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  1. Squad founders- where are they now?

    how do you guys feel about creating a steam group for founders?
  2. Squad founders- where are they now?

    Hey glad to see you guys! Any more founders lurking in the site? We should squad up sometime so we can run around with the skins for those of us that have them working
  3. How many founders are active? I feel like I am the only player with founders skins, could anyone maybe from the OWI side of things provide a number as to how many players have the skins? it doesn't have to be specific more a ballpark. just tyring to gauge the complexity of a project I'm launching. also if you are here in the forums hello fellow early adopter, we should play together sometime!
  4. [SFE] This group was specifically created to unite all the top players in squad that have a founders’ package. The purpose of the group is to create a competitive with the distinct advantage of experience and game evolution. Objective: 1. dominate the competitive arena. #Adapt Requirements: 1. Precise target acquisition. 2. High speed low drag. 3. Radio Lingo. 4. Unit cohesion. 5. Willingness to learn. 6. Founders Skins. 7. 21 and over. 8. English is required. 9. Voice Comms. Intelligence provided: Thermal mapping analysis of high traffic zones in maps as well as “hot zones”. Metagame analysis and knowledge transfer. Learn the secrets of squad. Mechanics breakdown and maximization. “victory is commemorated failure merely remembered” Join at : https://discord.gg/RbaXCJS
  5. I agree that the SL class can be abused, I cant tell you how many times that I have joined a squad a requested a vehicle only to be told by the squad leader due to X reason, tickets, server pop etc. even tho everytime i can Solo or co op a vehicle i can go 40-0 KD and cap i have screenshots to prove it. however, that is a separate thread about how OP vehicles are in the current meta. no the reason for me posting on this thread is that there needs to be a way to define effective Squad leaders, otherwise your online experience may vary. in a game that focuses on communication for effectiveness, there needs to be some form of indicator that this squad leader is good or inexperienced. Clearly, there seems to be a community requirement for this, Please review the solutions proposed: 1. ELO/MMR based system- similar to DOTA/Coh2 et any #esport game. 2. The voting system, when taking command of a squad the name and leadership are voted on by the players. the players receive a % rate of success reflective of the player they are voting on. i.e SturmtigerElrammstein- 100% this means that the player sees my rank as 100% certified to be a good SL by fulfilling most of the stats/or metrics the game deems for meta. this is similar to BLACKWAKE the game. 3. any of the other solutions proposed on this thread. 4 add people you know are good to your steam friends when creating a squad invite them to play with you and teach noobies. create your own discord and be open to fostering and representing the squad community, albeit this will not solve the problem of bad squad leading. Please be aware that at any time anyone can create a squad, however, the squad system rules will apply.
  6. Founder package items

    Founder Patch in-game on your soldier (Delivery date TBD) Founder Tag in the Community Forums Exclusive Alternate Weapon Skins (AK74 and M4) Digital copy of the Squad soundtrack In-game name in Credits
  7. Founder package items

    sent email to support
  8. Founder package items

    hey yall, where and how do i get my founder package perks? are they even in game yet?
  9. Best Super FOB thread

    hahahah its not everyday bro, sometimes u have to push the limits of the alpha and have fun, and blitzkrieg was the only member of the squad building to minimize impact to combat action.
  10. Community content WIP thread!

    please recreate the G43, the mechanics of this game with a WW2 mod would be epic! i would pay for that DLC.
  11. Best Super FOB thread

    best FOB is the fob with most tires. tires are a measure of wealth. pls post pics of ur BEST super foB
  12. Giblets, Blood, and Body Parts[NSFW]

    did the DEVS state that they wouldn't add this?
  13. use cases: unreal engine: RO2 system https://youtu.be/PcjNiRUoM78 KF2 system other: SOF system https://youtu.be/J1leRZfJko8 Brothers in arms system https://youtu.be/q0HcGYF4bk0 https://youtu.be/rNwr-fJdRH4 FEAR: https://youtu.be/OE5blsSsgN0 High level reqs: The game should have blood effects; missing limbs, leaking bodies, brutal dismemberment. Doesn't have to be a Friday the 13th slasher, but a bit more gore would add to the emersion. Players should not be able to recover from a direct RPG blast. RPG's should be a bit more catastrophic in my opinion. Unrecoverable; blurred vision, shell shocked hearing, etc. This would only effect survivors of a blast. Those unfortunate enough to be victims of a direct hit should be vaporized, limbs flying, blood mist in the air. Body parts should be able to be dismembered if enough force is present. Players hit by said RPG blast should be giblets. Vehicles should be brutally honest: getting plowed over by a truck/tank would flatten flesh, and the game should reflect this. running over a player should leave blood on the impact area. blood effects should disappear when the player re spawns.