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  1. First time my mind got blown by what was possible and what was coming...
  2. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    If we gonna have them, I say squads should be allowed to buddy rally only once per game (like playing a 'joker'). That way it becomes a tactical asset which adds to the game as the SL will have to think carefully about when to do so. It would go some way to alleviating mistakes and long walks - but only once. Maybe ask commander for permission / approval too if necessary as an extra power for them. But once it's gone, it's gone.
  3. Alpha 14 Patch Notes

    Thanks guys - can't wait to try out Territory Control and all the other goodies.
  4. Ranking System?

    I like the idea as long as it's done well - my own take on it would be to 'rank' players in whatever way according to wins and losses only. Yes, you could play well and lose (and cry) but maybe it would improve game play - fewer folks sitting back doing too little and even more fun in close matches. Don't we all feel a little more excitement when there's something to be gained/lost? If you don't like ranks, pay no attention to them and let those that do enjoy their bit of fun. No one has to miss out on anything - and there's always the mute button for rank bores. Also - it might grow the user base and everyone wants Squad to be even more successful.
  5. January 2019 Recap

    GED DO DA CHOPP-err!
  6. IMPORTANT: missing keybinds!!

    I also don't use WASD for movement mate but do use them for other things (I have changed them). You're right about the 'none' part though which is strange. I can still edit them though (just checked) and the order is forward, back, right, left. Maybe it'a a cache clearing thing. Anyway, good luck.
  7. Performance took at hit after 10 release?

    You're right! We were talking about this recently...
  8. Performance and Graphical Suffering

    Short version: antialiasing = TAA, effects NOT on ultra (mine is on high) & don't use Vsync. Enjoy. OR - Read this thread....
  9. A new form of Community Building

    Just read this as it was linked elsewhere today and I think it needs to live again. Great ideas and for those who don't like, surely we could agree on stats and 'medals' for wins vs. losses as they wouldn't change the game-play in any way; just needs a team lock down after 2-3 minutes to avoid jumping across for the win etc.
  10. May 2018 Recap

    There's this from page 1... One of our developers is currently working on an article that will be going in-depth on optimizations. We felt it worth separating it out from the Recap, especially since it's a larger effort overall. Will be sure to announce that when it's ready. =)
  11. Development - Submit your vote now!

    I quite like all of these tbh. Obviously any system that includes players rating one another is open to abuse but as it has no impact on the game it doesn't really matter. People do like to be rewarded and recognised for achievements so why not - some form of ranking/voting persistence might even encourage a larger player base which is good for everyone and it'd be helpful to new starters to work with a 'highly ranked' SL. And finally, most of us who play are male, and we all know how men like a bit of competition! The shared GPS map idea is quite nice too but sounds more difficult to pull off - who knows...
  12. Low FPS good rig

    Just the 'effects' mate. It's something to do with particles as the explosions and smoke look exactly the same to me. Seems like it's a GF series 10 thing. Also, DO turn vsync off as sometimes it will try to run the game a 30fps so that everything is 'synced'. It happens on ARMA as well. Just try it - you'll see what I mean. I got a similar PC to you and doing these two things keeps me in the 50-80 range - even on Kohat. The developers of Post Scriptum have also said to turn Effects down as it's a bug (they say 'cinematic' is the problem).
  13. Low FPS good rig

    Turn your effects to 'low' and vsync off - that fixed my fps (I'm running a 1080). There's already a thread about it.
  14. A few of us have similar - go here for a look. I've got effects on low (with a 1080) and that makes it all work beautifully. Think its something to do with rendering particles as I can't see any other difference in effects.
  15. Was hoping we'd get a GTX series 10 fix in V11/11.1 but I'm still playing with 'Effects' on low to mitigate poor FPS. Seems like the overall performance is up though. Not even sure what 'effects' does tbh. But I want it! Everything else is great as usual.