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  1. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    Lol. You don't understand the simple point of it not being realistic to just magically get an asset back because a button is pressed. It IS realistic to be forced to not have an asset due to it being captured / abandoned. I really don't understand how you can think otherwise because it takes absolute backwards logic. My logic is that if a team abandons an asset then they need to recover it in order to have it back. That is logical. My logic is that if an asset is captured the team that lost the asset will no longer have it. That is logical. Your logic is that if a team makes a woopsies and no longer has an asset they can press the magic undo button and have it back. Not logical, not realistic, and straight up shit gameplay which doesn't reward a team for capturing an asset and gives 0 consequences for wasting assets. Why is this difficult for you?
  2. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    Um no. Right now it is exactly as I stated in my scenario. Abandoned / captured = no new asset. Destroyed = new asset. Having a magic button destroy the asset to get a new one = dumb. Having to regain control of asset to have asset back = smart. Being able to destroy asset by actual force to get a new asset after a significant delay = logical.
  3. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    Usually we prefered to hold onto the vehicle rather than destroy it because destroying it meant leaving it behind, which usually meant the enemy would come and salvage parts from it in order to build a new one. So no, destroying it didn't mean a new one magically appeared, but it meant a higher potential for a new one to be built by utilizing whatever working parts were left after we destroyed it. Contrary to popular belief, we didn't carry around C4. Destroying an asset usually just meant destroying a specific part of the asset. We used specific because we figured "if we always destroyed asset Y by breaking part X then they will always have a need for part X and can't simply take 2 broken assets Y to make a new asset Y since both have the same broken part." On a smaller scale, we always took firing pins from abandoned firearms because they rendered the firearm useless and it was easy to destroy iterally hundreds with only a slight weight gain in gear. But yes, destroying and abandoning the asset led to the enemy getting some working parts off it and rebuilding it while capturing it meant complete deprivation.
  4. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    A vehicle doesn't need to be useable to be considered captured. When I was in the military we captured plenty of assets with zero intentions on using them. "If it is considered lost then the enemy can replace it"? That didn't even make sense. A vehicle being de-crewed or abandoned and not being able to have it again until recovered DOES make sense. Your logic in this post is nonsense thinking. It is very arcady to use a vehicle stupidly, have it captured, and then have the option to press a magic button which fixes it and transports it back safely to base. Allow your vehicle to be captured or abandon it and you pay the consequence of not having it until you recover it. Any other way is illogical. The only exception I can see is if you go to the vehicle and demolition it, or have it blown up by a air support, bu even then it should have a very long respawn penalty attached. This only stipulation is because it IS realistic for an asset in enemy's control to be demolished if possible. Normally this doesn't mean getting a new one for free, but I'd reward that type of gameplay instead of just pressing a button.
  5. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    Thousands, lol.
  6. Should implement for everyone’s sake

    Unless the destruction is pre scripted, meaning every single piece of debris always falls the same way and lands in the same spot, this won't work. Because.... On your screen a chunk fell that you can hide behind... on my screen you are laying out in the open because the destruction was different. On my screen threre are chunks of building between us which I can't shoot through... on yours it is just slight rubble and you have an open view of me. On your screen you are standing on a piece of fallen debris.... on mine you are floating in the air. I can go on and on... visuals client side don't work unless the destruction is scripted, which would honestly look lame.
  7. A15 Survey Review

    You literally had a meltdown in your post, but think my comment was inappropriate? Facts: 43% want it as is. 29.4% want it but with adjustments. Only 18.4% don't want it at all. 9% don't care either way. You act like 57% don't want it at all. Reality: 72.4% want it either as is or with adjustments. That is the majority. Even of you really twisted the logic for it to fit your agenda: 43% want it as is 18.4% don't want it 29.4% want it with adjustments, half of which are minor, half of which are major Now 57.7% want it as is or with minor adjustments and 33.1% don't want it at all or want a major overhaul. 57.7% vs 33.1% even with going in your favor.... Learn how to see multiple perspectives, does wonders. If you can only se your own single perspective you'll never be capable of looking at the big picture. You are clumping people that want it with adjustments all 100% into the major adjustments / don't like it group. You are also clumping the peope that DON'T CARE into the don't like it group.... that is literally twisting the statistics into your favor to match your bias and it is illogical.
  8. A15 Survey Review

    Because he didn't want you to have a meltdown like this if he were to put it on positive or neutral. Different implementation can also mean having it damn near the same as it is now but with timer adjustments, having the old method with a specific amount of tickets, requiring SL or a squad member being close to the rally, or being on it and doing something similar to a claim, etc. But no, lets just assume that it means completely remove ot TO FIT YOUR AGENDA. Only 18.4 want it completely removed. More than double that like it as is. Keep reading this line over and over until that sinks in. I feel terrible for anyone that has ever had to try to educate you in the past.
  9. A15 Survey Review

    You want buddy rally removed. You act like people that want it, but changed, meant that they want it removed too. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz He stacked the deck in your favor with his wording, but you take that 18.4% and make it out like it is the majority by not understanding that "no experience/ does not matter" and "different implementation" don't actually mean "also don't like it." I don't mind buddy rally, but wouldn't mind seeing it implemented differently. I honestly think we'd be better off if rally points went away if the squad leader who owned it went into dead dead state. I would also want SLs to have to be alive and within a certain distance of the rally they want to buddy off of for it to work.It would push squad leaders to play smarter and force squads to stay together to protect their squad leader, which is closer to how squads operate in real life. But I also undestand people not wanting to make the SL role more demanding than it already is. By choosing different implementation I'm not saying I don't like how it is, and if the choice was simply leave it as is or take it away I'd choose leave it as is. By automatically lumping anyone that would like to see it experimented with more into the negative group you are saying they don't want it at all, which isn't the case. Twisting stats to make the minority look like the majority is a weak-minded strategy to try to get what you want.
  10. A15 Survey Review

    Not everyone that chose that option want it completely changed. You are taking your opinion and assuming every single person that chose that option agrees with you. I see it from both perspectives, you can't.
  11. Alpha 16 Test + AMA + TwitchCon!

    Is this on the main release or still just on the public testing?
  12. Can u guys add auto-run ?

    Yes, you double tap W to activate it. You will need to set a sensitivity for it as well. Sensitivity too high will cause it to activate when you don't want it to. Sensitivity too low means it will be very hard to activate it. Not hard to find that sweet spot, took maybe a minute of fiddling with it. Right now it is just for walk, gotta hold down shift to run.
  13. Get your shit together (rant)

    I'm not some hot shot software engineer, I'm just a 34 year old that has been gaming since I was a kid. I've had this game since pre steam and have been able to solve the very few issues I've had on my own without the need for google. A lot of issues are specific to your computer. Not able to stay on servers? Check firewall and if that doesn't work then set up your DMZ... doesn't take a fancy degree to do that shit, I've taught my friends son how to do this. Having issues after an update? Clear the cache. There's a button specifically for this, doesn't take any of that advanced software knowledge you felt the need to bring up. Neither one of those working for you? Simply post the problem on the forums and be as specific as you can and the devs, moderators, or some teenager with more knowledge than you will help you out with the issue. Don't like my advice? I don't give a shit and you aren't required to either. There is no reason to come off as abrasive and you shouldn't do it and think you won't get it right back.
  14. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    Doesn't usually take a whole squad unless it is a very important asset that they have to fight for in order to have a chance. Maybe their last logi? Maybe they exited a tank carelessly to repair it? I think instantly hitting the "oops" button is a bit weird and video gamey compared to having the asset be abandoneed until recovered or demod..which is what would happen in real life. Possible fix to rallies: they go away when SL dies. Pros: squads need to stay together to be effective since there is now more emphasis on the well being of the SL, which is kinda realistic. Cons: SL is now a harder role to play. They are now required play safe.
  15. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    So if I strategically take out a vehicle crew and hold the asset hostage there will be a magic "whoops, do over!" button for them to use? I thought you stated you didn't want it to be forgiving and "casual," but this is literally the direction you just pushed for. They made a mistake by letting me capture their vehicle... they should be punished for it. If they want it back they can fight my squad for it.