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  1. Free Squad Game Server

    The developers don't host official servers. If you guys want a server just have a few people chip in. It really is not expensive if a few people are all splitting the cost.
  2. Maybe lock markers and color code them to squads. Only markers an SL can delete are those their squad put down. Color coding markers would make it so you'd instantly know which belong to each squad.
  3. VR headset

    I bought the htc vive when it first came out. The blurriness makes being competitive in shooters difficult. I mostly played onward and pavlov, always frustrated me when I was being shot at and couldn't tell where it was coming from due to screen door effect.
  4. FOV change

    Trying to have it high when not ADS for more awareness and low while ADS for more zoom?
  5. Free Squad Game Server

    Yea, which is also why it is hard for other people to FUND IT FOR YOU.
  6. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    Captured = held hostage. Same thing, different wording. You don't need to use an asset to have it be considered captured. When I was in the military we CAPTURED plenty of assets with no intention to use it against the enemy. But the logic still sticks, no matter how much you try to twist it to fit your distorted perspective. If an asset is not destroyed, but not useable by your team, it is either captured or abandoned. If it is abandoned it is because your team neglected an asset. They shouldn't be allowed to hit a magic button to undo this mistake. If the enemy captured it, which basically is any scenario where the asset is on the field but not because it was abandoned, then your team messed up and shouldn't be able to press a magic button to reset it. It is simple logic, not sure how this is difficult for anyone.
  7. Script for ''View range of Grass''

    That is a symptom of the problem. People with under spec rigs alter files for more frames. Alterations give an advantage. Now people with great rigs need to alter files to balance out advantage. People that don't know about it are at a disadvantage and the game will feel like bullshit to them since concealment appears to be meaningless to them while unable to spot others.
  8. Script for ''View range of Grass''

    There needs to be something put in place to ensure fair gameplay. If someone's rig isn't strong enough to play the game then they need to upgrade. Allowing people to essentially cheat so that under spec rigs can play is stupid. More people will leave due to unfair gameplay than the amount of people the community will gain from low spec rigs joining. An advantage gained from editing files is cheating. It is like saying it is cold where im at, my hand might shake at times when playing, so using an aimbot is just balancing out my disadvantage from being cold.
  9. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    In real life a destroyed asset on the battlefield can be scavenged for parts to make a replacement. Captured assets can't be scavenged for parts to make a replacement. Destroyed = new asset Not destroyed / captured = no new asset Simple logic.
  10. Free Squad Game Server

    Why isn't it simple to have the players that want a server to chip in to get a server?
  11. Free Squad Game Server

    Or I dunno, have the viewers who will actually be using the server all chip in?
  12. Free Squad Game Server

    You guys can't get a few people to chip in on the $100? $10 per 10 people really isn't much. Asking for someone else to pay the full $100 for a server they will likely never use doesn't seem right.
  13. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    Lol. You don't understand the simple point of it not being realistic to just magically get an asset back because a button is pressed. It IS realistic to be forced to not have an asset due to it being captured / abandoned. I really don't understand how you can think otherwise because it takes absolute backwards logic. My logic is that if a team abandons an asset then they need to recover it in order to have it back. That is logical. My logic is that if an asset is captured the team that lost the asset will no longer have it. That is logical. Your logic is that if a team makes a woopsies and no longer has an asset they can press the magic undo button and have it back. Not logical, not realistic, and straight up shit gameplay which doesn't reward a team for capturing an asset and gives 0 consequences for wasting assets. Why is this difficult for you?
  14. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    Um no. Right now it is exactly as I stated in my scenario. Abandoned / captured = no new asset. Destroyed = new asset. Having a magic button destroy the asset to get a new one = dumb. Having to regain control of asset to have asset back = smart. Being able to destroy asset by actual force to get a new asset after a significant delay = logical.
  15. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    Usually we prefered to hold onto the vehicle rather than destroy it because destroying it meant leaving it behind, which usually meant the enemy would come and salvage parts from it in order to build a new one. So no, destroying it didn't mean a new one magically appeared, but it meant a higher potential for a new one to be built by utilizing whatever working parts were left after we destroyed it. Contrary to popular belief, we didn't carry around C4. Destroying an asset usually just meant destroying a specific part of the asset. We used specific because we figured "if we always destroyed asset Y by breaking part X then they will always have a need for part X and can't simply take 2 broken assets Y to make a new asset Y since both have the same broken part." On a smaller scale, we always took firing pins from abandoned firearms because they rendered the firearm useless and it was easy to destroy iterally hundreds with only a slight weight gain in gear. But yes, destroying and abandoning the asset led to the enemy getting some working parts off it and rebuilding it while capturing it meant complete deprivation.