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  1. Recently I noticed that audio behind me is incredibly quiet, almost nonexistent. Idk what's changed, everything used to be fine. I ran through all configurations, enabling and disabling devices, uninstalling and reinstalling, cleared game cache, etc. I am using steel series siberia 800 through an optical port with realtek hd. I've found that using the windows generic hd audio driver solves this issue, but there has to be a better way. Anyone else experience this? Additionally, I am using fake dolby on my headphones, but nothing is enabled computer side. I'm guessing its an issue with stereo mix on realtek's side, as even when i disabled fake dolby on my headphone, the issue was still present in normal stereo. With the optical cable on realtek, there isn't a way to configure stereo or not, so I'm thinking this is why the generic driver is working currently.
  2. Pixelated textures/objects at distance

    Nahhhhh... I get it, squad is bad, squad looks bad. Seriously i think my AA broke. FXAA is incredibly jagged and TAA is so fkn blurry. For months before i was sitting in a sweet spot right in the middle and now all of a sudden everything looks crazy. I did a fresh install too and it still looks broken.
  3. I haven't played squad in a few days, but I logged back on today and my game felt different. Most noticeably trees, their leaves, are incredibly pixelated, however it seems most objects are suffering from some sort of pixelation or broken AA maybe as edges sort of flicker too. I'm not sure why this is, I haven't changed anything as I haven't played or been on my pc in a few days. I've tried cycling through all the graphics settings, resetting my cache both in game and manually, i updated video drivers, and I've tried manually changing settings from the "usergamesettings" document. Additionally, while trying to fix this issue, I've noticed that running benchmark is actually quite disastrous. It'll drop my resolution to what feels like 540p and trying to switch everything back up wont fix it. It makes seeing things at distance very difficult. Additionally, on the test range, it makes it so signs arent readable until im next to them. That didn't use to be the case. Has anyone else run into this? I'm pretty sure this has happened to me once or twice before, probably years ago when squad was a baby.
  4. Just happened twice. Initially had trouble logging in. Couldn't connect to master server and after it finally connected it took extra long. Then I played for about 6-10 minutes before I was spontaneously logged off. Re-logged fine, played about 1 minute and was then logged off randomly, again.
  5. Improving Medic System

    I know it's still very early but the lack of reliance on the medic scares me. I'm not sure how to improve that but I think one way to help with that would be to nerf the field dressing a bit. Right now it completely halts bleeding. In pr it only slows it down and then you have a bit more time to find a medic. I think if squad went this route we would see a bit more medic play/reliance.
  6. Worried about steam release..

    maybe we could have pr veteran only servers????????
  7. ohh i see. i also just went through the forums and found out what they plan for the medic system. seems A-OK in my book. can't wait for it!
  8. Use Mouse Wheel

    i think that should be page up and page down. mouse wheel needs to be for weapons.
  9. I mean it's only been a couple of days but medics don't seem to be as prominent as they are in pr. This is an issue because people prefer to respawn rather than wait for a medic. I'm not sure how to fix that but I know i'd be a medic more often if the medic system wasn't so clunky. It takes way too long to administer a patch and then switch to the bag and heal. in pr you could switch in a second. same with other weapons. they need to switch faster and not disable our sprint when doing so.
  10. Fatal Error on startup.

    No im still on the older sdk for elite dangerous haha. but it just happened again and it fixed when i turned the hmd off. what kinda testing? not sure if i'd update sdk's because i only use my oculus for elite dangerous who refuses to update their compatibilty until the oculus cv1 comes out, which sucks.
  11. Fatal Error on startup.

    Turned off Oculus Rift and it's fine now. I know UE4 is heavy on VR and stuff but I don't know how turning off the hmd fixed anything.
  12. Fatal Error on startup.

    Played Squad a couple hours fine yesterday. Booted up just now and launched squad. The keyboard layer screen came up and then black and an error message titled, "The UE4-Squad Game has crashed and will close" and says, "Fatal error!" So I tried launching again and i got a fatal error. Each time Squad launches I get a fatal error.
  13. What Conflict/theater You Want To Be Featured In Squad?

    Ukraine would be pretty cool.