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  1. Map Enhancements.

    Currently placing icons on the map as well as writing on the map using a colored mouse pointer do not work in a consistent or expected way.It would be helpful if: 1. Icons could be colored or shared with specific members of your squad or team. This helps both teams understand who is putting a hundred swords in the center of the map and why. Different colored icons could help inform a leader's own squad what the plan of attack is, while also communicating non-verbally the plans of other leaders. 2. The colored mouse pointer had an option for a thick or thin line and also made visible by specific members of your squad or team. When icon't don't say enough, bold squigglies and giant X's can get the job done. 3. If a text box could be placed over the map, or a text box appeared when highlighting an icon. The content of the text box could not be charged once it was set at the time of creation. This would allow COs, etc., to track enemy infantry movements over a period of time in the match. 4. An option to view a miniaturized map as part of your HUD, illustrating either the entire map or the immediate area would be helpful. Especially if this minimap widget could be moved around. As an alternative, I for one would welcome a Diablo 1-esque, semi-translucent overlay that could be tioggled.. 5. Consider providing a tiny legend of what one large square on the map is equivalent to in order to optimize placement of forward operating bases. A small viewfinder that appears while using binoculars could also help here. 6. Add a slider below the map that would replay changes presently registering on the map when taking into account a particular team's fog of war. This will help leadership on both teams to make better decisions as well as soldiers who are just getting into the fight.
  2. 1. Foward Operating Bases, otherwise known as FOBs, currently need to be placed ~400m apart. There's no easy way to tell exactly how far way that is. A distance widget in binoculars could work, or maybe a Mechanic with a big spool of wire that he'd have to drop at 400m when the spool was empty? As a bonus, he could use it to ACME style remotely destroy the FOB. This would be great for groups that try to leap frog their forward operating bases. Or an Electrician Class who had a radio frequency receiver that was rigged to gauge distance from signals, or intercept enemy communications. Heck if I know. There's a lot of neat ways to solve this problem if it's something you all have on the radar and want to solve. 2. There is currently a height limit, stack limit or both when building fortifications for forward operating bases. At least on all of the maps besides the one for training. It would be great if we could build one bunker on top of another or if we could build a barrier that's four sandbags tall, or a hesco that's five units tall. I want a four-story bunker. Is that such a crime? Fine, make us buy expensive support beams, then. 3. Flooring or ceiling tiles would be great. They would help deflect some damage from explosive ordinance that can be thrown or fired at range. They would also allow us to build multi-story free-standing structures, which is great. 4. Offer UI selections in the Deployables Menu for multiples of a smaller item. For example, if I choose razorwire, make me pay more by selecting three. You can even make them take longer to build. But dropping it into the map with two stakes instead of six stakes bunched together, all pointing different ways, will save friendlies a lot of holes in their uniforms as they go ham with their shovels. 5. Offer a proper ladder that can be extended or have other ladders connect to it 6. Camouflage netting for both hiding and climbing would be great. Particularly if this was a deployable that could be used to breach enemy compound walls or cover an ammo box. 7. Enable items to snap together when placing items in the UI. Alternately, allow the person constructing these items to hold a button down after selecting the deployable they want to build, which will show nearby positions where the object can be built. Maybe even mark them with function key numbers so that the builder can simply hold one button and then press another to get the orientation they'd like. Way less fuss. 8. Stairs or ramps. Please. 9. Pre-fabricated templates. These could be more expensive and take longer to build, but save teams time as they try to reinforce a forwarding operating base. 10. Digging would be great. Particularly if we can put mines or razor wire where we dig. Digging pits with spikes at the bottom would be even better, but I don't want to push my luck. 11. Shrubs/Branches/Twigs/Trees. I would pay a lot of Construction Points to be able to rip a few shrubs up and drop them around my radio. 12. Let us build in some locations, even without a FOB. Like captureable forts on the outskirts of the maps. This would make the teams coin toss from the start. Is it worth it to run out there from spawn, hope the enemy isn't there and have a well-fortified area or spawn point for the better part of the game, yet at the expense of losing multiple flags? I spent a few hours on a 'Training Server' today and loved how free you are to build there. There's a screenshot floating somewhere around on the interwebz of my half built sandbag serpent, wrapping itself around an antenna in the distance. I'd love to see more of that freedom in the game. There's potential for real reward by investing your time in base building, but there's also real risk that your base will never be seen by the enemy because they've decided to rush through the flags and are now parked at your main. 13. Is everyone happy with the construction point renegeration rate and the pricng on some of the deployables? I feel like the developers should maybe revisit? Also, please don't let us place radios or hideouts under water. That shouldn't work and no one can see anything or anyone under water from above water, anyway. 14. Incendiary Grenade the Lawn? It'd be great if we had a way to get the grass shorter or burn a field down. 15. Surely we have the technology to tie a ladder to a tree and build a tree post at the top , don't we? Thanks for reading and please let me know what you think.
  3. Are there plans to have the different roles have different movement and stamina speeds? I would imagine that the Marksman should run faster than the Automatic RIfleman. or Anti-Tank Infantry and that his stamina should regenerate faster, too. He might even move faster with that flimsy uniform. With military gear weighing significantly more than stuff duct-taped together or bought second-hand, I can't imagine that the Militia and Afghan factions wouldn't have a tiny advantage. Regarding item swapping, are there any plans to allow players to drop or trade clips of ammo or weapons? Is being able to pick up the weapons of fallen enemies and allies in the cards?
  4. People hop on Training Servers to train. Often on their own time and with few, if any companions logging in to train with them. Why not make all kits available regardless of squad size for training servers that are dedicated to running the Jensen map? This would enable people to join an empty Training Server and brush up on their under-barreled grenade launcher skills. Thoughts?
  5. Construction Suggestions.

    I'm with you, I don't think castles necessarily have a place. I think that a raised bunker, a trench with barbed wire, or a sandbag more than three stacks high probably does.
  6. 1 Faction vs. 1 Faction can get old and fast. Not to mention, sometimes you're on the same team shooting with people you'd rather be shooting at. Why not have >2 factions statically available on a map during a given match, or allow squads from one of the two main factions to 'defect' and form their own faction during the round as militias?
  7. Construction Suggestions.

    I think that it should definitely be changed if any of my other suggestions were taken into account. I'd like to see the points queue prior to placing a FOB, or have a higher construction point maximum. You could tie this in as a bonus for having a Worker/Mechanic/Handyman in your squad. He doesn't get a great gun (maybe the Medic 45 Semi-Auto that just came out for one of the factions), but he's got a wrench to build things faster with, his squad generates construction points faster or has a higher construction point maximum and maybe the squad leader can build an extra type of building or something by virtue of having the otherwise bad pick in his group. To be honest, even without making any other changes, making a defensible FOB takes a ton of time and causes you to miss a lot of the action currently. Someone needs to wait for 20+ seconds for you to drop the Ammo Crate if it's requested. Then you can either spend the next ten minutes waiting until you hit 100 and alternating between razorwire and sandbags or you can go find something to shoot at with your squad. After you've repeated that process one or two times, if the enemy hasn't already taken down on your pathetic FOB by then, you can spend your hard earned, currently capped 1000 construction points to build those two Hesco Walls you've been dreaming of. You could also link construction point generation/maximum to the size of the squad, similar to what you did with roles. This would ensure you didn't have a bunch of three man squads running around building castles in the sky, but a nine man squad ready to hunker down and get some fortifications up could do so much faster. For what it's worth, that isn't very different from how establishing a forward operating base might work in a real world scenario. Being the squad leader with more shovels in his squad means more stuff gets dug. 1. Less fortified POSes are camped more often, which frustrates everyone. 2. Less fortified POSes are placed less often as a team with low ticket counts becomes more risk averse. 3. Many squads place POSes in pre-built compounds for a reason. Making even a waist-high perimeter fortification a fraction of the size of a compound takes too long (waiting for the points, hitting it with the shovel, checking for any gaps, getting mowed down as you place the last one, etc.). 4. Fortified or not, many POSes are susceptible to stuff that can be thrown and stuff that comes with backsplash and goes boom. I like to imagine scenarios where it's easy to heavily fortify POSes, build radiuses are a bit larger but are restricted from overlapping with capture zones for objectives, etc. This gets squads off the beaten path in terrain they're unfamliar with because that's where the enemey SuperPOS is and the last time they saw this area they were alt tabbed refreshing Reddit while AutoIt auto-ran them to the next flag. Giving us something that's defensible (maybe even capturable?) particularly if it were randomly generated (or we could keep it random for you) helps with replayability by making the matches less linear. It also rewards leaders for their ingenuity and creativity.
  8. They definitely need to address the resemblance. A battle royale of multiple factions adds a ton of fun to what would otherwise be a simple tug of war between two factions, in my opinion.
  9. comm. indicator on map

    I'd be all for this. Especially if it could be included on the compass. A pulsing green dot means I can quickly identify the direction of the downed squadmate inside 20 meters.
  10. Any information would be greatly appreciated, particularly if it would be permissable to set these up before the 15th in anticipation of EA.
  11. Freezer it says I don't have permission to view the page. Any ideas? I'm happy to make a donation for a server key or two if that's something you guys are open to.
  12. What job do you got?

    Principal IT Architect.
  13. Nova Tactical, otherwise known as 'NovaTac' or 'NOVA', will have an open recruitment from December 5th, 2015 through February 5th, 2015, or until we've reached 36 total members. NovaTac is, by design, envisioned as a tight-knit mature group of gamers that enjoy playing different games in a very tactical or strategic way. We are not a MilSim clan, to the extent that not all MilSim aligns with our core values of respect, recreation, efficiency and victory, in that order. To be specific, a lot of MilSim devolves into pontificaton and roleplay (how many times do I need to hear 'how copy', really?) You can read more about NovaTac on our Steam Group Page, here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/NovaTacSquad Feel free to add me on Steam if you have any questions. Thanks!
  14. Anyway to change Name?

    Having trouble with forcing the sync as well. Logging in with the new name doesn't work.
  15. Squad Leader Recommendation Thread

    I've added a response in the other thread. I make my best effort to keep it factual and there's even some math behind the decision.
  16. Don't you love it when a plan comes together? I know I do. However, anyone who has led a squad in this game or others (ArMa, Insurgency, PlanetSide 2, Red Orchestra 2, MoH:AA, etc.) knows the experience is akin to herding cats. Cats named Rambo. That have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. .. and seek immediate gratification or lose interest. With respect to Forward Operating Bases, these improvements can help keep these cats engaged. Even when all is lost, these improvements can save a squad some run time as the leader desperately chases one of the cats, hoping to get close enough before being peppered with bullets in order to drop a fresh rally point. 1. Give us Engineers. An engineer kit with an improved shovel or wrench could allow one squad members to hang back with the squad leader at the forward operating base and build it up while the others push in toward an objective or establish an overwatch. An engineer kit could also move a bit slower, but have a giant spool of 400m wire with an indicator on their HUD showing when they will run out of wire. When trying to leap frog your FOBs, this would provide an in-game mechanic for (1) rendering the previous FOB defunct remotely and/or (2) knowing when you're 400m from the previous FOB in order to place another. The latter feature could also be accomplished via some portable antenna or radio frequency tool that analyzes the distance from a radio signal. 2. Enable the Squad Leader to get his hands dirty and shovel with his troops instead of just standing there amidst a sea of metal posts. The squad leader needs to be at the forward operating base any time he wants something built, because he needs to place it and then hang around so the metal posts don't de-spawn. In my opinion, the squad leader should either have a shovel, or have the ability to swap his kit out and build what he's placed. Currently, when trying the latter, the structure will de-spawn after you've swapped your kit out and shoveled a few times. Consider allowing the structures that have been placed and are under construction to persist after the squad leader has swapped out his kit. Thanks!