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  1. Okay working with Havoc we managed to narrow it down to me not using :Admin behind my Steam ID, so this is solved!
  2. Hey there folks, i just rented a server from Host Havoc, and im having issues with the server recognizing me as an admin. I've put our steam Id's in the Admins.cfg file but when i log into the server and try any admin commands, it says invalid access to commands. Is there a step or setting i'm missing? it seems pretty straight forward, yet im posting here for help. Thanks for any insight you can provide, cheers.
  3. Here come the girls

    Very cool!, i'll ask groups I play with to check it out!
  4. MRAP Turret Upside Down Bug

    I've seen this happen multiple times to different emplacements when someone gets shot out of them, its screwed for anyone trying to use it.
  5. From what i've read, the i5 3570k didn't offer much more performance Processing wise, it offered a boost to graphical calculations, but with a graphics card it would be pointless. I recommend the I7 if you decide to go that route, and 16gb of new ram, not just another 8gb stick of what you got, they likely wont work well together. My overall recommendation is to do some research on what you would like to upgrade to next, and save for that. when i built my current rig i wanted to make sure i could upgrade it in the future a few times, so it had a longer lifespan. Cheers!
  6. I'd definitely upgrade the CPU first and foremost, that is a major bottleneck of performance. Then Double the RAM. But there is still no guarantee that will be the solution, Ideally, a new Mobo(DDR4, and a socket that supports an i7(Or go with a new Ryzen setup)), new cpu and new ram with an SSD is what you should be saving up for. whats the highest tier i5 thats compatible with your current mobo? that might be sufficient, along with 16gb of ram. Cheers.
  7. Game Performance

    You Actually played on High settings with that setup? i'm surprised honestly, the Minimum Processor is an i5, while I do get that an i3 8300 should be fairly powerful. To be honest I think everyone here is lacking either a minimum requirement or Vram, or ram in general, like an FX 6300 is far too low even for the listed minimum(FX 8320). Can't say about OP he just listed how much ram he has, not too helpful. I honestly think the minimum/ recommended requirements list is utter BS and always has been, there is no way people running the exact minimum requirements can play this game, impossible. I built a PC just for squad, I7 8700K 4ghz 16 gigs of ddr5 ram gtx 1080sc SSD And I still have the occasional match with poor performance. That being said "It's an Alpha" when it hits Beta is when we'll see major improvements to optimizations for older setups, it's not priority ATM.
  8. Why turn off turret stabilization?

    Ah, now that makes sense, I was unsure of this myself.
  9. Realistic Tank aiming suggestions

    Yea, I think that realistic concepts, potentially not period accurate stuff, should be used to hinder use(to make sure that in-game, you'd better have some skill), instead of being automatic. turret stabilization on modern vehicles, should still be automatic, IMO. They were estimated at 1.5 klicks away. But we don't have Javelins(Redacted). they really can be hard to kill completely. when they're more than a kilometer away, sometimes you cry. a lot. We sent waves of people to them. got a hill? you win, unfortunately.
  10. Realistic Tank aiming suggestions

    Yea, I can attest, this is exactly how tanks have been in the v12 games I've got to see them in, you cant even see them and they're annihilating multiple squads, and their support vehicles in minutes. (unless they happen to drive into the massive craters and get stuck xD) Well since Modern FCS's are much more simple to operate than they were, since they are digital, i'd say that would simply make tanks too deadly, in the sense that we might as well not have infantry, might as well just be a tank fighting sim. From my interpretation, you mean the stabilization shouldn't be manual(I agree, when would you want it off?) But also that its essentially point and shoot on the move. I disagree, the game isn't realism simulator 2019, we have to consider making it actually fun to play for people not in a tank. Source of relevance: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fire-control_system also a family member who was a MBT gunner through Afghanistan for CDN Army, who learned on Korean war Systems to Modern. I think it deserves a skill curve with communication, strategic positioning, maneuvering, AND getting a fire solution with what is provided to you, you can laze the target and adjust fire, maybe 3 shots before you make a connection, with an inexperienced gunner, that's already deadly AF. The first shot is guessing, the second and third is Doping, (Data on previous engagement) Which will improve if your willing to spend an hour at the range and actually learn what you're doing. Also it helps to have a Commander in seat to delegate high value targets, almost immediately, and it works. No, no they will not. NO tank can survive a constant Sabot barrage anywhere on the body, That round is purely designed to turn any material into fiery dust, Stabdard design AT rounds, which a lot of tanks still have available? sure, yes. I'd like to see your sources on any material known to man even diamond that can withstand even 7, Tungsten or Depleted Uranium rounds directly. (Pro tip, even armor made from Depleted uranium or Tungsten will fail after a couple). But i am excited to learn about this material, as it would allow us to travel very quickly through space without worry. Based on the physics alone.
  11. Independence Day: Resurgence

    Thanks for pointing this out, i rented it immediately, and loved it, I think the only person missing was Will smith, which is a bummer, but i still thought it was great, I don't know what people who thought it was bad wanted out of it, what did you expect exactly? Glad to see it!
  12. Squad_JO [Gameplay Modification]

    My god! I LOVED this game!, so happy to see this!! Shout out to all us Novalogic oldboys
  13. Limited Testing - 10/31

    You're correct, I cant find the euro servers anymore, just one Chinese server, and the test server for Troopers. Have you tried playing with the video settings? Do you have Fully Load Textures set to on? that might be giving you issues.
  14. Limited Testing - 10/31

    Did you clear the game cache? what settings are you running/ system specs? I can only find euro servers in the custom servers list.
  15. People who played v12 !?

    Well, with anything in EA, improvements to performance is an on-going problem, not to mention the engine the game is developing on, is in itself going through changes constantly. People seem to think that just because OWI is a smaller Indy studio, the game should look and run like PR BF2 from V1. Its a new engine, if you try to run it on a toaster, then its not really OWI's fault if it isn't playable. They need time to finish the full scope of features, then they can polish for performance, with expansions to the maps being worked on and all the new content set to be put in game, it doesn't make sense to stop everything you're doing to polish it up as if its ready to release tomorrow, to just have to start that process over again with new content coming in. also it seems most people aren't having issues with it. My advice? plan to upgrade your PC, you'll probably need to anyway, and just wait for full release. I built a brand new PC just to play squad, so for me, it runs great.