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  1. Competetive Gaming – How to make it

    I think there is a misunderstanding, when I wrote "30 hz tickrate" I mean server tickrate, that is equal for all, depend on the server. If I remember correctly Overwatch use 60hz tickrate server that is good. On battlefield 3 and 4 a lot of people reach 100 or more FPS with no problem, but netcode problem was generated by 30 hz servers. One of the biggest news about Battlefield 1 was the servers at 60 hz. tickrate. For what I remember the Unreal Engine 4 server tickrate is 52 hz, but the more player join the lowest tickrate become 30 hz.
  2. Competetive Gaming – How to make it

    If all player play at same FPS maybe is not important, but if you play at 40 FPS and the other play at 80 FPS is another story. There is also the problem of stable FPS... is not so good when you run at 80 FPS and during a grenade explosion it drop to 25/30 FPS. Moreover, the server tickrate is important as much as a stable FPS, 30 hz tickrate normally generating netcode problem... is hard to be competitive if you get killed after you run behind a cover. In my opinion... but also a slowly game like Combat Mission: Shock Force could be competitive (in a different way from a first person shooter, tactical or not)
  3. May 2017 Monthly Recap

    Unfortunately that knife will be available for founder only, together with a new vehicle skin: Canyonero and a new pistol: but for the backer they are working on a new skin for the knife:
  4. May 2017 Monthly Recap

    next weapon
  5. I want to buy a pistol or a revolver

    If your shooting range have some rents some pistols/rifles I suggest you to try before. For example, I don't like the glock pistols in general, but I still like an "old" pistol like Beretta 98SF or an H&K USP (both 9 mm and .45).
  6. 144Hz/1ms response time

    You are perfectly right but it's difficult for me to find a 144 Hz (1080p I supposed) with 1 ms latency at a reasonable price. Moreover I guess that a person who want a 144hz have decent PC to run at 144 fps to synchronize on games. Except for Squad... a good monitor for Squad will be a CRT with locked 60Hz.
  7. 144Hz/1ms response time

    Try this: https://www.amazon.it/liyama-PL-GB2488HSU-B1-Monitor-Nero/dp/B00IPN552M or this: http://www.benq.eu/product/monitor/xl2411z
  8. More optimization!

  9. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!!!!

    I'm from europe, if I buy it do you think you can install it ? I can buy still 1 copy for sure (maybe 2 but I have to check).
  10. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!!!!

    Lack of money or economic price outside of Canada ?
  11. Practically it is any kickstarter project, even Squad. Maybe get hyped for a little trailer and a gif is too much but today all the AAA are pretty much the same and maybe people only want a remastered of game like the first Rainbow Six or the first Ghost recon or (like in this case) Swat. I got hyped for Rising Storm 2 and already buy it, still waiting to try the alpha.
  12. Release: Alpha Version 9.4

    Maybe they can add the radio operator who have to stay near the squad leader to call air/artillery support. Or put some trigger that work together with smoke grenade (red one)