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  1. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    Awesome, was looking forward to this game.
  2. Alpha 10 Public Test

    I am SOOOO glad you guys added free look but it needs a little more love. Please make it so we can adjust our sensitivity for it or at least speed it up. I am a low sensitivity player and while my weapon's aim feels natural to me my head move from free look is unbearably slow. The free look seems to be a ratio of the sensitivity and it is LOWER than the sensitivity when it should be HIGHER. I want more accuracy / slower aim when aiming at the enemy than I do when merely glancing around for situational awareness. Often I found myself just not using free look and looking around like normal because of how unbearably slow free look was for me. You guys made an excellent move in the right direction though. Everything was amazing and it made me fall in love with the game again. Can't wait till it is released and to see what else is in store for us.
  3. Any ETA on V10?

    Yea, my first set of screenshots were from an older patch and I was getting 60 to 70. On current patch 80 to 100 is pretty standard. This game has come a long way, when I first started I had 45 which dropped down to 30 when vehicles were released. V10 is going to be amazing.
  4. Any ETA on V10?

    My fps isn't any lower on woods / grass maps, so I think it is something else.
  5. Any ETA on V10?

    On a server right now, heavy battles, just a little shy of 80 people. 77 people, 74 FPS here, just joined server 89 FPS as we work our way through the streets to a heavily contested area 82 FPS as I come up on a very populated palace 97 FPS 109 FPS, showing that my FPS is 100% dependent on what is on my screen. This was during a battle at palace, but I was holding a door down 95 FPS, people dying around me 75 FPS, lots of firing as they try to come up the stairs 89 FPS as I work my way downstairs 78 FPS, lots of smoke going off 72 FPS, dead bodies in smoke Hmm, seems like 60 FPS isn't even really an issue for me. This is even on Sumari Bala, a map that is always pretty intense, especially on a populated server. I asked other people what FPS they are getting in my squad and everyone is saying around 70-90, so this isn't just some miracle. The problem is there is a loud MINORITY. The majority are doing fine and playing the game, while the minority are on here bitching which makes it seem like it is the norm. The lowest my FPS flickered to was 67, when all hell was breaking loose around me and it was only for a couple of seconds at most before it was above 70 again.
  6. Any ETA on V10?

    If you want to max out settings in a full server, yea possibly.
  7. Any ETA on V10?

    Yawn. Pic 1: 72 people, 67 FPS Pic 2: 63 FPS shortly after that vehicle got destroyed near me Pic 3: 70 FPS, same area, that other vehicle from picture 2 is now being destroyed I'll get you more pictures if I can get a spot on an 80 man server, about to play. But just because YOU are not getting good frames does not mean EVERYONE is getting bad frames. And actually yea, RAM has a lot to do with frame rate on UE4. I went from 8GB to 16GB because I was always maxed out on usage when playing PUBG. It helped both games since both use the same engine.
  8. Any ETA on V10?

    Except I am. No matter how much you say I am not, I am. What are you running at? I have mine at 4.2 Ghz on water cooling. Before I OC'd it my CPU was a major bottleneck and I was getting like 35-45 at times. Also, better GPU means nothing right now in this game and UE4 is a RAM hog. So you have a slower CPU than me ( from not overclocking ) and less RAM and getting less performance... seems pretty obvious does it not?
  9. Any ETA on V10?

    Only people I'm seeing that have problems are either playing on laptops or with computers way too old to expect anything better. I am on an i5 2500k overclocked to 4.2Ghz, 16GB RAM, 780 GTX ( Pretty old video card ) and I get a solid 60+ on max.
  10. Any ETA on V10?

    People are still getting bad FPS? I've been sitting at 60+ for a while now on an older setup with everything maxed.
  11. Any ETA on V10?

    Yea it needs freelook. When you have to give away your position while prone because you spin on the ground like a helicopter blade in order to look around it is pretty game breaking.
  12. Huh? PUBG is playable right now, I have it on steam, I play it. I am not talking about trailers, I am talking about what I see when I play the game. It also does not have performance issues any more. I get 70-100 FPS in it just fine.
  13. Graphics for sure. When I see PUBG I can't help but think Squad is lacking. It is the same engine, they already have 100 people with stuff all over the place, and pretty sure the map is about the size of a squad map, yet in PUBG the graphics look absolutely amazing when maxed out.
  14. Any ETA on V10?

    Would be nice if there was at least a dev branch that early opters had access to in order to test the absolute current version. I really miss Squad but can't get myself to play it anymore until freelook is in. I can't explain enough how much freelook is needed for this game to not feel like atari for me.
  15. I agree. It makes no sense how if someone is downed they are now immune. You have to either sit there and wait for the body to despawn or risk them waiting it out until a medic revives them if you don't.