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  1. Post Scriptum Keys

    Oh maan, I love you guys Stay awesome!
  2. Backer Tag Redeem!

  3. Op First Light map updates (old Forest map)

    Feel free to use the words bellow to make your own names: Crouching Taiga Bronze Age Red Grizzly Last Twilight North Vesper Scarlet Fever Ruby
  4. Squad Leader Recommendation Thread

    Player name: Blackhawk Date & time of round: 26 November around 20-22:00 GMT+2 Map and side: Kohat something (AAS) Act of heroism or good conduct:He was an efficient and likable squad leader, the best I ever met actually, even in PR! He always had a clear objective from the start of every match, co-ordinates with other squads, able to constantly lead the squad even able to make us flank enemy squads effectively, and listened to players requests right away when they needed a RP and he had the ability to provide it. There is nothing in particular to to say here because Blackhawk seems like a very good SL in all aspects. Player name: Kojent Date & time of round: 25 November, and 27 November (18-19:00 GMT +2) Map and side: Forgot the map name for the one on 25th of November but it was through 2 entire matches, Kohat (AAS) on 27th of November Act of heroism or good conduct: On the 25th of November I first played with Kojent as a SL where the rest of my Teammates where new to Squad (not PR veterans) and he kindly and politely (without any condescension) taught them even the basics of the game, like to pressing 6 for the shovel, Left/Right click and hold for Constructing/Deconstructing, and babied them in a manner I didn't expect from PR or Squad SL! On the 27th of November, he was leading us to play in a slow (crouch and aimed), controlling, and very cohesive manner, that had made us into a really formidable squad that managed to stand up to and eventually win every firefight (we played as insurgents). His demeanor was always calm, and I never saw him lash out at players that disobeyed him, he only kicked 2 players once for never sticking with the squad for the entirety of more than half the match, more than justified, but he even apologized to those players and explained why he would do so before kicking them out of the squad.