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  1. Squad in Three Words

    Oh Shit, Grenade!
  2. Communities opinion on VOIP Mute

    I voted yes, but strictly for a 'Critical Comms' button for SL. That button is only for when he REALLY needs to say something, it mutes the squad so he can talk. I think it's a good idea only if we had an SL mutiny function for abusers of said function. I haven't fleshed the idea out, so there's a lot of issues I can foresee, but I haven't met enough shitty players for me to warrant a 1 to 1 mute.
  3. Squad crash do Desktop without any error message.

    Next time you want to upload something like this, do us a favour and use pastebin.com Hope your problem gets sorted, mate.
  4. Incapacitated / Dead Screen

    This is why you have a map. Use it and talk.
  5. If your AAA isn't in a more open position at the beginning of the game to counter exactly the scout choppers. Then there's a problem. If helos go low and can avoid all my AAA then I think they should have tthe visibility. They deserve it. I can only really see this being a problem if helis are added before AAA. Just my two cents.
  6. Medics are da real MVPs

    It's a problem. People will go down and medics will rush to their aid. I get why. You want to help. I get it. It's fucking dumb though. You are the lifeblood of the squad. Assess. Figure your shit out first. Blindly charging into enemy fire guarantees you'll lose all your tickets.
  7. What custom keybinds do you use?

    Firestarter, are you using WASD as well? I don't know how you do it man. Different strokes for different folks I guess.
  8. Squad Leader Recommendation Thread

    Player: rip|Mofficer Nationality: American? Not sure. I'm terrible with accents. Date&time: More than a few rounds spread from Dec 15th. Map: several Just am overall good SL. Doesn't run into the meat grinder and a real thinker.
  9. Squad League streaming now.

    I think a SquadTV YouTube channel as a kind of replay source for any squad league matches would be fantastic. I'm rarely going to be around on weekends and even if I am, I'm typically not going to be watching people play. This would ensure that I can still 'participate' in my own way.
  10. Medics are da real MVPs

    I personally like the butt touching. Informing your squad mate that it's time to get intimate is the best. In all seriousness I'm wondering if the hand out, miracle healing is a placeholder?
  11. Medics are da real MVPs

    No. Medics aren't the real MVPs. It's the people who listen to us. I tell you to throw smoke, you best be already pulling the pin. I tell you to stop staring at me, it's not a joke. It's so we don't both get plugged while you're staring into my pretty eyes. I guess we are the MVPs, but people who listen to us are our MVPs <3
  12. Anyone have any idea what will be in the next patch?

    From what I've read on the forums, rocks need a serious overhaul. :p
  13. "For service, please dial 1800-Explosions. Improvised FUN Devices! We have everything for your Insurgency needs!"

    This happens sometimes. Accidental tks occur. Even if they are shooting blindly. I know I was laying down suppressing fire the other day and I shot a couple people because they ran in front of the tracers. This happens. Whether or not you think they're being douches, you could actually be the one wandering into fire. That happens too. It's a hectic game and we like to think we know what's going on. Sometimes that proves difficult. So no. I think that's a poor idea. Mainly due to the teamkilling that would occur. People aren't reasonable.
  15. Head shots are already in. I've done it multiple times while skulking in the bushes with my squads. Keep an eye on that foliage gents. ;) Unless you mean dead and not down. In which case then no. And I've misinterpreted your post hard. In that case sorry. :p