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  1. Alpha 7.7 Released

    Settings at the bottom, select Game DVR tab, turn to off.
  2. Alpha 7.7 Released

    Yea I'm kinda SOL until they can fix the issues AMD hardware is having, though I'll still play with my 15-25 fps as madening as it can get haha. (un)fortunatly I decided to drink a bottle of wine with the misses and ordered an I7 new mobo and ram.... looks like I have to sell some more guns Anyone in Canada interested in a decked out m14? lolz
  3. GTX 970 100% Usage 30 FPS

    yep same here with the 970 :P
  4. Well after disabling the Realtek I was having issues with my microphone, and was unable to use it, since that i've re-enabled it and have yet to have the issue. so I might be barking up the wrong tree. I still believe the issue is within virtual channel mixing on the comp... but i'm not a pro with this. will keep messing around for now, good luck! - could you try to force the headset into 2.1? in playback devices.
  5. Unfortunate :( when you brought up device manager, for audio video, what was available? I also deleted my cache in app data
  6. okay while reading other issues and messing a bit, I haven't had the issue in a few games, set max channels to 96, had realtek hd audio on the mobo, and disabled it allowing my Nvidia audio drivers to be default. not sure if that's exactly the correction as I tried a few other things, including fps tweaks. But that's seems to have fixed it for me. Cheers.
  7. Same issue here, everything up to date, messed with max channels etc.
  8. What'd You All Get For The Holidays?

    Thos nips look like they could bench press the rest of his body.... Praise Gaben!
  9. What'd You All Get For The Holidays?

    Hmm that's very strange, Sorry to hear that. Did you get it figured out?
  10. What'd You All Get For The Holidays?

    Thank you! still keeping my eye out for a minty No 3. And A CDN Made No4 would be nice. Theres a guy selling a 1911 in .455 webley auto up here, just wish i had the 8K laying around to buy it Sadly no, she's from liverpool, Fazakerley made, in 12/45. the mag is the only unmatching part.
  11. What'd You All Get For The Holidays?

    Oh I suppose, hope this works; Mk VI Gallery: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0Bw0NWQ0QifIwLU5XbjBnZEFxaHc&usp=sharing Thats my minty No4 Mk1 in beech, and a minty No5mk1 in walnut Sorry for the grainy ass cell pics
  12. What'd You All Get For The Holidays?

    Nope, Alberta Canada. It's sorta like Texas, just bigger Never Seen a repro of a webley before. Its original, Served with the Brits in both wars, as per the stamps. Some original blue left on it. Got it for a good price as the cylinder took a beating, and a couple rounds fit tight. But she locks up good and shoot straight.
  13. Welcome to Squad!

    Very Excited, Got into PR very very early on, and kinda lost my way, Just picked it up again recently with my brother. We're Hooked! Can't wait for this!
  14. What'd You All Get For The Holidays?

    Hmm... An AR15, decked out with troy and magpul gear, a 1918 Webley Mk6 in .455(Unchopped!), a Mossberg 590A1 SPX, a 9mm 1911.... A few thousand 5.56 and 9mm rounds... Oh! and an Asus Gtx 970OC to kick ass with! I do believe I had a good haul this year