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  1. Regarding V.12

    just 4 servers....
  2. what happened to the sound?

    Yes I agree. Sometimes the sound is WAY off. I have tested 3 different headsets. With stereo and 7.1, usb soundcard and a regular soundcard. 97% of the time it´s on point
  3. Regarding V.12

    Yes I can read.. I only tell what I've heard from my whistleblower
  4. Regarding V.12

    " launch will take longer than expected" ... V12 right now is "not joyfull"... other words = crashyish
  5. Regarding V.12

    And so what...
  6. Regarding V.12

    SOOOOO FUNNY... Last i heard (10mins ago) the smashing of bugs to get us a smooth V12 launch will take longer than expected ! To have a roadmap aint OWI´s strong side...
  7. Very low FPS with 1080 Max-q and i7-7700HQ

    Yeep your performance is lacking. Clear the game cache, if not that work reinstall the game.
  8. Regarding V.12

  9. September 2018 Recap

    Release of V12 next week or next month?
  10. What is really going on with Squad?

    More then $120 with donate. 2328 hours + pre-release 400 hours playtime.
  11. Regarding V.12

    As all other game company´s, they say a thing and they can´t keep it... YEARS ago they said that communication with the community going to be prio... I have been here since august 2015 seen and read a ton of s.h.i.t. they could´n keep...
  12. August 2018 Recap

    v12 ? It is late September now...
  13. Bring Back v9 Hit Reg

    One hit in the neck! And you don´t know if he is killed or alive! I bet 50dollars he did die from that neck shot..
  14. August 2018 Recap

    How about the roadmap...
  15. June 2018 Recap