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  1. Fixing healing yourself while prone

    That's what she sai....ok nvm
  2. Giving Up easily / Ticket Wasters

    About this, when I play medic (admitedly only about 10% of my playtime) I find that when you're trying to heal people everyone is in a fight. It's when the most people get injured and the mic channel is used the most. It's difficult to then find room to give a lot of detail as to where and when you can heal them, so you end up using local which not everyone might hear if they didn't die in a pile. Perhaps having a medic channel that can only be heard by medics and dead people over any distance in your squad? Would clear space so that you can keep everyone informed as to whats going on.
  3. Multiplayer Consistency in Squad

    Watch that guys videos on squad. Notice how he doesn't even bother to use ingame comms and 95% of what he says is over teamspeak? Including enemy callouts. In one video of the group of them one of them complains a guy is echoing on teamspeak because "you use in games comms a lot". You know, like you're meant to. JF knows how to play battlefield, I'm not sure he knows anything about squad though, nor do I think this video is aimed at this type of game at all. Backed up by the fact the two games he mentioned are CS:GO and battlefield which are just not comparable here. Also when he describes it in this video he makes it sound incredibly boring and not something I'd design into a game.
  4. Pushing players

    I've never had any problem with people deliberately blocking doors. The first time it happened to me yesterday I asked him politely to move and he did. If a guy is blocking your door deliberately and wont move, shoot him in the face. Problem solved.
  5. Bullets at the moment travel where you are aiming, you know, so that skill plays a part in shooting people. Another word for your kind of "suppression" (as in not hitting them even though you're aiming perfectly) is called missing. It's random, it's horrible, it shouldn't happen. If they want acogs to zoom in less it's probably this way because snipers are not in yet. But they're fine now. Recoil is fine now. Iron sights are fine now but the devs have said they're changing them so you might get your horrible wish. Tl;dr. You might want to play Arma. Seems to have all the things you want and is a much more boring game because of it.
  6. Why do we always have to sprint into contact.

    You can slow it down if you want. I'd rather get to an objective before dying of old age. Don't worry, I'll have it capped before you get there so you can wait around while I cap the next one.
  7. No option for ACOG / Aimpoint

    All US soldiers get red dot except medic I believe, and the squad members who choose the acog kit. They are limited roles with a squad and US only. If you're playing militia, insurgents or russia you wont get optics. Although optics for russians are in production and coming apparently.
  8. Let's not try to pretend that we should feel disgusted by shooting people in a virtual game. This is not real life, I'm killing no-one, you cannot take the moral high ground for murder in a videogame just because you don't want blood. I'd like gore effects in the game, but I'd also like strippers and dancing pandas. So it's not a big deal if it's not in, but trying to white knight morality is absurd.
  9. Fire Control Orders.

    And long may it stay this way. I wouldnt mind a third voice channel where they CAN hear it, but if they made it so enemy could hear normal comms people would just stop using them.
  10. Never heard of PR

    The sound of the gun on that Humvee is gorgeous.
  11. I would pay for DLC if it helped the devs..

    I'd like them to finish the game before they talk about dlcs... But from my pov I think maps should be free so that we dont split up the playerbase. Anything else I'd use what I normally use in games, is the content value for money?
  12. Please no raised weapon as default

    I'd only be ok with a toggle if you were not penalised for keeping it up all the time. Which actually isn't what these people want. They want accuracy penalties and lower stamina etc. It's the epitome of the vocal few trying to force terrible game mechanics on the masses because....errr...they don't actually have a reason. "It's like that in real life" means nothing in a video game, "does it contribute to fun?" is the only question that matters there. But sure if they want to hide the gun away and keep spamming a button every few seconds I'm fine with that, as long as I don't have to and am not put at an arbitrary disadvantage because they want to play Arma without logging onto Arma.
  13. tl:dr "I want to be one of the elite few to have a tank because I made a squad named after it. Anyone else should be banned.".
  14. UCP/ACU as a form of punishment poll

    I had the same problem, but google answered https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Camouflage_Pattern
  15. There was a guy who used to put in explosives used for mining. One day he was hitting the end of this metal bar and the explosive went off, the bar shot up straight through his head, there are xrays showing the bar going straight through his brain you can probably find them on google. He lived with that bar through his head for the rest of his life. It became a common psychological study because his personality completely altered that day, he ended up divorced from his wife because she said he changed from a happy go lucky funny man to an angry one with an extremely short temper who was very violent.