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  1. Update Notification system

    Actually I think it would be great with a place where server updates are being posted, right now I have no clue when the last server update have been released
  2. FPS drop

    He is just asking if it's a known issue.. and yes it is, after the V7 performance have dropped but will be fixed in the next update(s).. So don't worry! (o:
  3. killing driver/passenger

    Oh really? That's maybe the answer then .. thanks
  4. killing driver/passenger

    No definitely not, but I used the whole mag and it was the Insurgent pickup I shot at
  5. Will it run high/epic settings?

    I have i7 4790K and GTX 1070 and 16 GB RAM - And after the V7 update I have around 50 frames +/-
  6. Project Reality

    See the link I sent, there is a list of servers (Y)
  7. Project Reality

    It's free, why not try it out? (o: http://www.realitymod.com/prspy/
  8. No prob! I suggest you read the guides on the forum, and remember to use the search function before you make posts. Welcome to the community!
  9. No you're not a founder. People who bought it BEFORE Steam Early Access will get a Backer or Founder tag, depending on which package you bought.
  10. killing driver/passenger

    Had an issue yesterday where the driver wouldn't die when I shot at him through the glass
  11. FPS: 60 (almost stable) CPU: Core i7 4790K non-OC GPU: Palit GTX 1070 DUAL RAM: 16GB DDR3 1600MHz Res: 1080p Settings: Epic I'm using Win 10 Home 64-bit and the latest beta driver for my graphics card
  12. notebook hw

    My Laptop with the following specs are having a hard time playing Squad, BUT it is possible if you lower the graphics.. alot.. Specs: Intel Core i7-6700HQ 2.6GHz Nvidia GTX 950M 4GB 8 GB 1600MHz DDR3L RAM
  13. Squad is too hard

    Why should every FPS be about kills??? I like it as it is, no rush.
  14. Ranking system for newbie restrictions

    You asked for a reason, and you got it Maybe you're right, maybe not. In my opinion the main issue is people who are not able to communicate with squad members and other squad leaders. Could be cool with some kind of bootcamp before you are allowed any other role than Rifleman, but again, there could be better solutions. Squad is not made to have progression, and it should not happen.
  15. Ranking system for newbie restrictions

    I got 1036 hours in Arma 3, and played 2 years in a Arma 3 unit as a leader. I can handle the SL role, and I have 50 hours in Squad. EDIT: There should be restrictions for idiots who don't know how to play in a Squad and don't listen.