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  1. CAF Patch and Alpha 16 Status

  2. Fuel, Food & Water

    don't forget toilet paper
  3. Why I dont want Helicopters

    @NaCly try to see it this way... the amount of "get to the choppa" sentence will have an increase on the long period. here a comparison but I think you have to consider that the idea of the chopper is linked to the idea of 50vs50 players
  4. The Worst Part of v12

    Men In Black 2

    After at least 6 months without playing Squad I joined a match (teamleader (M)Conor). Best game ever, didn't laugh so much since arma 2 time back in the 2010. Two highlights: - a BTR not able to climb out of a ditch - the run on a supply truck to reach the new FOB, followed by a mine on the road and the deadly silence by the teamleader. thanks guys, seriously this was great.
  6. Farm 51 - World War 3

    How dare you ? On the left side of the minimap you can see the outstanding performance... I mean, quite normal performance... with 32 or less player... maybe a 30hz server tickrate... ok performance are shit as normal. At least the grapich end effects seems pretty good, for comparison, Insurgency: Sandstorm (UE4) run same or worst than WW3 and the grapich is quite the same with Insurgency (source engine)
  7. August 2018 Recap

    Question about the tank, in the trailer the infantry run quite near the tank even when he is firing. Will you add some kind of effect ? Not something ultrarealistic like Arma ACE mod where you become deaf but something like the one in CoD Modern Warfare when you escort the tank, if you are too close to the tank when he is firing you have a confused camera and tinnitus in the ear.
  8. July 2018 Recap

    It's repair time....
  9. Why is there "free weekends"

    They tried the "slavery weekend" but it did not end well (they are still working on whip as a secondary weapon)
  10. Performance and Graphical Suffering

    Damn you have a meat machine and can't get 60... mmm... set apart the fact that I'm really sorry I think that no, is not normal for a PC with this spec to don't reach it at 1920x1080 resolution. You should get more for sure Now I remember the graph setting that can hit the FPS, the "super sampling" parameter
  11. Performance and Graphical Suffering

    - CPU : i7 5820k - GPU : Strix 980 Ti - Ram : 64gb 2800mhz - Resolution : 1920x1080 Last time I play, on an 80 player servers (depend on the map) FPS were 70/90 with drops to 40/45. It's strange because your 8700K have a clock frequency of 4,7 GHz and game like Squad have a great benefit on this (since they use 2 cores at max). At what resolution do you play ? Did you try to "play" with graphic setting ? (usually it does not change the FPS except for one parameter, but I don't remember the name) And standard question: Did you clear your cache ?
  12. How to delete a topic

    Try to use The Infinity Gauntlet
  13. Where Did My FPS Go?

    Normally I don't give this tips but since is an emergency
  14. Squad optimization

    Since Squad need basically 1/2 cores with a high IPC and clock, maybe the best choice is this: https://ark.intel.com/it/products/126685/Intel-Core-i5-8600K-Processor-9M-Cache-up-to-4_30-GHz is a six core, so it can cover also the optimized game (very few today). But please don't change the CPU only for one unfinished game. I ask a refund for Kingdom Come Deliverance in 2016 due to the poor performance of the Beta and now I see that they made a game that use my 5820k like no other games (except BF1 and The Division)
  15. v10 Weapons Handling and Control

    Automatic fire before V10 after V10
  16. Alpha 10 Public Test

    I think UTC time is the same as London time... so, 6 PM (18:00) https://time.is/UTC
  17. Hell Let Loose - Who's backing it then?

    no problem, no need to hurry since the alpha is programmed for Q1 2018. If you need update ask again here or send me a PM.
  18. Hell Let Loose - Who's backing it then?

    the last "telegram" on discord was on 8 of December and was a link to the facebook page:
  19. That's very strange. My situation is: Squad patch 9.17 FPS: ~85/90 minimum - 130 maximum (single player Al Basrah map) CPU: i7 5820K @ 3.3Ghz÷3.6Ghz GPU: GTX 980 Ti Strix 1317Mhz max Boost RAM: 64 GB in QC 2800Mhz Cl 16 Squad on an 3TB HD 7200 rpm res 1920x1080
  20. Hell Let Loose - Who's backing it then?

    they are active on the discord page https://discord.gg/NQGWzX