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    Too Many To List @ My Age, 1955
    BF2, BF4, PR Player RET-USMC

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  1. New Squad Member BF2, BF4 & PR RET-USMC

    EminentEnd, Thanks For The Class, Been Ground Pounding Mostly, Need More Stick Time, Usually PR After Midnight.Job, Weekkends During Day Hours, Will Be Looking For Ya
  2. New Here, But Not To Sim Warfare. Retired Military Vietnam Era Vet, USMC, USAF, US Army, DOD Enlisted 1973, Yep, I'am a Senior Citizen Now, Don't Try & Pick On The Old Man, If You Don't Want To Be Called Son Make Beer For a Living Now, Budweiser, AB/InBev Engr Dept E&I Technician Soon I Will Be Leaving Them As Well. Seen Some Familiar PR Players Here Already. Looking Forward To Squad Gamming. Sempter-Fi
  3. United States Marines USMC Clan

    Reviewed The Current Clan Listing Today, No USMC Clan. You Have To Be a USMC Veteran/Active Duty,ect, You Would Not Be Happy Unless Your With Your Own + Nobody Else Really Understands, It Is Meant To Be More Than a Game. No Nothing Bullshit, No Quotas, No Rank Structure, No Rules, Wouldn't Do Any Good Anyways. Only Here For a Couple Of Reason's ?, #1 Kill'em All Let God Choose, #2 Never Get Too Old Wanting To Kill Something My Reference: 1973 Hollywood Plt 1025, 0351 Wpns Plt, 1stMarDiv FMF CMCC, 5th MAB, 29 Stumps, GITMO You Want To Join Use The USMC Clan Tag, We Will Self Police Ourselves. For Now Add Yourself To This Post, Will Form Up & Contact Otherwise I'm In PR Servers Around Midnight -3am EDT/Job Requirement RET-USMC RET-USMC@Outlook.com Looking Forward To Some Real Fun, Sempter-Fi Bro's! If You Want To Annie-Up, In Your Post/Quote "Yes" Will Start Collecting, & If Goes Well, Will Make The Request Here For a USMC Squad Official Clan 12-15-2015 1240am Waiting On Steam Release Got The Key# See Ya All In There! u Too Gordon, Will Be Looking For Ya.
  4. Inactive Marine looking for clan/group

    You'll Only Be Happy Among Your Own, No One Else Will Understand, Sempter-Fi, Reviewing Clan List Now If No USMC Clan Present Will Start One Here Today.