 804,5€
  13. ReckingOrange can you post a link to the store where you intend to purchase your parts?
  14. Hey Pud, Could you do me a solid and test 2560x1440p EPIC settings (no Vsync or Freesync on) with Stat FPS command in-game, on lets say Fools Road 78/80 slot server? Thanks a bunch!
  15. For that little extra, you can get a smashing gaming PC... So if you can squeeze that extra 80-100€, you'll end up with a great rig. (80-100 cause they charge extra shipping for PC cases)