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  1. http://i.imgur.com/mV9bFz7.gifv
  2. I'm from europe, if I buy it do you think you can install it ? I can buy still 1 copy for sure (maybe 2 but I have to check).
  3. Lack of money or economic price outside of Canada ?
  4. Practically it is any kickstarter project, even Squad. Maybe get hyped for a little trailer and a gif is too much but today all the AAA are pretty much the same and maybe people only want a remastered of game like the first Rainbow Six or the first Ghost recon or (like in this case) Swat. I got hyped for Rising Storm 2 and already buy it, still waiting to try the alpha.
  5. Maybe they can add the radio operator who have to stay near the squad leader to call air/artillery support. Or put some trigger that work together with smoke grenade (red one)
  6. what's your PC specs ? just for curiosity.
  7. Instead of nerf we can directly use nerf gun
  8. Dont worry Thats the big 1 core CPU bottleneck since Squad started nothing Ryzen specific ,we will have to wait if the promised Animationrework will solve this knot or not. Besides the 1 core problem (that I still don't understand if is an Unreal Engine 4 problem) I have also the doubt that the game have some kind of problem related to the use of thread, especially when there are intense firefights with a lot of sounds... same problem of Arma series games and is not good (once again, I still don't understand if is an Unreal Engine 4 problem)
  9. From 65 to 43 frames in a server with 70/80 players. Especially during intensive firefight and a lot of sound around. This problem is very similar to Arma series and I think it's related to the use of thread (but I think this is an Unreal Engine 4 problem)
  10. If I understand the situation, the patch could be delayed if they meet some kind of problem:
  11. or... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Patriot_(1998_film)
  12. Is not possible to use the Steam Family Sharing function ? If your brother will never use Squad you could use it without problem.
  13. only for clearance on bullet dimensions
  14. Depend on the mood, when I really want to play this kind of game yes... otherwise no; just a question of mood. Moreover remember that is not even 60 steady, yesterday on 3 people server I shoot to a tree... drop from 120 to 75/80 for a few second; so I guess that when I do this on a full server I will reach 20 fps... good during an intensive firefight on a mobile phone game. As in the game, the important is to reach the objective... and we will never reach it if part of the team start to say "30 fps is acceptable" like I recently read around on the forums, this kind of comments is the reason that a lot of game run bad on all PC. Actually only the 7700k can give this range, there is something around the forum but I don't find the link, I remember something like 75 to 100 fps on a full 80 player server. Happy to wait, as I said before even to the beta. I repeat, is a game "from gamer for gamer" and if they need money they have only to ask, or if they need time they only have to release the game later. The only thing I don't need is a fast paced mix between arma 3 (that is more slow than Squad and 60 rock solid could be acceptable) and a generic shooter full of people happy to have a 1000/2000 $ PC and play at "smooth" 50 FPS on a 100 hz monitor, in 2017/2018, using 1/2 core of a CPU... I like old thing but I have a limit. This decision is in the hand of the community, a good tactical FPS, or a tactical FPS for consoles, where is better to set a 30 FPS cap. Unfortunately, is a small team, with limited amount of money (don't know how much they have now in the budget but surely they're not a big company like EA or Ubisoft or any other, so no money to waste), with an engine under build (recently UE4 received an update), and they put a very very very incredible high goals (100 player in the same server, simulated Newtonian physics, with vehicle and maybe choppers and planes). Personally... I like this, big goals, small team (compared to other company); but even if i like the project I would not become a super fanboy who accept a barely performance in exchange to a shiny chopper who can be personalized with a new fancy patch Luckily for us, developers know what play a game is (multiplayer PvP, not single player or co-op, big difference) so I give them my trust. Welcome to the club, normally 45-65 on full 80 people server (depending on the map and the situation) on a 5820K. If I can, I prefer to play on a 50 players server where i can reach a good performance. The focus on optimization will be for the beta and, to be honest, I don't think that the actual PC's could run the game at the final release because it will contain a lot of things and it will need a new good PC based on the best components.