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  1. PAK error

    have the same issue.
  2. Squad Reviews on Steam

    I can't say i blame what he has written. I'm pretty frustrated about the mouse mechanics; its still in alpha, but trying to aim with iron sights kinda blows. Even with the lowest dpi settings if i move my mouse 1mm it moves a whole block that can fit 3 heads at 100 yards. The recoil is a little harsh even on the ak74 ( which i own IRL and shoot) i can hit a 8in plate at 100 yards standing up in semi. I'm hoping it will get better but i would love more accurate mouse controls, whether that is the lows fps( which i don't have) or the actual mechanics i'm unsure. I hope there are others who feel the same about the mouse mechanics as i do so it can be addressed. If not this game will just end up on a list of uninstalled titles and i'll stick to arma.
  3. I have a similar issue, i use the NUM 5 key as my "backwards" movement key . It wont work at all.