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  1. How about the crappy engines in the trucks that can barely climb an incline. Or the anti aliasing... Plenty of issues and all you can hope for is at some point they care enough to fix it.
  2. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    Yes we need locked squads. We need to have small squads like command, logistics, mortars that can be locked down so noobs won't join them. Currently over the last few days if I join late there will be 4 full squads and no one else enough to make another. It kind of sucks.
  3. Open Discussion about Squad, as a concept

    I'm not sure if I saw this mentioned before but a simple way to make people care more about their lives is if they can't throw it away as easily. If you die and a medic is within a certain distance, you should not be able to give up until a timer ticks down. Mandatory waiting for a medic to do his job if he is near. I don't know how many times people just click give up when a medic is close. Then after you give up still serve the normal respawn time.