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  1. Low gpu usage in nvidia GTX 680 4GB

    okay, tanks for informations !
  2. Low gpu usage in nvidia GTX 680 4GB

    i monitoring with task manager of windows my cpu i see core individually and my gpu with gpu tweak of asus, i beleve isn't a hardware problem because this happen only with Squad
  3. Low gpu usage in nvidia GTX 680 4GB

    but my cpu usage is around 40%~50% there is some solution for this ? or something that makes this is better?
  4. I have a problem, when entering the squad on an empty server my fps is around 90 and uses 100 % of my graphics card already when entering a full server, my use of the card drops to 60 % and drops to 30 fps this bug happen only with squad! My config: Corsair AX 860 System: Windows 10 64bits Processor: Core I7 2600 3.4 GHZRam: 14gbHD: 2 TBGraphics Card: GTX 680 4 GBSound Card: Sound 7.1Mouse: Razer DeathAdderHeadSet: Siberia V2Mouse Pad: QCKScreen: TV 42 LG + Monitor 15 LG (i am use one screen to play)