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  1. Okey.... Open your window. Take the PC and trow it out.
  2. Delete all of SQUAD, the reinstall. If not working properly after reinstall, close all background program's. If it works good then. Start background´s one after one.
  3. June Free Weekend

  4. Low FPS good rig

    i'm playing at 2560x1440
  5. Low FPS good rig

    I need to have the Effects setting on Low. It's fuuu up. [email protected] GTX 1080 16GB 50-90fps Turn Effects down to Low.
  6. Is there a memory leak in V11?

    Uninstalling the game and manually removing the "SQUAD" folder and then reinstalling the game solved the problem for me.
  7. Alpha 11

    The only bad thing with the A11 is the memory leak...
  8. v11 Testing!

    Crash and UAE error ~7 times in 5h
  9. v11 Testing!

    Haha 35-36fps in the menu
  10. V11 Wont open.

    Clear game cash
  11. New Player

    Welcome! Ad me on Steam and maybe I can help you out a bit http://steamcommunity.com/id/ACOGFLANKER
  12. Post Scriptum Keys