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  1. The death of a soldier

    Thanks for answering. I havnt played the game i bought the rifleman package, but i have been keeping up with online gameplay. Also do you know if modding will be allowed online?
  2. The death of a soldier

    The death of soldier should be a huge thing, not just an "oh shit he died again" Gore and dismemberment in game can help change the feeling of the game, just like brothers in arms or red orchestra it can make the game feel super brutal and add another level of emersion. also the voices in the game can help add the feeling of "war is hell" Also for gore if you can make it part of the game, like if you blow off your legs you still crawl and shoot as you black out or if your shot in the arm you can only use you other arm to fire you side arm. It makes the bullets feel like a physical thing. Unlike in Arma if you get shot your screen just changes color. If a person gets hit, the character should yell as he gets hit and dust should fly from the area he was hit, it will help indicate if he was hit. I feel like these things would differentiate this from the many Military sims out there.