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  1. Laser-accurate M4 Full Auto Fire?

    I agree. Not just the U.S Factions are using a tonne of fully automatic fire, but also the AK's. I mean it's pretty much standard for me to run fully auto on the AK, because it's so easy to control and the rate of fire is slow enough to tap-fire with it. But after testing out the M4 Grip rifleman on Kokan just moments ago, I started seeing how ridiculous it is. I was just spraying down insurgents with it, without them having the slightest chance to counter it. Personally I'd rather have a bit too much recoil than having it 100% realistic, for gameplay reasons. It just seems incredibly cheap. There needs to be some sort of simulation of modern army standards, to keep people from just switching to fully auto when they spawn in. I almost feel filthy for having used the M4 Grip in multiplayer now
  2. Laser-accurate M4 Full Auto Fire?

    So looking at the poll, I am to believe that noone has encountered this in Squad? Even though I've just confirmed it on Jensen's Range as being terribly OP? I suggest you people take a look for yourself, and try to see the difference between other weapons and the M4's with grips.
  3. Laser-accurate M4 Full Auto Fire?

    Ah... I found it. Apparently grips are now a thing on certain M4's, where lowering the recoil does make sense I suppose... But really guys? From a realism perspective I can understand that it would increase your fully automatic fire... But this is ridiculous. You can mow down targets with an insane rate of fire, with realitvely no effort. I don't know what you're going to do with the grip in the future, but I REALLY suggest balancing this out in some way. After trying this out at the range, I can now confirm why I'm having so many issues in matches and I can also now understand why I've been seeing an increasing amount of people running around with iron sights on the carbines, if they get a grip in exchange... But from the tests that I've conducted, the grip seems like an insane advantage to have over any other rifle in the game at short to medium ranges... The AK used to dominate because of it's easy recoil control, but with this grip, the M4 beats the absolute shit out of the AK in every single way.
  4. Hi. A few updates ago, I took a short break from Squad. After returning around the vehicle update, there seems to be something odd with playing against US Forces. I don't know what is going on and I've been unable to replicate it in Jensen's Range, but it seems like 70-80% of the time that I die from enemy U.S fire it's from fully automatic fire from an M4... From 50-75+ meters, which doesn't quite make any sense to me? Is there some sort of win-button or hidden recoil pattern that I just don't know about, or am I genuinely meant to be sprayed down by an M4, as if it was an electric airsoft rifle? And yes, I'm very certain that it's not M249 fire I'm being killed by, I can hear the difference and it's 100% M4A1 fire that I'm being gunned down by. If this is intended, then I guess I'll have to live with it, it just does not seem very balanced to me. I don't know if you changed the recoil/ROF/general gun stats or whatever and as I said, I'm unable to replicate it (Sorry. Haven't spent 10 years in CS looking at recoil patterns), but even just taking a listen to the ambient gunfire in a match between U.S forces and the other factions and you can hear the difference. A large majority of the 5.56 fire you will hear will be fully automatic. I just find it hard to believe that I'm supposed to be sprayed down from those 50+ distances by an M4 Carbine, while only poking an inch of my head above a hill for a slight second, just to see 2 or 3 of my team mates and myself, bleeding out from that 1 magazine that was just unloaded in our general direction and somehow manage to hit all of us within seconds, even though we were meters apart. So my question is... Is there some sort of win-button that allows this or am I just blind, deaf and unable to understand the parameters of the game? Cause if this is an actual thing, then I feel like recoil needs to be more random. Give people more of an incentive to do single fire, cause while you did slow down the general gameplay and movement speed, it feels like firefights are usually just a short chaotic exchanges of fully automatic fire, that really breaks the immersion. Don't know, this is my take. Has anyone else experienced some alike?
  5. 12.7, HMG's and Visual Damage

    The 12.7's are quite menacing damage-wise, but yeah some added suppresion and gore could really do the trick.
  6. 12.7, HMG's and Visual Damage

    Any thoughts?
  7. LMG Kit Improvement

    As I said in another comment, I support that the SAW definitely needs some sort of weapon sway, when firing from an unsupported position.
  8. SAW gunners need some serious tweaking

    It is also very nice to keep in mind that this guy didn't just hike 3 miles, carrying 12 or so kg. One thing is to control recoil when you pick up a rifle - Another thing is to control recoil when you're fatigued... Even an AR can give you a knock, if you're drained for energy.
  9. SAW gunners need some serious tweaking

    Are you having that problem with the barrel like hanging down the soldiers leg as well? Huh, thought that was only me.
  10. SAW gunners need some serious tweaking

    Because in a semi-realistic game, you cannot always allow exact weapon stats to carry over, when you don't have 100% accurate physics either. And I'm a very strong supporter of what you just said about people fuckin' around with the weapon stats too much, but when there is no fatigue system that creates gun-sway, then you simply cannot have a 200 round AR-hybrid laser gun.
  11. SAW gunners need some serious tweaking

    Because without a gun-weight system and the amount of sway you would have actually firing that gun, aimed in without support, makes it incredibly unbalanced.
  12. LMG Kit Improvement

    As someone who's coming from ArmA, I honestly hope that they keep their current stamina system. Realism is awesome, but for the game to be fun and fair, I feel like the current system is a pretty good balance. If anything they should add some gun-sway when you approach the red in stamina.
  13. LMG Kit Improvement

    I personally feel like the un-supported fire of the SAW is as it should be. Maybe not 100% realistic, but I remember how much of a pain in the ass the SAW was a couple of patches ago and even in the current patch, I'm seeing people down-right sniping in prone position with the SAW. I actually reallyl ike the SAW as a support weapon in it's current version, it's not ridiculous OP, but what it's meant to do, it does REALLY WELL. I can't wait to see the M240B as I think that would fill a massive gap that many squads have. Same goes for the PKM/PKP! Keep up the good work Squad devs!
  14. Hey there, just a quick/minor little thing that I would personally like to see in a future update, now that we have 12.7 and larger weapons in Squad. After having used the 12.7 weapons in Squad, I'm incredibly satisfied with the general feel of the big caliber weapons and you guys have done an outstanding job at getting the "feel" of firing those weapons just right! I know that gore has been kind of ruled out as medics need a chance to get people up (without a sewing kit and some glue), but it'd be really nice to see a larger "red mist" when you shoot soft-targets with 12.7 or higher. Specially when you're shooting at longer ranges, it'd be nice to have some sort of visual confirmation on your kill, and now that we don't have gore, wouldn't it make sense to make the "red-mist" generated when you shoot people, be larger for something like a 12.7 or a 14.5? Not only would it make it easier to identify a hit on longer ranges, it would also add to the realism of large caliber weapons. Would this be a possibility? ----- Also another thing I'd personally like to see ----------- After being shot at with large caliber weapons now, I feel like the HMG's and vehicle weapons need some suppression effect. The reactions that I've seen from most people ingame, when they recieve fire, is simply to just fire back... This does not exactly slow down the gameplay and at the moment, I don't feel like HMG emplacements have much of that - "Shit!-factor". (Probs though for the effects that you guys have created for the HMG's though. If they had more suppression, mixed with the amazing impacts and the sheer sound of that gun ripping, it would make a HUGE difference on the battlefield.) Just my 2 cents!
  15. Crash on most "green" maps

    So it just occured again and my PrtSc wouldn't work.