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  1. A shout-out to devs

    Sorry, I`m not the native English speaker. It`s not about you, don`t worry) Just would like to try playing it)
  2. Where Did You Hear About Squad?

    Of course from friends that looked youtube and discussed their tournament. I became interested and they showed me hoq to play. As I`m a great fornd of CS, but it I`m a little tired of it, so I started to play. As you see, even registered in the community since that time!)
  3. Any offend here) everything is clear and transparently )
  4. What's your favorite weapon so far?

    Of course, RPG-7.. Since I`ve been shooted with it and my uncle, I use this weapon always as the gameplay is similar to realistic.
  5. Hacker fest lately

    Voting for cicking is great. Because the idiots because fed up me. sorry for this, but I can not hold back..
  6. Animation Update - M4 mag change

    Did you use the real weapon to know its characteristics and to compare it with that you have in the game?
  7. The Squad User Manual

    So much time playing the SQUAD and never saw the guide before) need to post it on the first page and discuss there only the real interesting features that are not written in the guide)
  8. Merry Christmas from Vietnam

    Nice women you have) Is it in Vietnam? ) When do you celebrate the NY?
  9. PR christmas suprise

    That's it! that`s really it)) Considering the news, I will not be surprised if they`ll stop working at all.. Really the last breath of duing dog..
  10. From the land down under

    Need to add here some wishes about girls. As I see here are only men and the men who like to play so much that can not imagine the life without gaming. Don`t you)) Wish you all in new year to find your love if you didn`t and to have mutual love if you do. ;)
  11. What job do you got?

    I`m a metrologist, so I measure and create standards for products or services.. so you`re welcome if you need any certificates ;)
  12. Question about double post spamming...

    by the way, why do you use the Putin avatar? Are you fan?)
  13. Star citizen.. I am enjoying it.

    Like the Star Citizen and that it is 100 crowd funded. This means that the game has devoted audience.. ) I`m not a fan but the game is worth that costs that it collected and the expectations were met.
  14. Merry Xmas from [RIP]

    you too!) Wishing you prosperity and million visitors per week.. or nearly forgot it and strong servers to withstan the load ;)
  15. A shout-out to devs

    Hmmm ..I don`t understand the devs who post all their games on each forum.. I like when they are banned. But why not if they exchange experiences with other forum users? I`ll try this game and give my comment considering the gameplay and design.
  16. Idea for Artillery/Mortars

    Genous! I have no complaints)
  17. Of course, you should. I like like it`s done in CA. Even if your rival goes quiet, you lsiten to his steps and can orient. I always play in earphones as there is a good stereo sound and if you are playing with earphones you have privileges over the other players.
  18. Some ideas

    Don`t complain of your weapon customization as the other famous games can not also provide a desired level of weapon customization.. They specially made it for the purpose of keeping roles focusing, really...And really, the L85's are coming when the Brits are coming.
  19. Teamates names not displaying properly

    Hm.. To spend so much time for aiming isn't a sign of a good game, so the popup prevents you to aim? LEarn to play with bugs, without them each stupid can, even I))
  20. Totaly agree. Much differences will make the game better.. IMO
  21. My profile photo

    The problem with my photo. I cannot change the avatara, I upload it from my computer and one thing I see is that the place where it should be placed is empty.. What can I do to fix it? P.S. Hopr it is the appropriate thread as here is "Feedback" in it`s title.
  22. I was always interested to play as China forces. Why not?)) I`m interested also about gameplay.. As the Chinese people have another body type, it`s interested for me about how to play them as a characters.. Did you try? Sorry for my English)
  23. Squad is pleased to welcome 3 new Moderators

    How are you since your first working day?)
  24. Where Did You Hear About Squad?

    Actually, I`ve hear about the Squad from my friends as they are f`cking gamers...They play about 20 hour a day sometimes. Thay sit together all day long and play) I love them, but I think that is not a good sign as they even don`t have girlfriends in they 20-22))
  25. Avatar issue..

    The same problem, I sill can not set the profile photo here as use the custom photo from my computer, it`s loading to my profile but not displaying after the saving. Can I give my photo to admin and he will install it?