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  1. how to get game?

    Does this help? | open your steam games library, click games, theh click activate product on steam, enter your key, activate, then find it in your library and install
  2. teach them how to play and guide them so they can pass it on to their friends, try to mend the generation of gamers that broke competitive cooperative gaming. everyone needs to do their part
  3. Profile picture issue

    nvm, disregard post, user error
  4. AU-NZ members sign in!

    thanks freezergeezer! joined the steam group just then. I'm also in Perth but from NZ a beer may be in order one day :)
  5. AU-NZ members sign in!

    bang on the mark there, we did have plenty of project reality players. I'm just hoping word has been round the ranks as i've been eagerly awaiting this game since i first saw the kickstarter announcement. It looks like many of the old BF2 community which died around bf3 release will be coming back for a looksie, hopefully it will stick with them.
  6. AU-NZ members sign in!

    Who's been alpha testing? and who's going to be on tomorrow for the steam Early Access release? sign in here! 1600 west Australian time. do we have enough players to populate local oceanic servers?