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  1. How to delete a topic

    Try to use The Infinity Gauntlet
  2. Where Did My FPS Go?

    Normally I don't give this tips but since is an emergency
  3. Squad optimization

    Since Squad need basically 1/2 cores with a high IPC and clock, maybe the best choice is this: https://ark.intel.com/it/products/126685/Intel-Core-i5-8600K-Processor-9M-Cache-up-to-4_30-GHz is a six core, so it can cover also the optimized game (very few today). But please don't change the CPU only for one unfinished game. I ask a refund for Kingdom Come Deliverance in 2016 due to the poor performance of the Beta and now I see that they made a game that use my 5820k like no other games (except BF1 and The Division)
  4. v10 Weapons Handling and Control

    Automatic fire before V10 after V10
  5. Alpha 10 Public Test

    I think UTC time is the same as London time... so, 6 PM (18:00) https://time.is/UTC
  6. Hell Let Loose - Who's backing it then?

    no problem, no need to hurry since the alpha is programmed for Q1 2018. If you need update ask again here or send me a PM.
  7. Hell Let Loose - Who's backing it then?

    the last "telegram" on discord was on 8 of December and was a link to the facebook page:
  8. That's very strange. My situation is: Squad patch 9.17 FPS: ~85/90 minimum - 130 maximum (single player Al Basrah map) CPU: i7 5820K @ 3.3Ghz÷3.6Ghz GPU: GTX 980 Ti Strix 1317Mhz max Boost RAM: 64 GB in QC 2800Mhz Cl 16 Squad on an 3TB HD 7200 rpm res 1920x1080
  9. Hell Let Loose - Who's backing it then?

    they are active on the discord page https://discord.gg/NQGWzX
  10. Release - Alpha 9.12

    We can do better...
  11. Stuttering, need some input!

    The paging problem happens (in my memory so I could be wrong) if you have a low amount of RAM (like Psyrus 6 Gb or your 8 Gb). As @Psyrus say, after he put 16 Gb problem was solved. Of course put an SSD could help, but I think it will cost less if you find a pair of RAM benches that are the same of the one you already have (in my opinion). Regarding the use of your HDD, I have a set of 32 Gb of RAM and when I start this game (and another game made with UE4, Thunder Tier One) my HDD go on rampage, it calms after about 3 minutes (but I have to sacrifice a virgin, this is why I play Squad very few times)
  12. Hello all, a newbie has arrived

    Hello and welcome
  13. New Player in town.

    Welcome and good luck
  14. Hi all! New to Squad here.

    Hello and welcome
  15. Optimization

    absolutely, thank you.
  16. Optimization

    This is good, but remember, the final product could not be perfect. Meanwhile... A tips for increase fps
  17. Optimization

    Actually I prefer to repeat that they programmed the optimization phase clearly with the Beta, so I like to think that the real optimisation will come very later (I don't know if V10 mean Beta).
  18. Optimization

    Gamegpu page have the possibility to change the language on the top of the page, in fact I use the english language normally; my fault, in the hurry I post the original page. Normally I choose gamegpu (there is a german site that make a really good job however, but is only in german) because it show a good game benchmark include the load cores of the CPU (and more other info). My whole post was made to reply at the comment: Zylfrax791 ask if the "single core specific to just the Squad game logic or is it a trait of UE4?". " isn't pushing the bar whatsoever in graphically or even scale of game. It also doesn't have nearly as bad as performance as squad. " No one of these new games with UE4 are pushing nothing in terms of graphic or on a scale of game. the sense of the multiple link is based on the fact that that most the games linked are made with Unreal Engine 4 (including games from UE4 Developers) to point out that the "1 core" is a thing in most of the game with UE4. Actually Squad using the cores of CPU like the other UE4 games The link to non-UE4 game engine is only to point out 3 things: - that other games developed with different engine have the same "problem" (Deliverance and Sniper Ghost Warrior) - that other games developed with different engine have not the same "problem" (Doom, Crysis etc.) - that other games with same engine work differently: Sniper Ghost Warrior is new and Crysis 3 is old, both use CryEngine 3 but the cores use are completely different... however both receive better performance from more number of cores instead of high clock and IPC (in fact a 5960X at 3 GHz is better than a 6700 at 3,4 GHz) I tried Star Citizen on August 2016 (one of the free Alpha tests) and on Arena Commander area (a big map where you fight swarm of enemy) the performances was not so bad (100/120 FPS) while the game used all of my core quite equally (on a 5820K, test made with MSI Afterburner). Of course on multiplayer is a shit (and not only on FPS performance but also on input lag) but on a point of view of CPU cores use is perfect; I think that the problem is related to the netcode. And there are a lot of people that have fun online at 20 FPS... what a lovely day for games. Regarding PUBG performance... I don't have it but if barely 50/60 FPS on a top machine is good maybe it means that "Human eye cannot see beyond 60 FPS" is the new standard. The Witcher 3 does not benefit from something that is more than 4 cores, it's true, but it still have a better distribution of load on CPU than other UE4 games. For my point of view, the use of one core at 80/100 % and the other cores at 5/20 % is not a good thing (it's only a personall obsession, which I inherited from Total War Rome 2, the ****** optimization I never see, like Arma 3). Regarding Gear of War 4, I perfectly know what you mean: http://gamegpu.com/action-/-fps-/-tps/gears-of-war-4-test-gpu This make me start think in a bad manners to the whole new gaming based on: - crowfunding game that point on good graphic and mediocre performance. - AAA games that are not so different from crowfunding games but cost at least the double. Did you notice how the workload on CPU is well balanced in Gears of War 4 ? Each time I see it I think that make a good CPU optimization cost a lot more than saying procedural sentence like "the game ask a lot resources and is better to have a frequency CPU". Since each time I see this I become sad I link a funny thing completely OT. http://i.imgur.com/YNtLpwW.gifv thank you
  19. Optimization

    Is exactly what I think, and is not only in Destiny but, for example, also in Hellblade or Playerunknown's.
  20. Optimization

    It's an Unreal Engine 4 "features". As per others UE4 games: http://gamegpu.com/mmorpg-/-онлайн-игры/fortnite-test-gpu-cpu http://gamegpu.com/action-/-fps-/-tps/hellblade-senua-s-sacrifice-test-gpu-cpu http://gamegpu.com/mmorpg-/-онлайн-игры/playerunknown-s-battlegrounds-test-gpu-cpu even on Epic Games games: http://gamegpu.com/mmorpg-/-онлайн-игры/paragon-test-gpu http://gamegpu.com/action-/-fps-/-tps/unreal-tournament-test-gpu.html But it seems a logic choice also for other games: http://gamegpu.com/rpg/ролевые/kingdom-come-deliverance-beta-test-gpu-cpu http://gamegpu.com/action-/-fps-/-tps/sniper-ghost-warrior-3-test-gpu and there are other games that seems to use quite correctly the PC resource: http://gamegpu.com/action-/-fps-/-tps/crysis-3-2013-retro-test-gpu-cpu http://gamegpu.com/rpg/ролевые/the-witcher-trilogiya-test-gpu-cpu http://gamegpu.com/action-/-fps-/-tps/doom-api-vulkan-test-gpu http://gamegpu.com/action-/-fps-/-tps/destiny-beta-test-gpu-cpu http://gamegpu.com/mmorpg-/-onlayn-igry/star-citizen-test-gpu.html Personally I do not complain too much recently, I'm just waiting for this famous V10 and I always remember that they promise "optimisation" (whatever it is meant for anyone) with the Beta. But to be honest, since the "one core" is a feature of the engine itself I don't think the dev's will improve the game over some point, especially if the idea is the "100 player on 1 server with a big map full of vehicle, bullet drop, penetration etc.". Maybe (since we are still in alpha) is better to change the whole idea of the game and be less demanding, especially on the number of player, we could try to reach a compromise between backers/player and dev's; 64 player could be acceptable ? https://mordhau.com/faq/#what-is-mordhau
  21. Suggestion about the game

    I don't think is a problem that dev's could resolve, even the Epic Games don't make it happen on their games: http://gamegpu.com/action-/-fps-/-tps/unreal-tournament-test-gpu.html http://gamegpu.com/mmorpg-/-онлайн-игры/paragon-test-gpu and each Unreal Engine 4 game work the same: http://gamegpu.com/mmorpg-/-онлайн-игры/fortnite-test-gpu-cpu http://gamegpu.com/action-/-fps-/-tps/hellblade-senua-s-sacrifice-test-gpu-cpu http://gamegpu.com/rpg/ролевые/kingdom-come-deliverance-beta-test-gpu-cpu and the only other game with UE4 multiplayer that I know work the same as Squad: http://gamegpu.com/mmorpg-/-онлайн-игры/playerunknown-s-battlegrounds-test-gpu-cpu I'm waiting Mordhau to see if we reach 3 on 3 https://mordhau.com/forum/ For running the game: (trolling mode on) "upgrading your PC" "overclocking" "the game have a lot of "things" and need a decent PC to run" (trolling mode off) According to some dev's messages I saw on internet (on this forum and reddit page) the new animation system will give a a little boost to the performance. Meanwhile please remember that they will put main effort on performance during the Beta, so this not the time for optimization. We have to patiently wait.