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  1. Can u guys add auto-run ?

    Yes, you double tap W to activate it. You will need to set a sensitivity for it as well. Sensitivity too high will cause it to activate when you don't want it to. Sensitivity too low means it will be very hard to activate it. Not hard to find that sweet spot, took maybe a minute of fiddling with it. Right now it is just for walk, gotta hold down shift to run.
  2. Get your shit together (rant)

    I'm not some hot shot software engineer, I'm just a 34 year old that has been gaming since I was a kid. I've had this game since pre steam and have been able to solve the very few issues I've had on my own without the need for google. A lot of issues are specific to your computer. Not able to stay on servers? Check firewall and if that doesn't work then set up your DMZ... doesn't take a fancy degree to do that shit, I've taught my friends son how to do this. Having issues after an update? Clear the cache. There's a button specifically for this, doesn't take any of that advanced software knowledge you felt the need to bring up. Neither one of those working for you? Simply post the problem on the forums and be as specific as you can and the devs, moderators, or some teenager with more knowledge than you will help you out with the issue. Don't like my advice? I don't give a shit and you aren't required to either. There is no reason to come off as abrasive and you shouldn't do it and think you won't get it right back.
  3. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    Doesn't usually take a whole squad unless it is a very important asset that they have to fight for in order to have a chance. Maybe their last logi? Maybe they exited a tank carelessly to repair it? I think instantly hitting the "oops" button is a bit weird and video gamey compared to having the asset be abandoneed until recovered or demod..which is what would happen in real life. Possible fix to rallies: they go away when SL dies. Pros: squads need to stay together to be effective since there is now more emphasis on the well being of the SL, which is kinda realistic. Cons: SL is now a harder role to play. They are now required play safe.
  4. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    So if I strategically take out a vehicle crew and hold the asset hostage there will be a magic "whoops, do over!" button for them to use? I thought you stated you didn't want it to be forgiving and "casual," but this is literally the direction you just pushed for. They made a mistake by letting me capture their vehicle... they should be punished for it. If they want it back they can fight my squad for it.
  5. Alpha 15.4 Released

    Sorry for lumping you into that group. Recently any post about the game direction has came from them. I still don't understand your point if view though. If ticket bleed is removed then there would be no incentive to ever attack an objective since it would make more sense to just camp or defend since it is less risky, thus easier to hold onto tickets. The only thing I can see is maybe remove ticket bleed for all but last cap AND give tickets for taking an objective, otherwise whoever plays safer (hides and camps the most) will always win by default. It would be frustrating to stomp a team all the way to their main and then lose because they are now at a huge advantage as far as using vehicles and regrouping go. Objectives would be meaningless and people would ignore them and just build super FOBs on the easiest to hold parts of the map.
  6. Alpha 15.4 Released

    So there should be no punishment for a team losing all their objectives and the game should simply be a camp fest where whoever is willing to play like the bigger pussy wins? This takes the skill out of the game because there would be no incentive to attack at all since the strat to win would be to simply give up any objective that is about to be taken and instead just hide and look for cheap kills. Why does the PR crowd want a game with absolutely no skill involved? I swear you guys would be so happy if movespeed was down to turtle speed so aiming skills no longer mattered and whichever team did the least won. I try really hard to understand your point of view, but every time it comes down to "lets not reward people for being good at the game, lets balance it so skill isn't required, it is fun ro walk for 30 mintues and sing jodies and LARP military" instead of allowing there to be a skill spectrum where smart plays and aggression is rewarded while punishing the players that can't aim worth a shit and need to camp. Lets just remove tickets and after 2 hours we get a pop up that says "EVERYONE IS A WINNER" and then we'll have a 10 minute participation trophy event where we all sing jodies and pat each other on the back. Because every time I see people wanting to change the direction of the game this is basically what I'm imagining. We'll also have it say "YOU ARE HARDCORE" since that is a term the casual gaming crowd seems to love. I see you guys saying you want a more punishing system where it is easier to get kills, but overall you seem to want an easier time when playing poorly. There needs to be an incentive for winning and punishment for giving up objectives. Period. End rant.
  7. Alpha 15.4 Released

    What would you use to replace ticket bleed? There needs to be consequences for losing objectives, otherwise it would be pointless and a waste of tickets to attack any fortified position and we'd get matches where no one wants to attack since it is easier to save tickets by defending.
  8. Squad VR

    As cool as it is, most current mainstream headsets suck at long distance clarity. It works in onward because it is mostly close quarters with just a little bit of midrange. Even in that game, which was 100% designed for VR, the level of clarity just isn't there unless you can pump up super sampling to the max... but honestly even then it is held back by headset hardware. Screen Door Effect is a major issue with both the rift and the vive. I'm sure some day we will have this, but my guess is at least another 5 to 10 years.
  9. Alpha 15.4 Released

    Without ticket bleed there are no real consequences for losing all the points and just super FOBing an easy to hold last objective. You'll almost always burn more tickets on offense rather than defense, which is why it is balanced this way.
  10. Your bottleneck is likely your video card. My last setup was pretty identical except I had a 780 gtx and averaged about 60 with higher settings.
  11. PR oldie, Squad newbie

    Ignore the hate from the people that are butt hurt over the direction the devs went. Most of the changes are very nice. A few were questionable, but you can't fault them for wanting to test some tweaks out. The questionable ones have already been addressed by the devs. The ones that don't like the game will stand out because they'll constantly call people enjoying the game casuals. There is more of a noticeable skill spectrum in squad than pr, so my guess is these are the people that needed game mechanics in place to flatten out the spectrum (aka newbs).
  12. Squad VR

    An earlier version of squad was actually unofficially compatible with VR... some of us got to experience the amazingness. The only real noticeable bug was no recoil. The stuff that enabled VR was removed. While it was awesome, I highly doubt it will come back.
  13. Yes OWI, please stop with these updates. We don't want the game to advance towards full release. We don't want all that cool stuff you keep dishing out. Please for the love of god stop working on bug fixes. When I get an early release I expect it to be abandoned so that I don't need to deal with pesky updates. /s
  14. I'm American. Sights for my unit were pretty standard actually. Most people had red dots while lead postions had acogs. Every unit was different, but in mine no one cared if you swapped out what they gave you for your own in MOST circumstances. I know of a guy that swapped out pretty much everything but his lower reciever and no one ever said anything to him.
  15. It looks like you have it set to limit download bandwidth. You might want to look into your settings, if I set mine low enough it also says a ridiculous amount of time until completion.