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  1. The Doctor's Office | New York - Server Rules

    +1 for complaint. Admins on that server actually threaten to kick you for playing properly. Nice rules, but clueless assholes enforcing their own idea of how to play ruins it. Stay clear.
  2. 24/7 Territory control server

    CHG`s server would be awesome if it was TC only. Destruction plays out terribly in public play so any time the map and game mode changes the server empties out. I'm surprised there aren't more TC servers considering how easy the game mode is to understand for new players.
  3. Alpha 15 Released

    Haven't had a chance to play yet but that was my fear reading patch notes. When using the slider I first thought "oh that looks like a decent improvement, " and then I noticed which side was for which version. Other than maybe the trees, the rest looked like a downgrade. I was hoping this game would go for optimization with better graphics over time and not downgrading visual.. my game was already smooth when looking decent with a pretty basic gaming computer.
  4. I honestly wish this was the case. I literally have just ONE player in the community that I HATE playing with, but I seem to see him daily. He always squad leads and is so ****ing stupid it seems like he might be trolling. He constantly suicides his teams armor into the enemy and plays 100% milsim, while having 0 idea of any actual military tactics. I notice the team he is on always loses ( been keeping track this week, he is 0-12 ), so I either go on enemy team or just find another server if I can't swap. It is disgusting how much influence 1 idiot squad lead can have. You'll know who it is when you see him put *ll* infront of his name when he makes a squad.
  5. Bad game culture at the moment

    I revive anyone that is safe, unless someone just blows and is an obvious waste of my bandages. And KD ratio does mean something in squad. Can't tell you the amount of times I've won a close game where my KD ratio could have been the difference between winning and losing. Some people just burn through tickets and expect people to burn through their limited bandages also due to their inability to play a shooter.
  6. Bad game culture at the moment

    The only time I ever mind getting someone up is when they died because they did something stupid (ex: stood up during an extended long range firefight, ran into a building we know is occupied like they are in the Leroy Jenkins fan club, died completely out in the open, etc), AND get annoying about wanting the revive immediately, or demand one instantly because they are an SL and need to get a rally down (which buddy rally relieved this of mostly), or they just aren't thinking and don't realize that the thing which killed them will now kill me if I go for them. In this game if I kill someone I'm likely camping the body. I know people get pressured into reviving and I can trace the path people are coming while picking off revivers. I assume other people play this way, so I'm picky about revives because I only go for them in totally safe environments or areas which I feel like I have fully cleared out. If we are mid range going up a hill then depending on the size of the firefight, you might be waiting a while. But thats my playstyle. I don't do it to be rude, I do it because that is my playstyle. I like to keep a high KDA. For me, the most rewarding feeling in the game is having to go back to fill up on ammo; after slowly pushing into the offense objective, taking people out and actively creating a way in, surviving on 1 life, then having to refill on ammo while hoping you can do it again. Playing on pub (casual) servers are fun when you find a playstule that is fun for you. Sometimes I go on to interact with people and other times I'm just trying to have some fun and the people are basically NPC, but I help them if it makes sense.
  7. The only time I don't like to SL is when there is an SL on my team that acts like an entitled brat that yells when he doesn't get his way. For the most part this isn't a common problem, luckily, but I've encountered people that are absolute dog shit at the game yet think they are God's gift to it because they played PR.
  8. Alpha 13.1 Released

    So, since people are in the game and enjoying themselves they don't get a say? More often than not people post on forums to complain rather than praise. This is why seeing any praise is a pretty good sign. Meanwhile, all the mad people are posting rather than just enjoying the game. This is why they did a survey. They said the survey revealed that the majority liked the changes. People would have just not done the survey if they didnt care, or they would have chosen the option for not caring. It is called a loud MINORITY for a reason.
  9. Alpha 13.1 Released

    You've never played vanilla arma if you think that is vanilla, and you are straight up lying about the servers being titled vanilla. Everything you are describing in arma is a mod... but that is the main point of arma, to be modded. And v13 didn't change ballistics, so completely stupid to use that as an argument. I'm done with you because you clearly don't know what you are talking about and are 100% reliant on pulling shit out of your ass in order to make a point seem valid. I'm sorry the run speed change made the game too hard for you since you have inferior FPS abilities. I'm not having any of these issues, and like the MAJORITY, am having loads of fun now that the walking simulator aspect of the game has been tuned down.
  10. Alpha 13.1 Released

    Yup, played arma 3 since day 1 also. Rofl @ comparing a vanilla version with modded servers. All of that could come to squad too with mods. The developers are making the core game, not the mods. You can't compare a modded version of a game with the vanilla version. This is nothing like cs. Literally no comparison on movement, how weapons work, or how rounds go. That would be like saying dark souls is like super mario brothers because there are bosses. Game itself 100% different.
  11. Alpha 13.1 Released

    Using the argument "just because the majority want it doesn't mean it is the best" or "squad is turning into a kiddie pool" are childish as **** comments. I'll dumb it down to the level of the argument. For the first one, that is like if 9 out of 10 kids want to play with the red ball but the 1 wants to play with the blue ball. Neither ball is better than the other just because of what it is. There is no best. There is simply the more wanted ball and less wanted ball. Simply wanting the blue ball doesn't make it better than the red ball... thinking otherwise is childish. The majority don't want snail paced squad for a reason. Doesn't matter what the reason is... the majority want it, so the minority can be mature and adapt or they can find a new ball to play with. The kiddie pool comment is a childish elitist comment. You aren't more of an adult for spending more time walking around a map in a video game. You aren't some badass for playing the game slowly. You aren't getting more of a military simulator due to movement alone. I spent 8 years in the military and in no way does the movement make the game any more or less realistic. Fact is, they'd need to add hundreds of other systems to give a realistic feel. Hydration levels, body pain, having to find time to eat an mre, having to sit in a compound a few hundred yards away from the enemy for hours doing surveillance, or waiting for orders, spending anywhere from 24 to 48 hours on a plane just to connect to a server. Any of that sound like fun? It isn't. This is a video game, not real life. If you want a realistic experience then go enlist, but don't think for a ****ing second that someone is wanting to swim in a kiddie pool due to wanting to improve an aspect of the game which makes it unfun for the majority. Outside of buddy rally, the game is played nearly the same except now squad leaders need to make faster decisions in order to keep up with the faster movement. That isn't necessarily a bad thing considering in the past I've had to leave servers because the GAME wasn't fun due to spending the majority of a round doing basically nothing but walking around while squad leaders spent 80% of the round just sloppily coordinating what we should do next.
  12. Alpha 13.1 Released

    The problem is the same you see in all online games. A vocal and frustrated minority stands out more than the silent but happy majority.
  13. Alpha 13.1 Released

    In my opinion: movement speed: increased movement speed was needed, considering with how big the maps are. It is boring to walk for long periods of time, especially how easy it is to die in this game (which I enjoy). What I would do differently: Movement speed: Take current v13 movement speed but make these tweaks: If player has not been involves in any combat related action (examples: fire weapon, take fire/get supressed, sprint) then their run speed is increased. Once a combat action is peformed then the run speed is reduced down to around v12 speed. Reasoning: Increased run speed before combat reduces thoughts of playing a boring running simulator. Players can navigate the map easier. Decreased run speed once combat has started turns the gane more into a tactical shooter and away from feeling like a run and gun arcade-like game (for example, battlefield). Best of both worlds. Insta-death: Ideally, I'd like the system to ge more like PUBG. I do not mind unlimited revives, as long as there is counter play to it. Make it so that we can finisn people off so that they can't be revived. Or Make it so that they have more handicaps. Make them a lot less combat efficient if just picked up by a non-medic. Add a bunch of weapon spray, make the sway unbearable if ADS in any position but prone. Make it so that they are draining blood until they see a medic, the more severe injuries, which led to a temporary death, should not be fully healed by some guy with minimal training in SABC. Reasoning: Meat grinding isn't fun. Taking out 7 of 9 squad members again and again and again, but not being able to stop their long range pop shots without having to go to their location is not fun or realistic. If I shot a guy enough times that he temporarily died a few times, there is no way he is picking up a weapon and shooting any type of accurate rounds at me. At most this guy is just doing really shity suppressing fire. Adding more handicaps makes it so you are rewarded for winning the engagement and punished for losing the engagement, which makes engagements have actual purpose. Right now it is meaningless to kill people unless you can wipe the whole area. Currently no opinion on buddy rally.
  14. I'm dissapointed

    It is to create hype. Hype gets people talking about the game to their friends and then hopefully the friend looks into the game and buys it. If I see a Work in Progress I just assume it will come in a patch or 2 if an asset and 2 or 3 if a major change to gameplay.